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October 24, 2016 at 2:27pm – I’m at Zoo Muser

I’m at Zoo Muser! Getting more food and stuff for Murli 🐱💗 http://4sq.com/94vFST

Went to the pet store to get Murlis kittie food. She needs completely free from grain and stuff like that. Otherwise, she’ll get really ill. Which is why I also cook chicken breast for her and some fish stuffs.

As a little kitten, when she came into my life, she used to get really bad  diarrhea and had to throw up a lot. It was horrible. Poor little Murli. I was so worried and so sad seeing her like that. Our old vet didn’t seem to have a clue, and his diet food caused her to be just as ill. Bloodwork and everything else didn’t show anything. So I started to research on the internet. It didn’t take long until I got my answer, that Murli likely can’t tolerate the grain and maybe other ingredients and additives, often found in normal cat food.

So began the long quest for the right food. Cooked chicken breast, tuna and some other fish already worked purrfectly. In addition we tried all kinds of different brands of rather expensive cat food, without grain and anyting else that wasn’t really necessary for her. It took a while… It wasn’t that difficult to find good cat food for her, but it was difficult to find something Murli liked. She is a picky kitty. But considering how the old cat food made her so ill, it’s no wonder she got picky… In the end we found food that Murli and her little belly liked. Over time, we found even more. Now I order some brands off the internet and buy others at pet stores.

Thanks to that, Murli has been fine for years and the times of throwing up and diarrhea are gone 🙂

Sunny pic of Murli