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October 25, 2016 at 8:00pm

It started to rain again. And it had unbelievable 20°C / 68°F today… after it already had winter-like temperatures not even two days ago. Crazy! Murli enjoyed it though, sun and warm temperatures until 2pm, then the clouds came and it got darker and darker.

Before the rain, I quickly went to get some groceries for the holiday tomorrow. This is our house… and Murli is looking down into the street 😺 (It’s the 3rd floor, or the 4th, for people who count the ground floor as the 1st floor. So it’s quite high up and I had to crop the image for tiny Murli to be seen better.)

Probably meowing because she sees me looking up…

And in the evening, the rain came.

As mentioned, tomorrow is a national holiday, where Austria celebrates it’s neutrality. So I’m looking forward to a hopefully quiet night. I’ll get up at the usual time though, because Murlis belly doesn’t recognize holidays 😹