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October 30, 2016 at 8:30pm – Daylight savings time confusion

Like many other places in this world, we had winter daylight savings time change. One hour back. In contrast to the summer time change, the winter time change is always a drag. Murli and I like to get up early and we both have a pretty accurate inner clock, which is now one hour off ā“ā° Cat time has no daylight savings and so Murli will be up that one hour early for quite a while šŸ˜… But it isn’t going to be much different for myself either.

A couple of times during the day, I realized I was quite exactly one hour off with my inner clock when I looked at the actual time. And now at night, I’m sleepy too early as well. Sigh, it would be high time they get rid of those time changes, since they really are more bothersome than they do any good. Countless experts have been saying for years that it’sĀ  not necessary and that it’s just no good on humans and animals alike.

On another note, I got Murli her favorite cat grass again and she loves it. Whenever we have cat grass at home, I can’t have it accessible for her all day and night, because she would nomm on it forever. So I put it out for her every day for a while for a bit.

“nom nom nom, thiz iz pawsome, nom nom nom”