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November 2, 2016 at 11:30pm – Late again 

The time was running away from us today 😸 And tomorrow at 11am is our Vet appointment. I hope it will stop raining until then. Murli has a pet stroller, and that is how we get around. This is her new pet stroller by the way. Will post pics of the old one in a later post.

The first picture was taken on a cold and wet day too. Otherwise the flaps can all be opened, so that it’s just the netting, and she would be able to see everything and look around. I also put something over her pet stroller if it’s raining, so everything will stay dry.

I’ll be just as glad as Murli after the appointment is over. I’m kinda nervous every time…

I will have to go to sleep now… Murli already fell asleep 🐱💤💤💤 I’m soooo tired anyway. Going to stop by again on your blog with Murli, Siddhartha Henry 💖And reply to your comment 😸

Have a wonderful evening and a good night everyone!