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November 4, 2016 – A couple nature photos

On my way home from the pet store, I decided to walk by that one park, after I got out of the bus, instead of getting into the tram right away from there. I knew the trees must look lovely in that autumn sunlight. The sun is already very low at 3pm in the afternoon, now after the daylight savings change. Today the sun set at 4:37pm already and it will be earlier and earlier every day now.

As I got to the sidewalk next to the park, I saw those things. I need to look up what they’re called in english, but they make a pop sound when you step on them.


The park belonged to a beautiful mansion and was private in the 1800s as nobles lived there. Today the park is public and it’s actually very beautiful. Too bad you can’t go in there anymore because in the last few years the park is now full of drug dealers and thugs. Even rivaling gangs. It’s not the only park either that got occupied by those people in recent years. It really is sad.


20161104-150853 20161104-150908

I was also able to take a beautiful pic of the sky, about 15 Minutes after sunset, from a window at home:


2 thoughts on “November 4, 2016 – A couple nature photos

  1. Thank you for a peek into your world Natascha! it is beautiful an surprisingly, looks a lot like where I live in Canada….
    I can see why my Father chose to stay here & NOT go to USA! Clever man!!
    I am sorry that lovely park is overtaken by thugs & dealers. Is there no Policing that can be done to move them out?
    We have a beautiful Park here called Harrison Park. It is open to public & the Police patrol daily & there is no incidents ever….
    There are a few pix of the Park. Weaver Creek Falls is my old ‘playground’ when I was a child……
    We just turned our clocks back last night so it will get darker sooner tonite…..not sure the ‘littul Purrince’ will like this much!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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    1. Oh of course! I find, I really like blogging about all kinds of things from my and Murlis lifes. I always take so many pictures, it’s crazy! But I love it💗 Even though I’m sometimes not doing a very good job, but I mainly do it for memories and to share it with friends and family.
      Canada is beautiful! I was once in Canada, in Winnipeg, visiting my Aunt and Uncle and their son, my cousin. My aunt is the sister of my Mom. But back then I was only 4 years old. My aunt visits us instead. She gets cheaper flights than we would get, because she has some kind of points she collects that get her cheaper flights.

      I remember being at Lake Winnipeg as a 4 year old, and it was so amazing. I was so astounded as a child because to me it seemed like the ocean, because I could not see the end of the lake 😹

      Oh it looks gorgous in Owen Sound and in that Park! Absolutely beautiful. Our parks are very beautiful too and they used to be safe places. In fact, our city and country used to be a very safe place. You were able to walk alone at night in my city, as a women, without having to worry really.
      This park, and another one not far from the one in the photos, have only gotten so bad in recent years. It’s all people from Africa and the middle east for some reason. They came as refugees. It’s a complicated thing really and a long story. They could have done something when the drug dealing and gang banging started. But by now it’s out of control. By now, all those gangs are so well organized. Even if the police come and do a razzia, most of them will run away before, as they have a hight number of look outs, that surround the park and the streets near the park. There are always lookouts at any given place and they will notice instantly when the police come. And even if some people are arrested, they’re either back a couple days later, or will just be replaced by others.

      Aww I used to play in those parks too as a child. My Mom and I went there almost every day when I was a child. Very happy memories💗

      Yep, we also just had our time change last week. The exact hour the time was changed back, is now the hour Murli and I wake up to soon😹 It will take a while to adapt to the change. Yes, now it gets dark soon. Today, the sun set at 4:33pm already. Murli isnt too happy with the change either. Neither am I! I’m a person that gets up early. I just have that within me. My body just doesn’t want to sleep longer, no matter what. But I like taking naps in the afternoon😆

      Gosh, now I wrote such a long comment again. I really have a thing with comments and replies and emails. I just seem to ramble on and on😹

      Hope you have a good start into the new week😸
      (((((Hugs))))) from me and *paw patsss* and *head rubzzz* from Murli🐾


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