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November 5, 2016 at 8:30pm – A comfy but tired day

Tired little kittyloaf below the heater😺💗 “Me iz too sleepy for da proper loaf🐱💤” via Instagram http://ift.tt/2f4uRL9

Yesterday, as we were about to go to sleep at about 11pm, that stupid idiot neighbour from the apartment building across the street, started blasting his extreme and crazy techno at full volume again. There is no way to accurately describe just how annoying that kind of music can be. It’s just a really extrem and strange kind of techno. It sometimes reminds me of a washing machine that’s malfunctioning. The volume and quality of the music is that of a club. Those people must have quite the equipment. You can hear it for quite the distance up and down the street too.
I think what makes it so bad for us, is that we are probably at about the same height as those people. I’m not sure from which apartment it comes exactly, but I think it’s on the top floor, where the attic aparmtents are. The windows there open from the roof and can’t be seen from where I am.

I just do not understand how the other tenants aren’t going completely crazy over there. Considering just how often this happens, I just dont get how the people never ever call the cops or put a stop to the noise by at least complaining. That person is able to keep going the whole night at full blast every time.
Sometimes it goes for the whole weekend, without a break. It will start on Friday at about 11pm and from there go in one go until Monday at 7 or 8am. They will turn down the volume during the day a bit, but turn it up again during the night. It will drive you mad to hear that constant monotone sound without a break for the whole weekend.

I just have had it now with those people. I’ll do something about it. First, I’ll go over to the building and see if I can talk to some residents. Maybe I can figure out which apartment it is. But anyway, the noise kept going the whole night until 8am in the morning. Between 3am and 6am they turned up the volume even more.

Despite the noise, Murli remained cuddled up next to me, sleeping peacefully and I’m glad she got her sleep. It’s more important to me than me getting my sleep, because I really wanted her to be able to rest after the stress of the vet appointment and the vaccination shots.

Of course I felt tired and exhausted today… But I still had a nice day. Went to take a nap in the afternoon with Murli, which was wonderful and much needed.
The day is now almost over.

I hope you all had a nice Caturday! And hopefully you had a good nights sleep I look forward to tomorrow, Sunday. I just love Sundays and Caturdays (if I slept the night before ). I’ll go and play with Murli and get her skin taken care of. The itchiness is gone ever since we started using the medicine from the vet and the coconut oil.

Have a lovely remaining Caturday everypawdy!

4 thoughts on “November 5, 2016 at 8:30pm – A comfy but tired day

  1. Mee-you Lady Natascha what yur livin with sounds pawfull!!! Peeple must have complained??? How could they not ehar such racket? An LadyMum says shee can not handle that musick either….
    it iss grate inn a propurr club butt not where people live!
    Wee purray BOTH of you can sleep tonite…..
    Pleeze tell Murli shee iss doin a grate kitty loaf there…..
    Mee has been out most of thee day either inn Condo or walkin…
    LadyMum iss xhausted an mee wantss to go-go-go….guess mee should go fur a nappie, mew mew mew…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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    1. Meeeeew!!! Siddhartha Henry!!! We haz forgotten to reply to ur comment! Mew mew mew so sorry dear furiend 💗 Cause Mum nd I lovez writin wit u nd ur LadyMum!

      We iz not understandin how da people ova there neva seem to do somethin aboutz thiz loud person. Iz crazy. Mum sez iz could be that we iz hearin it louder than da people living in da house? Cause this person could be havin da roof windows open nd therfor makin it louder outside than inside da buildin? Mum iz not sure which apartment it could be exactly, but we iz thinking it iz likely one of those directly below the roof.

      Fank u! I waz so tired that day, that I waz only doin a loaf in da front 😹
      I hope u waz able to nap on da day u wrote tiz comment💗 nd I hopez ur LadyMum waz able to rest az well.
      *head rubzzz* 💗
      ur furiend Murli 🐾


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