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November 8, 2016 at 8:23pm – It was snowing a little today

What a good nights sleep we had, Murli and I. It was raining outside for most of the night and when I got up in the morning, it was snowing a little, but it was wet snow, so it’s didn’t stay. Shortly afterwards, it changed to normal rain. The highest temperature today was just 3°C / 37,4°F.

This is my city, Graz, from a webcam on top of the castle hill (Schlossberg). If someone is interested: Link to the webcam

Murli spend most of the morning and early afternoon napping in her favorite kitty bed.


I wonder if we get some snow this winter. It’s been such a long time since we had snow over christmas. In my childhood in the 80s and early 90s, we had lots of snow in the winter, especially in the 80s. There was snow for most of the winter. It was colder too. All this changed a lot. The climate is much warmer now and we don’t get snow here. Even the mountains get much less than than before. Usually it’s like today. Every now and then over the winter, there will be a bit of wet snow, which melts even before it reaches the ground. But I love the fall and the winter anyway, it’s my favorite season.

That’s how it was all day. Real dark. This is the castle hill btw, where the webcam overlooks our city.




You can still see the beautiful autumn colors, but all those remaining leaves will be on the ground soon. Those pictures where all taken in my area.

There is a lot I want to post and update, but I don’t get to it right now. Only in the evening, but then I’m already very tired. Like now. And I’ll go play with Murli now. Just wanted to share a couple photos from today.

Hope you all had a nice day!


7 thoughts on “November 8, 2016 at 8:23pm – It was snowing a little today

  1. There is a webcam atop Schlossberg Castle?? WOW!
    I love your photos; they really show thee mood of the day! Gloomy yet beautiful.
    We had wet snow a few weeks ago. It melted quickly.
    Did you know Finland has already had snow??? For real…..
    I remember huge snowstorms when I was younger & I am a Senior now….we still get a lot of snow but it is sporadic. Definitely Global Warming……
    I too like Autumn & Winter the best….
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Yes, there is! It’s awesome 😸 Here is the link if you want to look: http://graz.it-wms.com/wmspanoviewer.php?lang=en

      Thank you!💗 I really love taking pictures. I can’t even go grocery shopping without taking a couple pictures on my way to and from the store😆
      They said that Europe is getting snow and cold weather, especially the north. There was a cold front that came in from the arctic.

      Sigh… yes, the global warming is really noticable. The weather is hugely different from back in the 80s when I was a small child. (I was born in 1980) Even if we get snow, it’s just a couple of days, if at all. And that’s for the whole winter. Mostly it’s like it was yesterday. A coupld of snowflakes that are melting right away.
      Last year we had spring temperatures in the middle of the winter. Absolutely crazy for our region, because it’s supposed to be around the freezing point and below. It was so bad, that the poor animals were waking up from their winter rest, which is really bad for them. Because when they wake up, they use up way too much energy and burn too much fat, and even if they lie down again, they might starve to death in their winter rest because of that.

      It’s really sad. This poor earth!

      Aww so you like this season too! I’m usually alone with my love for the cold season, because everyone always wants it to be summer😸
      ((((hugs)))) Natascha💞

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  2. I checked out the link Natascha! Very cool….
    I think we are having a bit of that arctic cold front here also today! I had to ear Winter coat, earmuffs, gloves, 2 layers of clothing……brrrr…….
    I do love the crispness of the cold altho’ I love it better with snow!!!! I am just a ‘snow bunny’ I guess.
    That happens here also with the wild animals & it is very sad. We (humanity) has altered the planet so much I wonder if the damage can ever be reversed?
    I do not drive & am into recycling & re-using 1505. I am doing my best to leave a tiny little carbon footprint!!!!
    Hope today (Wednesday) has been a good one for you & Murli.
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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    1. I love the clear cold air too! Earmuffs are awesome, even if it’s like 30°C below the freezing point, my ears stay warm. No ear ache from the cold😺 Haha, I have a black cuddly warm winter hat with cat ears too 😸 I want to crotchet one myself, but not sure if I manage that. I’m just a beginner with that. First I’ll need to find some instructions for one on the internet.

      Yes, it’s wonderful with snow. I wish we would at least have snow over the christmas holidays! It’s been many years since we last had at least a tinly little bit snow at that time. Last year the weather on christmas day was like in the middle of spring🙀😱 Really warm.

      You’re awesome! We do recycling too and use environment friendly stuff whereever possible 😺
      I don’t drive either, and use my bicycle or public transport. It’s no problem in the city anyways, I can get to anywhere I want to without a car 💗

      I wonder too if it ever can be reversed. The whole world needs to stop doing all those harmful things and work together. Would be so great if that could happen💞🌸

      Yesterday was a nice day for us! Thank you💞
      Natascha 😸

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  3. I wish I had good ears like you! But I seem to get cold ears easily & then I get swollen glands; sore throat & then get sick. I have always been like this. I am not a hat person at all, so ear muffs work great for me. I have 4 pairs of them. One pair are embroidered with a black cat face with golden eyes….
    There have been a few ‘green’ Christmas’ here in Canada. It does seem odd w/out snow. I am an Christmas Eve baby, so I LOVE snow on my birthday! 😉
    as for recycling I remember my Mother trying to recycle back in the 70’s before it was really done. She reused a lot of things or repurposed them. Gifts we received that were not to our liking were kept in the cedar chest with tag on. We would then ‘re-gift’ (making sure to not give it back to the original giver of course!
    Our world is so beautiful yet Humanity seems to take it for granted.
    One day I fear the Earth will be a huge garbage dump!!! *shudders*
    It is lovely to meet a like minded person!!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Oh my ears start hurting really really easy in cooler air. It doesnt even have to be icy cold, 15°C / 60°F is enough, if the wind is blowing a bit, to make my ears hurt on the inside. But I dont get sick though at least. If I do get sick bad, it’s usually pneumonia. Sigh…

      Poor you! Sore throat and swollen glands is awful. Makes you feel icky and sick all over the rest of your body. I’m the same. I wear my ear muffs pretty much all the time. I dont feel cold on my head, it’s just my ears. And if it’s windy and icy, then I just pull the hood of my winter coat over my head. The hood is big enough to pull it over with the ear muffs on. The hat is usually coming out when I had migraine and it’s windy, because then I don’t want to irritate the nervs even more with wind. For some reasons it always seems to aggravate it.
      Haha I also have 4 pairs of ear muffs😸

      Your ear muff with the black cat sounds awesome! 😻😻😻

      Oh how lovely! You’re a christmas eve baby! That’s a birthday I’ll easily remember. Aww, i really wish you snow on Christmas eve again! ❄❄❄
      Yes, it still seems very strange to me to have green Christmas. Even though it’s been like that so many years, I still haven’t gotten used to it. It was always snowy during Christmas for all of my childhood… And apparently, now I’ll have to start getting used to green AND warm Christmas. We are getting another warm week apparently, with temperatures in the 20s°C / 70s°F

      Oh that’s awesome your Mom started back then already! Just imagine if people would have started to seriously be more “green” way back in the 70s. Maybe a lot of things would be better now.
      Yes, people do take everything for granted. They dont realize, what fragile balance has to be maintained in our ecosystem. If the oceans keep getting warmer and warmer, the methane gets released from the melting perma frost on the bottom of the oceans… With that, a chain-reaction begins, that can’t be stopped. That’s a very frightening prospect. Yet, people go on with their harmful ways like the climate problems have nothing to do with them. Especially the ones with the power and money, still only want power and money for selfish reason. They would have the power to maybe actually do something. But they rather increase their profits by harming the planet and exploiting the majority of humanity. All their money wont help them if things have finally gone too far. They will be affected like everyone else.

      Humanity would finally need to pull together, like right now, and do everything that can be done to safe our planet. If actually all of humanity would put together their resources and ideas, things could be made so much better.

      I’m rambling and ranting again… I’m just soooo fed up. Fed up especially with the people in power who dont do crap and the media, who just doesnt talk about it really. At least not in the right way.

      Hugs to you and the little Purrince 💞💞💞 It really is lovely to know someone who gets and understands your thoughts 😺
      Natascha and Murli!

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  4. Wow Natascha we sound so similar…sensitive ears! North wind is the worst for my ears. I am not a hat person either so ear muffs are a great alternative!!!
    My Immune System is not good. I have something called SCIDS: Suppressed Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is a part of the Fibromyalgia. Throw Osteo Arthritis in plus DISH: Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis……that is a mouthful, isn’t it??? When the 3 flare up they act like MS & I can not walk or do much….but I soldier on….somehow.
    I totally agree about society & the media! So much could be achieved if everyone worked for the GOOD of humanity….I have grown cynical about how this world is going. And I have a 16 yr old Great Nephew & an 11 yr old great Niece. What kind of world will they inherit???? *sighs*
    All we can do is keep our ‘patch’ of the world clean & healthy……
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

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