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November 10, 2016 at 5:30pm – Migraine Day

Today I woke up with a MASSIVE migraine… It was terrible. It’s been a while since I last had one this horrible. I took my migraine meds instantly, as I always have them beside my bed for exactly that reason. Then I put on my sleeping mask to block out the light. As even the bit of dim light was still too irritating through my closed eyes. Then I just laid there, trying not to throw up and trying to remain calm and lay still, despite the intense pain hammering in my brain and behind my left eye. Poor Murli just remained still herself and didn’t get up to meow for breakfast. It’s amazing, because if I feel really really bad, she notices, and just looks at me with her big eyes and might just make her cute little “purr-meew”. She’ll just wait calmly and patiently near me until I get up.

I fell asleep thankfully, so when I woke up agin an hour later, the medicine had already done it’s job. Those triptans are just really a blessing! Instead of running around with a bad migraine for 3 days, it’s over after an hour. But a migraine that bad will still have an impact on me for the rest of the day. My senses remained sensitive to noise, light and smells all day and they still are. Also tired… I already took a nap in the early afternoon, but I’m already sleepy again.

On to other things… Murli is doing well and isn’t scratching. The redness is gone from her skin now. And I’m going to put some medicine on later when she wakes up from her little nap.

Murli and her fav dish: chicken breast (from yesterday night). But she’s getting the rest of it later 😉

Yesterday, after the fog cleared, we got sunny weather again, and today as well. But it remained relatively cold. The view was amazing again from the webcam, yesterday and today as well.

From yesterday morning:

From this morning:

Going to put on Murlis medicine. I’ll likely go to sleep early tonight. Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday again already 💝😸 Have a nice day everypawdy🐾

One thought on “November 10, 2016 at 5:30pm – Migraine Day

  1. Stunning photos from the webcam Natascha!!!
    The clouds are amazing. It is sunny here & around 45 F with high wind…at least it is from the south so not cold! leaves being blown off trees.
    I am so relieved you have good meds for the Migraine headaches. I have had 2 Migraines in my whole Life & I was sure I was dying….of course I was worrying far too much & should have rested.
    We are thrilled Murli is not scratching now & that her med is working!
    You 2 sound so in synch with each other. Murli reminds me of my Bluepoint Siamese MINGFLOWER>>>she always laid quietly with me when I was unwell or in a lot of pain. Siddhartha Henry is not quite that ‘tuned in’….yet….I remain hopeful……
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~


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