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November 11, 2016 at 4:00pm – More autumn photos

2:20pm in the afternoon, on my way home, this is next to the river Mur, the bridge is right there, at the end of the walkway
The river Mur. There are walkways to both sides of the river and they go for miles and miles. (View = North)


This is on the other end of the bridge. There are walkways on both sides of the river and they’re great for taking walks, and beautiful. (View = North)
The bridge crosses also over this street. The walkway from the previous photo is to the right of the trees. (View = North)
That’s the same street, just from the other side. (View = South)

I love taking to take photos, even if I just go from A to B for other reasons. I take the most pictures during fall and winter, by far. Just because everything looks more interesting somehow. It’s my favorite season 🙂