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November 17, 2016 at 8:27pm The Christmas lights got turned on!

They turned on the Christmas lights this evening ⭐️😺 November 17, 2016
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Hey everyone! The weather here is really crazy at the moment… One day it’s icy and cold, the next day it’s a lot warmer. Apparently we’re going to get up to 18°C / 64.4°F tomorrow. It’s like last year again, when we had about 20°C / 68°F and over, which is totally abnormal. I can’t remember the last time we had snow during the Christmas holidays.
Guess I’ll have to get used to that warm climate.
Murlis dermatitis is getting better and better! I don’t even have to annoy her with the medical ointment and just use the coconut oil.
She is just getting ready to jump into bed. I’m sitting there with my iPad again… Sigh. Had a migraine yesterday and today. It’s always like that when the weather keeps changing. Usually when it’s changing from cold to warm. I don’t have much of a problem the other way around. It’s ok, thanks to the migrain medicine, but it still leaves me sleepy and a bit weak all day. (Before the weather got so unstable and warm in fall/winter, this season used to be the time where I was free of migraine for the most part.)
Just hope I’ll get to have a normal day tomorrow, because I would have time for all the things I love to do 😸
This week went by seriously fast again! Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already! Yay!
Wishing everyone a good night and sweet dreams 💞

5 thoughts on “November 17, 2016 at 8:27pm The Christmas lights got turned on!

  1. Lovely Christmas lights there Natascha!!! And our weather is as weird as yours!
    Saturday we were all in T-shirts & light pants (some even in shorts). Sunday it snowed!!!! And now it is below freezing & poor Siddhartha Henry REFUSES to even go out for a brief walk!
    It might warm up to 40 by Friday….that will be a ‘heatwave’ for us!!! Hahaha….
    We wish you a better week; free of Migraines!
    Love }} Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    Pee S: Please remember we are offline till the weekend. PC going for repairs tomorrow. Will miss our email chats!

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    1. 😸 I love it when the lights are there. It’s awesome looking out from your window and seeing them.

      Sigh, exactly… T-Shirt weather is what we had too. But no snow! That is totally crazy. Snow and then a heatwave again… Really same as here, except for the snow. But poor Siddhartha Henry! Kitties just love warm. Murli loves warm too.

      But I noticed she doesn’t do too well with humid heat. As long as it’s dry heat, she loves it. But in the summer, when it’s hot and very very humid, then she just lies around and wont do much until the evening when it’s getting more comfortable.

      Aww thank you! The weather didn’t let me have a migraine free week yet sigh… Had one yesterday too and today in the afternoon. The meds just kicked in so that I don’t have pain anymore. Also, I’m dizzy and tired because of the weather too. That warm dry south wind is really causing sensitive people lots of discomfort.

      The climate change has caused the Foehn wind to happen when it shouldnt really. It’s a stormy, but very warm and dry wind. It can change the temperature drastically within just minutes. Normally, these winds would happen in spring and summer a lot and early fall. But they shouldn’t be as frequent as they are now in winter. I can’t even remember of having Foehn in the winter ever durin my childhood. It’s because of the lack of snow in the Alps, and the overall rise in Temperature. Now we have that wind almost all year round.

      It’s wind that comes from the ocean to the south and then the air rises up the mountains on one side and then races down the other side, warm and dry. It wouldnt have much of a chance if it were actually cold and the Alps had lots of snow and ice in winter, like they had for millions of years before climate change.

      If I go up to the castle hill Schlossberg, I can see the first snow capped mountains, as you can see in the pic I took in the spring of 2013: https://freecatlady.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/2013april17.jpg

      Problem is, the Foehn causes all kinds of problems for sensitive people like me. Migraine, dizziness, bad sleep and more. As long as this wind is going on, I’ll have a migrain every day.

      I’m sorry I didn’t manage to reply to you sooner because of me feeling unwell mostly. I will miss our chats too! I’ll think of you and the little Purrince! Wishing you nice days, despite the lack of computer. ((((Hugs))))💗💗💗

      Mew Mew Mew, ma furpal Siddhartha Henry!!!! Mum haz sezed that ur LadyMums poor computer iz going to da computervet. We iz going to miss u nd LadyMum! But az Mum haz sezed, we iz goin to thinkz of u! I hopez u dont haz the sadz cause of the coldz outsidez Siddhartha Henry💗 Nd I hopez u iz feeling well, and ur LadyMum too!
      So I iz goin nao. Mum izn feelin well, so we iz goin to lay down a bit.
      Purrrs nd *pawhugz* nd *headrubz* nd *nosekisses*
      Ur furriend Murli and Mum Natascha💗😺

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  2. Hello Natascha: I am sorry that the Foehn wind causes so many problems there. I find our North wind is brutal….I live only 2 blocks from the water so when the wind blows North east it is frigid here…mind you on a hot Summer’s day that is always welcome.
    As for the Christmas lights I noticed our Grain Elevator did not put their lit tree up & it seems so barren w/out the lights shining like a beacon. No one seems to be in a ‘Christmasy’ mood yet. Maybe because of the weather changes….the snow that fell a few days ago has melted again.
    Sometimes I think Christmas is more an ‘attitude’ than a holiday. I mean I am Jewish & celebrate Chanukkah & my Birthday is on Christmas Eve so I am happy about those 2 things & I enjoy the Christmas mood……but there seems to less & less every year & it saddens me.
    Oh great I sound like a real ‘killjoy’….I apologize! I am in a HUGE flare-up of my Arthritis & Bone Disease…a bit cranky…lol…. ALOT cranky!
    I am hoping this email finds you feeling better today. {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen ❤

    Mee-you Murli: Siddhartha Henry here….wee iss back online! Woo Hoo!!!
    Thee Pee Cee gotted fixed inn 1 day! An thee weather changed again an it warmed uppy enuff mee went fur 2 walkss with LadyMum last nite. If it does not rain wee will go again befur sup-purr today……
    Mee has been on 'Purr-amedic' duty taken care of LadyMum as shee iss inn turribull pain an havin trouble walkin…. so mee iss beein xtra gentle with her…..
    Mee wishes you an Lady Natascha a peecefull an luvley weekend…
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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    1. Thank you, I am fine today for the first time this week! No migraine, no dizziness and the joint aches are not noticeable, except when I strain them with something or put too much weight on them. Lol I always need to pull myself up at a kitchen counter, or table, or whatever is near, when I have to squat down for something. I often wonder how I’ll be with 70 if I started having to do that at 28😅 I’m 36 now.

      So sorry you are in pain like that. You have any right to be cranky. And you can be as cranky as you wish on this blog or in our emails☺️

      Aww maybe they’ll put the lights up with the start of December?
      Yeah, it’s sad. Here the stores started to put in Christmas decorations in October already. And this year I saw the first Christmas cookies by the end of August 😳
      I miss the quiet and cozy and snowy cold Christmas of my childhood. It was less crazy and less consumerism crazy. Now it seems people are just stressed out, and the stores can’t start early enough to profit from Christmas sale. I love this time of the year and Christmas. Love all the lights and the decorations🎄 My Dad and I will make it a comfy and nice, warm Christmas with Murli. I already look forward to go and pick a Christmas tree shortly before the holidays.

      I think you are right, it’s really more like an attitude. Are Jewish people less stressed out at least before and during Chanukkah?

      Hope you will feel better again soon! Sending love, hugs and purrs from Murli 🐾

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  3. Jewish are people are so NOT stressed out over Chanukkah. We send cards if we want or not. Our only ‘worry’ is having enough candles for the Menorah or who is making the Latkes (potato pancakes)!! As children we received a small gift each of the 8 nights. One night was ALWAYS chocolate coins. there is little to no consumerism to our holidays. That is one reason I LOVE being Jewish; no pressure!
    I am relieved you are feeling better. We sound so similar; good days; bad days; even ugly days! I try to keep my crankiness out of blog/emails. We all have something to deal with…..
    I am sorry that you became unwell at only 28!!! My troubles started when I was 25 & I was diagnosed at 27. I managed to work & raise stepchildren & then get divorced & remarried & have a new career (Nursing) & after 7 yrs of that went to College for 5 yrs. (aged 34-39).
    I had every intention of working once I was settled back here in Owen Sound but the Bone Disease started & I ended up fully unemployable! So there I was @ 40 on a Disability Allowance….
    Now I am on an Old Age plan so I do not feel like a drain on the system. I never wanted any of this to happen but it did & I have tried to cope as best I can. I enjoy the good days as much as possible!!!! 😉

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