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November 18, 2016 – Beautiful afternoon

We had another really warm day, with almost 18°C / 64.4°F and a warm wind was blowing. Absolutely crazy to be able to run around only in light clothing in the middle of November… Murli was happy that we could leave the windows open in the afternoon though. So she was baking her kittyloaf in the crazy warm November air…


The sky was really beautiful in the late afternoon

7 thoughts on “November 18, 2016 – Beautiful afternoon

  1. Our weather similar here & Siddhartha Henry & I able to go for walks outside….
    Since that day the weather changed again & we had below freezing temps & now snow. My ‘littul Purrince’ does NOT like getting his paws wet, hehehe…
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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    1. Haha yeah, kitties hate getting their cute pawsies wet😸 Sigh… lets hope the weather starts being a bit more stable for a while where you are and here too.
      (((Hugs))) Natascha & cute little *nose kisses* & *paw pattts* Murli🐾

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  2. UGH Natascha it was calm the past 2 days & we were able to walk twice each day; not far….but better than no walk. Today was wet snow & it is SO damp out I can’t stay out for more than a few minutes. I think Winter is shoving Autumn in the backside right out the door, lol….
    Sherri-Ellen 😉

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    1. Ugh, we were caught in a thick soup of fog since Friday. The whole city remained in that fog. It’s because we’re higher up a bit, at around 350m over the sea-level. It’s constantly wet too, because of the tiny droplets from the fog constantly causing everything to be wet. Yuck.

      It’s probably exactly true. Autumn gets kicked out now. I hope we get both better weather 💗 hugs & purrs 😺💗

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  3. We had fog here the past 2 nights also. As I am only 1 1/2 blocks from Georgian Bay & the Sydenham River I see a lot of weather changes. today the Sun has tried to shine but the clouds won out! Temp is 4 Celsius but the windchill is -1 Celsius so it is damp out….BLAH!!!!
    I managed 2 walks with Siddhartha Henry yesterday but they were on the short side. he is not fond of damp grass or the cold either!
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

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    1. The temperatures are similar to what we had today (Tuesday, Nov 29). Especially the windchill was real icy. But it’s thankfully not humid. I live right next to the river, and sometimes it can be quite unpleasant if the winds hit it just right and it’s very cold. It will also create ice on the streets, so you can’t really walk, and everyone is sliding and falling. Especially the bridges get icy.
      We didn’t have that last winter though, because it was such a warm winter.
      Totally understandable regarding the short walks. Aww getting paws wet isn’t nice either. Murli hates it too😸

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