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November 26, 2016 at 5:46pm Murli sleeps this Caturday evening

Murli decided to nap most of this #Caturday evening 🐱💤💤💤 via Instagram http://ift.tt/2fCoKxa
Hello pals! Today and yesterday, we were caught in thick fog all day and night. The temperatures decreased a bit in comparsion to the last days, but it was still too warm for November. In the morning, I got Murli special food for allergic cats from the Vet, which got very good reviews from other people with allergic kitties like Murli. Cats who will throw up and get bowel problems from most foods, even if its high quality food. Seems this one really does them well. I just want to see if the skin issues completely subside with it, but that will take a while until I can be sure.

We will see how Murli does with the vet food. She loves it, that’s for sure! Absolutely loves it😸 I’m happy she does, because she’s so picky.

Here are the photos of our dreary weather

20161126 112740
The castle hill (Schlossberg) was shrouded in fog all day.
20161126 112919
Came by the park (Volksgarten park).
20161125 112124
Very dreary dark day, but also far too warm. Took my usual short cut through the moastery garden and parking area again on my way home from running errands. (Friday, Nov. 25)


18 thoughts on “November 26, 2016 at 5:46pm Murli sleeps this Caturday evening

    1. 💗💗💗 Aww 💗💗💗 It’s amzing with her whiskers, because the change colors, well monochrome colors. Sometimes one single whisker can grow out black again and a black one suddenly continues growing out white. When she was younger she had a couple white ones above her eyes too! Now it seems it keeps changing around between mostly black or mostly white 😸 Now she has more white ones and a few black ones and the ones above her eyes are all black.

      I think it’s because she has a tabby cat in her. You can see her tiger stripes when the sunlight hits her just right. But they were really very apparent when she was a tiny kitten.
      Baby Murli with her stripes

      Mewww!! Nao I iz havin blushie earz! 😺 Fank u LadyMum!
      Meew! Mum iz showin ma baby picz againz! But I waz rely a cutie kittie. Jus liek Siddhartha Henry, hez soo adorbz! 😸
      U iz sweet ma furriend! *Kisses ur nose* nd *paw hugz* u 🐾 Meeew!!!
      Murli nd Natascha💗

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  1. Mee-you Murli look at yur stripess!!! They are pawsum!!! You were sucha cutie an now such a beeuteefull Lady Kat!!
    ***paw kissess*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    Hello Natascha I ADORE your photos. Even the dreariness has a beauty about it!!! I love Schlossberg Castle & could look at pix for hours of the place!!! You have a great eye for photography.
    I had no idea that Murli has stripes; she is unique & so pretty. And the whiskers are so cool. Siddhartha henry’s are white at the base. They do not show up in photos much. I save any dropped whiskers in his toy box…..silly I know but it is a part of him…..
    How are things today? (Dec. 1st now). It has been pouring rain since 8 pm last night off & on. UGH! I am going out with Mary-Ellen ( PSH’s original owner) to do banking & errands & for coffee……
    (((Hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Meeeeew ma lovlie furriend! Mew mew mew, I luvz ma stripezz too! Iz from ma KattMum. Ma KattMum waz tabbie nd my KattPapa waz tottalie blackz. Ma KattParentz waz farmkatts. Meeew meeeew, nao everz since I iz growed upp, da stripez are hiddenz under ma growed upp fur.
      U iz sooo kind Siddhartha Henry!!! Fankz u for da lovlie complimentz💗 U iz such a beuteefull Kat urselfz!!! I luvz seein ur picz!
      Ma Mum iz nao goin to meeeoooow… *nose kissseezzz* nd *head rubbzzz* nd purrrss, Murli🐾

      Hello Sherri-Ellen!! 💗
      I’m happy you like my pics and enjoy them! Oh Schlossberg castle is awesome. It would even be more awesome, but way back when France, under Napoleon waged war against the old Austrian Empire, and Austria lost, Napoleon ordered the Schlossberg Castle destroyed. The parts still standing are the ones they didn’t manage to destroy, as they were just too sturdy and strong. It was an amazin castle and protected our city for 100s of years before that and it was never captured by enemies. It even has a well, that is so deep, it goes from up there, all the way straight down into the ground water. So they always had fresh water, no matter how long they had to be up there during enemy battles.

      Anyway, from the old times back to today😹
      Yes, you can hardly see the stripes ever since she got her adult fur. It’s only when the sunlight hits it just right, that you can see a bit. She is such a cutie!

      Hahahaha, we are really so alike! I also keep Murlis lost whiskers! I have tiny cute box where I put them in. I had no idea anyone else would do that! 😸 Exactly, it’s part of our cats and I just want to keep them. So cute!
      Totally not silly from my point of view!

      Things were really good yesterday and today (Dec 2) seems to be just as good for us. Thank you! Hope you are also getting better!
      We our first Autumn-storm going on. It’s not that bad in Graz, because of the hills and mountains surrounding us. But the flat regions are getting some strong winds. Currently the winds have been between 20kph and 35kph (12.43mph – 21.75mph). It’s sunny with just a few clouds, that are moving so fast it’s funny to watch them. The wind is hauling and whistling 😸 Murli doesn’t care. She is currently napping next to the radiator.
      Aww the rain again. Hope it’s going to be more dry soon, so the little Purrince doesn’t get his cute paws wet!
      Banking is on my list of errands today as well.
      I love coffee btw. I have it in the morning and in the afternoon.
      Wishing you a nice day for now! Will be writing more later, but now I’ll be joining Murli and take a nap too. (Didn’t get much sleep tonight) (((Hugs))) Natascha & Murli🐾

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  2. Mee-you Murli so that iss how you gotted yur stripess!!! Mee has a Tortoiseshell Mumma named Tori an mee Pappa was a Dark Seal Brown Burmese……hee gotted taken away bye coyotess inn August an mee has been sad….Mumma Tori iss carefull to not go out of thee barn at nite….
    Sorry mee iss emoshunall; mee Unccle Sammy went to Pure Land today an mee iss even more sad…hee was like a Pappaw to mee an now hee iss all so gone….
    Murli iss not easy to LUV iss it???
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  3. Hello Natascha: We are similar; true devoted to our cats!!
    I thought I was the only one to save whiskers….lol…..
    Schlossberg Castle is amazing. If I was able to travel that would be one place on my List to See!
    I am going to keep this brief as I am in bits about Sammy cat. We knew he did not have long but we did not know he was going to leave today. We have lost so many in our community here that I am overwhelmed & need a few days to gather myself.
    I hope you understand…
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Hello my friend! It’s really amazing. I thought I was the only one too! lol….😸

      I’m so very sorry you lost another friend. It’s so sad, I know. There is always a part of your heart and soul that they take with them. Every one of the cats and animals I got to know over time, touched and captured my heart. These beautiful animals are all unique and special and will always be missed terribly.
      I strongly believe we will all meet them again, when it’s our time to go. I think every one, aniamls and humans alike, we ever knew and loved, will be there to greet us when we go to the other side. The good bye isn’t for forever.

      I understand completely, please dont worry about it. Take all the time you need. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, both of you and all the beautiful friends that crossed over the rainbow💗
      ((((Hugs))))) Natascha & Murli🐾

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  4. And today we found out Fiona the Russian Blue cat from The Cat On My Head blog had died Thursday in her Mumma’s arms!!!! It was so shocking. Fiona had Kidney Disease but was stable or so we thought. I am utterly worn out. Each 4 legged was special to us.
    Siddhartha Henry lost another friend…..
    I hope this is the end of all this death; it has really ‘done a number on me’ so to speak…..
    I will take some time….I have to for my sanity.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen


    1. Hey Sherri-Ellen!
      It’s really heartbreaking. There were really so many that went to the other side. And Fiona was still so young. I wish there was finally a successful treatment and/or cure for kidney disease, cancer and all the other debilitating and often fatal illnesses.
      Some of my twitter pals also lost furbabies these days and in November as well. I wonder if they were able to transition together into the afterlife, and walked over the bridge with the others.
      I feel so sad for everyone’s losses. I know how devastating it is. I still cry because I miss my beloved Geenie and Minki. Even though it’s been so long since Minki went over the bridge (1997), and Geenie went 2011, there is still the same pain and sadness in my heart and I still miss them so very much.
      But I know we will see them again. They’re healthy, happy and safe.
      I really understand… However long you need, I’ll still be here. And if you feel like sharing your thoughts, or vent or just chat, send an email whenever you like.
      ((((Hugs)))) and Love,
      Natascha 💞

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  5. Thank you Natascha for the lovely words of comfort. I still miss Mingflwor my Bluepoint Siamese girl who went to Summerland in 2006. And I REALLY miss Nylablue. She & I went thru’ so much together & were so close.
    I think for people like us who are on our own; our 4 leggeds are our closest companion & so we are attached deeply to them. Losing them is harder than losing a relative one sees infrequently.
    I have to say aside from my friend Marilyn dying last month, I have not cried over another human since 2009 (when my Father died).
    Yet I weep for the lost animals….
    There were 5 in total last week: Easy; Sammy; Fiona; Treasure & Bhu. Easy was the only dog while the other 4 were cats. It was just too much. thankfully all is quiet this week.
    I am sorry it still hurts about Geeni & Minki…..they really leave their pawprints on our hearts, don’t they???
    Thank you for listening to me babble on.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

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    1. I’m glad you could get some comfort from my thoughts. I can relate so much, to how you miss your beautiful girls Mingflower and Nylablue. They truly leave their pawprint on our hearts❤ And that pawprint never fades for us. But in that way, they are still with us, their unconditional love is still with us and can still be felt within memories. I even remember exactly how Minkis fur felt and all his quirks and funny things he did, and it still makes me smile. I also remember everything about Geenie and how she felt and what she was like.

      All my kitties came into my life without planning it. It just happened somehow and usually very quickly.

      I really do feel the same way, just like you said. I mourn and cry over my beloved cats in a way anyone would with a very very close family member. And that’s what our cats are to us. They are family. I don’t have children and I never planned on having any, but to me it feels like losing your child, your best friend, and your sibling in one.
      I also seem to feel so emphatic in general with cats and also other animals. Even if I don’t know them well, anything sad or tragic I hear about them is felt deeply in my heart. And if it’s an animal of a friend that I got to know, I’m crying and deeply saddened too.

      It’s just, animals are simply totally innocent. They are not evil, they are not judging, not lying, and they love you unconditionally.

      Lets hope it will continue to be quiet and not be a totally sad December.
      ((((Hugs)))) from me and *paw hugzzzz* & *nose kisssezzz* from Murli🐾
      Your friend Natascha❤

      This is Minki:
      This is Minki

      This is Geenie:
      This is Geenie

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  6. Oh Minki an Geeni were both so lovely….Minki has such deep eyes…..WOW!!!
    Did I tell you I have both Mingflower’s & Nylablue’s ashes here with me??? Their ashes are each in a small cedar box with a nameplate on the front. I was able to open each box & out their whiskers & a bit of fur & their favorite toy in the box. I still hold their boxes when I miss them & I admit I kiss them Goodnight nightly. Each box & I tell each I love them & please will they watch over Siddhartha Henry. Most people would think me crazy I am sure.
    I totally agree how you feel you are losing a child; friend & sibling all in one. Me also. Mingflower was my ‘baby suck’ & she was my child. Nylablue was my ‘Didi’ which is Sanskrit for Sister.
    Siddhartha Henry is my ‘littul dude’…he is like a son to me. I also call him ‘Sir’ as would be done in India…a term of respect…..
    Tomorrow he turns 2 1/2 years old! I am so happy I kept him.
    And there was more sad news from the farm where he came from. If you want to read the blog about JABAR the horse it is posted….but it is very sad & I do not want to upset you.
    I hope next year will be better for all of us who have suffered far too much loss this year.
    And yes animals give unconditional love ❤ ❤ ❤
    lucky for us Humans!!!!

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  7. So, I finally get to reply to your lovely comments! I did not get to much recently…

    Yes, Minki had the deepest looking brown eyes, I have ever seen in a cat. He was such a happy cat, despite crazypants behavior in his early years, and even more happy after he mellowed out more and more. I love him! And Geenie, was a happy and loving kitty. She would play fetch like a dog😸 It was awesome! Murli does it too sometimes, but not always. They all are wonderful cats, everyone of my furbabies in his/her own unique way. Minki, Geenie were very loved so much, and had a happy and spoiled life. As does Murli now💗

    I still have Minkis and Geenies fur💗 It’s kept in a beautiful box with some of their toys. It has a special place in the home. Oh I wish we would have so much more time with our beloved animals.

    From the twitter kitty community have gone so many cats over the rainbow recently. And it doesn’t stop at all. Just over night (my timezone) a kitty died unexpectedly after a surgery to remove 3 tooths. He just didn’t wake up from anesthesia. He wasn’t waking up and passed away. It was a shock. His Mum was supposed to pick him up. And then this, so quickly.

    Now I really wonder how this could happen. That is really frightening. Poor Kitty went in fine, except for the teeth that needed care, and then never comes back home again. I can’t imagine the shock and pain.

    Yes, far too much loss recently. Just what is going on? I hope next year will be better as well…

    I’ll stop by your bloggie later, after I catch up a bit on replies😸
    Hugs my dear friend Sherri-Ellen & precious little furry pal, Siddhartha Henry!💞

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  8. So your Minki was a ‘crazypants’ too?? Siddhartha Henry was like this for well over a year starting June 2015 when he was given the FVR-CP vaccine & he should not have gotten it. Made him very ill. Made his Irritable Bowel Syndrome awful. I almost lost him between the IBS & his horrific behavior. After a lot of perserverance & finding the perfect foods/treats & meds for him; his ‘crazypants’ behavior is almost gone.
    And Siddhartha Henry LOVES to play ‘fetch’!! he also loves to make me play ‘fetch’. As in, once he is too tired to ‘fetch’; I throw the ball. He lies down & I get to go get the ball…..hahaha…..so funny!
    As for the cat who died on operating table; this is quite common. It is thought to be a genetic complication. And it is truly tragic for everyone. My pet sitter friend had a cat who went to have a few bad teeth removed & the same happened to Snowy….she never woke up. The Vet was devastated as was Anne. There is supposed to be a test that can be done to find out if a cat or dog should not have Anaesthetic but it is costly so most people do not get it.
    I remember when NYLABLUE had to have her remaining 11 rotted teeth taken out. I was a complete basket case. I dropped her off in early morning & I was back by lunch time just sitting in the waiting room….waiting…..wondering….As soon as she started to stir they let me back to be with her & she woke quicker. It was one of the scariest days of my Life! My nerves were shot I can tell you!
    I pray next year will be better for everyone! There has been just too much leaving & death this year.
    (((hugs))) & ❤ Love ❤ Sherri-Ellen & **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. Yes, he was, at least when he was younger. Minki had his sudden mood changes, whereas he would go from normal (at least that is how he appeared on the outside), to aggressive for no reason. Without any provocation. He would just come up suddenly, wanting to fight. It wasn’t extreme, but he would just jump you, scratching and biting. But he wasn’t giving his all, and never bit or scratched as hard as he could, so he was holding back. Still, it didn’t seem playful. I think he was taken way too soon from his mother, so he wasn’t able to learn proper social behavior. Though, those were random moments. For the most part he was just energetic, playful and really funny, as well as loving and seeking attention and love from us all the time. We loved him so much. His aggressive moments faded out the older he got. From about 6 on, he didn’t have these moments anymore at all.

      Poor kitties can’t do anything about those things. Animals aren’t evil or mean. There’s always a deeper reason for aggressive behavior like that, such as being without mother cat too soon, or Trauma due to bad people or health problems. I’m sure Minki didn’t know why he had those moods. Hormones and/or deep emotional issues can take your conscious will over quite a bit and have animals and humans act purely out of emotions like fear, distrust or the emotions caused by pain, hormones or other health related issues. At least that is how I think about it.

      And just like it was with the adorable little Purrince, complications from medications can cause those crazy behaviors just as well. I’m so glad it got so much better! All thanks to your care and love, and being an informed and conscious client at the Vets, not letting them do whatever they want.

      Oh my, I had no idea that this happens more often due to genetics! How tragic. Poor kitties. I wonder if they can use a different anesthetic, if this special test shows that a cat can’t have the typical anesthetic?

      I absolutely relate to how shot your poor nerves must have been from worry about NYLABLUE. It’s so scary! I hate to leave beloved cats at the Vet. Feels horrible.
      I was the same way when Murli had to be under anesthesia, because of one tooth that is all the way in the back caused the gums around it to be inflamed, due to calculus having formed. So the Lady Vet had to do something about it, since it was causing pain. There is as a possibility that the tooth had to be removed if it looks too bad, which would have needed stronger anesthesia than just calculus removal.
      Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad, and the tooth itself was fine, but just the calculus so that it bothered and caused inflammation on the gums. So Murli only needed lighter anesthesia.

      But I was so worried when I had to leave her behind at the Vet, I cried on the way home. Until I got the reliving call that everything went well and that I can pick her up soon, I was sick from worry. I did household chores to keep me occupied, because I could not just sit and wait and also had no mind to do anything else. I was so happy when I could finally get her home again.
      I will definitely talk to our Lady Vet about it and ask about the test.

      I am so glad that S.H. met you! You really saved him and take such good care of him.

      (((((Hugs))))) and ***purrrsss*** ***head rubbbzzz*** for you and the littul Purrince❤️❤️❤️
      Natascha & Murli🐾

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  9. Yes it does sound like Minki was taken away frum Mumma too soon. I knew that Siddhartha Henry & his 2 siblings were taken @ 6 weeks, but I forgot about the side effect of that. They were well card for by 2 Foster Mums’ however they have their own 4 leggeds plus running the Feral Cat Rescue. So the cats did not get a lot of socialization. In perspective, Siddhartha Henry has calmed down 90%; so I can not complain. And as he matures & we bond more I see less aggressive behavior.
    I hope P SH never needs surgery; if I lost him like that I’d be finished!
    And I hope Murli never needs surgery again too!!
    Being a ‘Cat Mum’ is a tough job isn’t it Natascha??? 😉
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

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    1. Aww yeah, I can totally see how the foster Mums would simply not be able to socialize enough. Impossible with so many to care for!
      Thats wonderful! The littul Purrince is still so young, and if he has improved so much already, he might have no crazy pants behavior anymore later at all? Just thinking. You are really a great Cat Mum! So glad it’s you who S.H. found a Mum and a Home with! Lucky kitty!

      I totally know what you mean. I would be finished as well if I would lose Murli like that. I’m still feeling so sad for the poor kitty and kitty Mum. No one expected such a thing to happen.

      Yeah, I hope she wont need another surgery either.

      Oh yes, being a Cat Mum really is a tough job on ones soul and heart. So much love, but because of that, there can be so much worry, sadness and pain if something happens to them.
      ((((Hugs)))) and much Love, Natascha❤️❤️❤️

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  10. Thank you Natascha for the support. It means a lot. It seems Siddhartha Henry goes in spurts. There is no pattern to his ‘outbursts’; they just happen. They have lessened so I am hopeful he will outgrow the behavior. Elke & Nikki had so many sick kits they did not have time to paly or socialize the kits (P SH included). I did not realize this until he’d been with me for 3 months & started to act oddly.
    At least the worst is over.
    I take each day as it comes. It is best that way.
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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