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November 28, 2016

Murli baking a kittyloaf this morning as the sun was coming through.

It’s gotten pretty cold again, after having spring temperatures last week. It was sunny in the morning, but an icy cold wind has been blowing outside since yesterday, but that feels a lot more normal in November.

On Saturday, I went to pick up new food from the Vet, as this one is exactly for cats like Murli, who are allergic and can’t tollerate everything. If she is doing well with it, health wise, then the skin issues will completely subside maybe. It’s so much better already. Her dermatitis is now completely gone, you can’t see it anymore and she isn’t scratching. But I also still care for her skin with the coconut oil, where the dermatitis and itching was. Murli has gotten pretty used to it by now and is fine with it.

Anyway, she loves the new food, and her body seems to accept it just fine too. No throwing up, and no diarrhea. That would have happened within hours of the same day already. I’m so happy for that and that she LOVES the food! Just pawsome😺

The last week really wasn’t great. I had a Migraine every single day due to the crazy warm weather, and felt sleepy and dizzy all the time. Murli felt it too and was sleeping much more during the day. As the weather changed to cooler Temperatures on Saturday, we both started to feel more energetic again. I also didn’t have a single Migraine since then. It’s always the warm Foehn wind weather that causes me issues. Would be great if we could get a break from that for a while.

Will update my backlog of drafts with some photo posts on here tomorrow lol. Just wanted to post a short update on us. Hope everyone got into the new week fine!

A weeks worth of papers and advertisements seems to be a good enough pillow for Murli 😺 (They completely drown us every year before christmas with print advertisements alone)


3 thoughts on “November 28, 2016

  1. Hurrah fur feeling better an no stew-pid Foehn wind blowin on youss’!!
    Hurrah fur thee new food werkin out an Murli better!!!
    Hurrah fur thee Sunshine an fur you Lady Natascha an LadyMum! Wee are BERRY lucky kittiesss!!!
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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    1. Yay!!!😺 Indeed! Hurrah for us!

      I sez so az well! Mew mew mew meeeew! I iz sooo happie havin ma Mum, nd I iz happie fur u havin ur amazin LadyMum! Berry luckie we iz! I nd Mum iz luckie we haz found u’ss, my furrie furriend nd lovelie LadyMum!!!
      Todayz we haz goted moar sunshienez! But no stew-pid Foen! Yay!! Meeew😸
      *nose kissezzzz* nd *jumpin around happiely* nd *comin back fur *paw hugzzz*
      Murli nd Natascha💗

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  2. Hurrah fur fingss beein nice an sunshiney an no windy chillss!!! You look stunning an beeuteefull inn yur foto Murli gurl!!
    An mee iss so happy thee food iss werkin fur you all so!!!
    ***Hi-5’sss*** Siddhartha henry =^,.^=


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