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November 29, 2016 at 8pm Sunny cold day and feeling good

Woke up today feeling just as well as these past two days; no migraine! Todays weather was sunny and we had a clear blue sky, but it was still cold with an icy cold wind blowing. For as long as it’s cold, I’ll feel fine. Murli feels good too and still does purrfect with her new food. No adverse reactions to it. So her body is apparently doing just fine with it. Otherwise she would have had issues by Sunday. I’m really happy with this!

Because I only got a few packs of catfood from the vet, since I couldn’t be sure she would like it and if her body would accept it. But because it’s all so well, I got some more from the vet today.

On my way between the tram station I had to get out and the vet office, I have to walk by the park (Volksgarten park) and saw my favorite tree again, purrfectly illuminated by the sun and still beautiful with a lot of colorful fall foliage on it.

I already played under that huge tree as a little child. Went there countless times with my Mama as a child. This park is full of beautiful memories for me. Too bad it’s not safe anymore to go through. Sigh…Such a wonderful old tree, that already stood there for who knows how many decades before I was even born. Hopefully this tree will see a better time again for this lovely park.


7 thoughts on “November 29, 2016 at 8pm Sunny cold day and feeling good

  1. Absolutely magnifiecent tree Natascha!!! The stories that tree could tell……
    The Willow trees I played under down by the river have fallen over & are gone but I remember them. And the giant Fir tree down the street from where I was raised is also gone but I DO have an actual photo of it…..
    I wish we were in the same country because we are so alike!!!
    I am thrilled that Murli is responding so well to the new food!
    Siddhartha Henry has had a bit of bowel discomfort from his IBS so I have had to give him his Anti-Diarrhea medicine 2 days in a row. Poor ‘littul Purrince’! Having bowel trouble is no fun!
    We still went out for 2 walks today & he had lots of Condo time so he is not suffering too much ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


    1. It really is! I love that tree and I could always look at it for hours. There was another amazing tree at that park, a weeping willow. I used to play under that tree also, and it was awesome, because it’s foliage and all pretty much reached the ground all around that tree. So you could hide under there pretty well and play house there as a kid lol. That tree is long long gone though. They must have cut it down even before 2000. Many of the beautiful trees along the river are gone here too. Those trees along the river where so big and lush, you could walk all along the river on both sides and have continuous shade on hot summer days, which was sooo helpful! But since 2003, they have cut down so many of them, for the most ridiculous reason. Apparently, it was because they were sick. But everyone knows it was because of the museum of modern arts building that was being build back then. Because, conveniently, the only “sick” trees where along the lenght of the new building… and with the trees gone, you can now conveniently see that building from everywhere, since the big trees were hiding it when you would look from the other river bank or the bridges. Sigh…

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! It would be so great if we would be in the same country… That would be just so awesome.

      Poor S.H… that really is not a fun thing to go through. I hope he feels better already!

      Like I told you, Murli was never able to tollerate normal cat food. Poor baby would be so sick from it. Throwing up and having diarrhea, often at the same time. When i got her, I was feeding her mostly cooked chicken and adding supplements and taurine to that and additional formula milk for kittens. As it was the only thing she was reacting normally to. As soon as she ate that, everything was just fine and the next bowel movement would be perfectly like it should be. I was constantly looking for food that might work. I ended up ordering from the internet, as that was just much more easy, than walking around the city from pet shop brand to pet shop brand looking for stuff. That way I found food she was doing just fine with (until they changed the recipe and I had to search again).

      I’m often thinking if there is something else I could give her, like probiotics or other things that are just simply good for her immune system and bowels๐Ÿ˜บ She doesn’t have any problems at all now , but maybe I’ll ask the Vet-Lady next time I go and pick up the Royal Canin.

      Aww that’s nice the littul Purrince got Condo time! Hopefully the rain will let up for you, so you get to enjoy the outside more.
      (((((Hugs))))) and *paw hugggzzz* from Murli and Natascha๐Ÿ’—

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  2. Hello Natascha: I apologize again for not being here. We had another death from The Cat On My Head blog & it was so overwhelming……Fiona was only 7 yrs old (Kidney Disease). So sad….
    I am good friends with her Mum who used to help pay for my previous cat’s Vet bills. We are like BIG family…
    Siddhartha Henry is A-OK. I think he either ate some fluff (have no idea why) or he ate something from the garden. He moves so fast I do not always see what he is doing. Irritable Bowel in animals is the same as Humans. One just never knows when there will be an episode. It is fairly cold here & our walks are very short.
    We had the same thing here happen with old trees; they were no more ‘sick’ than I was. 4 trees gone & now no shade or privacy.
    What builders’ call progress I call destruction. Trees hold the earth together & provide so much good. But I know you know this so I will not rant on…..
    You mentioned a Probiotic for Murli. There is Flora Forti powder in packets but it smells awful (like burnt liver) & not many cats like it. I use something called Proviable DC capsules. It is a white odorless, tasteless powder in a capsule you just open & sprinkle in the food wet or dry. there are 30 capsules for 1 a day….it has helped P SH’s bowels 100%. The trick is to find a food that does not set the bowel off which you have done. Royal Canin & the Proviable work well together. Here is a link to the product.


    I hope you & Murli have had a peaceful weekend.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

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    1. No need to apologize! Really. Totally understand if you take your time. Don’t worry ๐Ÿ’ž
      So sad about all the ones that passed on. I read the farewell post today about Fiona. Breaks my heart because I just can’t feel so much with them. The last photo of Fiona on her Mums chest had me crying.

      Glad the littul Purrince is doing fine ๐Ÿ˜บ I can totally imagine just how quick he is ๐Ÿ˜ธ And for whatever reason, some kitties just love to eat some fluff and things like that.
      Was thinking of you and Siddhartha Henry and I lit candles in church and at home, for the beautiful furry friends that passed on, and for everyone who is now deeply saddened and hurting.

      I say the same thing… I also call it destruction what certain architects and builders call development, planning and building. They just build stuff that no one is gaining anything positive from, except for the architects and builders and politicians, who are usually helping them, for personal gain and profit. What they build is usually ugly in the eyes of the actual citizens, and trees as well as old beautiful buildings have to be destroyed for it.

      Thanks a lot for the link to the probiotic! That really sounds great!

      Murli and I are off to sleep now. Due to the weather changing around again, between cold and warm, I had a couple migraines again. Yesterday was especially bad. I was useless the whole day, because of a bad migraine in the morning. I’m still not exactly normal today, but I didn’t have another migraine.

      Much love and ((((Hugs)))) from me, as well as purrrs and *nose kisses* from Murli๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿฑ

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  3. UGH those Migraines sound just awful!!!
    I am sorry you suffer so with them. It is hard to do anything when on is in severe ongoing pain.
    My pain level has gone way up. Probably stress; weather; no Lidocaine left in my body. I go to the Specialist Dec. 15th but I have NO idea if he will give me any more injections. He keeps ranting about ‘side effects’. I have none of the ones he mentioned. it is like he no longer cares about me as a patient or a person.
    I have been out daily with appointments & after tomorrow (Wed) I am staying in for a couple of days (at least that is my plan. Get some proper cleaning done. Read some blogs. Try to relax if possible. And take the ‘littul Purrince’ for his little walks of course! He has a new jacket as we took the 1st one back. The new one has clips which work better. I have to edit photos & hope to do a blog this weekend.
    Sending you prayers of healing. And thank you for lighting candles; it is most appreciated my friend.
    Love }}} Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: I love the winter look to the header picture of Murli…..

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    1. They are just really bad, but thankfully it is all so much better ever since I got the right medication in 2008, a triptan. That will stop the migraine within one hour. But the tiredness and dizziness remains. And my stomach remained upset for some reason last time.

      Sigh…I hope you get your much needed injections! I hate when doctors are trying to talk you out of, or decrease any kind of medication. Especially if it’s helping and you dont suffer any bad side effects.
      I wish it would be easier to get the right treatment. Finding good doctors, that actually listen to you and take you seriously, and respect you as a human being, seems way too hard.

      Being in pain is unhealthy too and actually worsens the pain condition. They should actually know that you would think. Yet they rant over the very things that help you.
      Often I think some doctors are actually far removed and disconnected from the impact pain has on a living being.

      I heard my fare share of similar opinions from specialists I went to for my back and joint degeneration.

      Sounds good that you take it slower a few days and try to relax a bit. It’s good on mind and body!
      Aww, littul Purrince looks purrfect in his jacket I’m sure! He looks so amazingly cute in his purple walking vest! Murli said so too! Totally brought a huge smile to my face when I saw that!

      I have already so many drafts that I like to finish. I also constantly take pictures and write stuff, and I want to have it on my blog too. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow. Because I really enjoy doing all that!

      You’re welcome of course! It’s just a little thing I can do from the distance with the candles and my prayers and thoughts.

      Haha thank you! I love the snow and ice thingy too. Thought I want to make my blog more fitting for the season too๐Ÿ˜บ
      ((((Hugs)))) and healing purrs from Murli and me๐Ÿ’— Wishing you and the Purrince a quiet and peaceful day, and hopefully your painlevels are coming down again as much as possible.
      Much love!๐Ÿ’—

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  4. Thank goodness you have a medication that works for the migraines!!! I am sorry tho’ that you feel tired & dizzy. That is no fun either!
    The Specialist’s office called to confirm my appointment for next Thursday, so at least the Doctor will see me. Whether he continues to treat me will be discovered then.
    You are so right about the pain making Life more difficult. Plus not getting proper sleep increases pain & decreases good health. Unfortunately I am at max level of sleep med (Canadian laws are so stupid) & I have to buy over the counter sleep meds to assist the prescription med which seems to do nothing.
    Today I was awoken to the woman upstairs dragging furniture across the floor…it echoes thru the place & is very loud. I knew it was not the woman herself but the cleaning lady…all of them are lazy & do not lift a thing.
    I laid there getting angrier by the minute. Then the phone went off. It was a parcel for me. The delivery fellow did not ring long enough & I ended up stumbling out of my place in PJ’s & a hoodie & runners. No glasses….
    I was a sight. He made a whole ‘who-haa’ about me not coming to lobby door & I got pretty nasty with him….signed the form & took the parcel. He knows who I am; no one else in town (or the entire country has a name like mine!)
    I came back in & furniture was still being dragged upstairs. I went up to speak to neighbor & she was all nice but the cleaning lady was rude & mouthy & I had it out with her. She tried the old line about a sore back & I said why are you working then? It got pretty heated.
    Once home I called Housing & lodged a complaint. I’ve been woken up weekly around 8/9 a.m. by these cleaners who make as much noise as they can. I am fed up. Totally….if I could move; I would….
    Sorry I went on a rant….I know you value your rest & sleep as I do.
    As for P SH, we had to take the 1st winter jacket back as the Velcro kept coming open. After going thru every jacket I finally settled on the 2nd one & he looks adorable in it. It is a dull black, grey & red plaid. Inside it has black Sherpa lining & has 2 clips that work like harness clips. I want to buy a red lead next time I am in the store. When I do his next blog there will be pix of him in the jacket…..
    I’ve kept you too long…..thanks for letting me vent!
    ((Hugs)) Sherri-Ellen


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