December 12, 2016 – (human) Doctor annoyance

And another week has begun! For now, without a migraine. But instead with some annoying thing regarding my regular doctor (general physician). Last Friday, I had to go get my script for my migraine medication, but my doctor wasn’t there unexpectedly. Therefore, I had to go to his substitute doctor who takes over for him during absences. Every doctor has an arrangement with a couple other doctors and they take over for each other in case of absences. I couldn’t really wait until Monday, because the weather caused migraines almost every day now. I didn’t want to be out of meds over the weekend. It was good I did, because I actually had 2 migraines over the weekend, and I would have been totally screwed without the meds.

Anyway, today I called my doctor’s office, to prepare my monthly script for my pain meds (for my back & joint pain), so I can pick it up tomorrow. But shortly afterwards, the assistant of my doctor called me back, telling me that it looks like I changed doctors and that the system wouldn’t let her process and prepare my script (It’s a regulation by our national health insurance to prevent doctor shopping).

I told her that I only went to their official substitute (who was given as their substitute for that day on their answering machine too on Friday). She said that they must have processed me wrongly when I gave them my insurance card that day. They knew I was just a visiting patient from another doctor. They just made a mistake. So the assistant said that they’ll have to call and sort it out. She didn’t really sound worried about it, but of course I do worry anyway now. Because the pain meds are my other very much-needed medication.

Of course, that got my anxiety going, because if it can’t be sorted out, I can’t get my very much-needed medication. Except maybe if I pay for it privately, but I’m not even sure that is possible with a permanent script like mine (The script is permanent, but the meds are always for one month).

And I won’t know until tomorrow in the early afternoon if it’s sorted out and fixed. Knowing me, it’s likely it’s just my anxiety that has me worry, and it’s likely not even a problem, since she didn’t even sound like it’s a problem. Sigh… It’s really annoying when you have to wait until the next day to know about something you worry about. It ruins the whole day and night with a worried mood.

Ok, enough of this lol… Sorry for the venting!

I’ll see what comes out of it tomorrow…

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  1. Oh Natascha I have been thru this so many times before!!!
    My Doctor is in the Family health clinic with 18 other Doctors. and the Pharmacy is on first floor. Everything is more efficient & many of the Doctors’ know other patients. Before this Clinic was built I used to go w/out meds for 2-4 days when my Family Doctor was not available!!!
    This Summer when I was so ill with Bronchitis I needed my Salbutamol Inhaler…no Doctor available…so the Pharmacist issued the script & gave me the Inhaler…..now THAT was service!!!! 😉
    I hope you got your script w/out too much worry or anxiety!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Hello my friend!❤

      Yes, I got my script!! All worked out fine and it was just a glitch in the system aparently… Worried for nothing again. But it really is such a worrisome possibility to not get your meds… especially right before the holidays. That would have been a pooooey christmas…

      Ughh!!! That is sooo anoying when doctors are just suddenly not available. I know so very well what you are talking about too. When I was still going to a pain specialist, in the beginning of me getting pain meds, that kind of thing would happen regularly. I would go to pick up my script, but the doctor would not be there. Of course, no one called beforehand, nothing was prepared beforehand. There would only be the assistants there and I was just told there is nothing that can be done and I will just have to wait for him to be back.

      This is why I am so happy when I was finally on the right medication and dose, so I could move on to my family doctor, for him to take over my permanent script.
      Thankfully my family doctor and the assistansts there always take care that nothing like that happens. If my doctor is getting sick, or if he has to be absent unexpectedly, he will prepare all the important scripts before he leaves. And they will always call me in time beforehand, if I have to come pick up sooner.

      But that insurance system glitch last time would have cut me off from my meds… They would not have been able to do anything due to strict laws.

      Ahh that sounds like a great pharmacist!! Yep, that is service!😸
      So glad you have a place like your family health clinic and everything is working out good! It terrible having to go without medication and having to worry about something like that.

      Wishing you and the littul Purrince a nice and peaceful day!
      ***HUGS*** and ***head rubbzzz***, Natascha & Murli🐾


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