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December 12, 2016 More boxes and our relaxed and lazy weekend

Murli is so happy with her new boxes! On Friday Murlis food was delivered, which meant of course more boxes. Since she wouldn’t let me throw out old boxes, I just rearanged them. Now the huge box that came recently sits in the living room next to all her play stuffz. The box from Friday is the one Murli sits in and is now in the kitchen. As is the previous box.

I fits! So of course I sits.
Look at that face!
I cantz let dat mousie out of ma sightz! (Mouse is out of frame)
Hai Mum and pals!

Saturday, was unfortunately a day of migraines, but thanks to the meds, they were gone quickly, but it left me sleepy and dizzy like always. So we spend the day relaxing mostly, and things I planned on doing at home just got postponed.

Sunday was a nice day! No migraine and feeling good. Lots of playing, relaxing and cuddling.


Murli on one of her kitty beds. She loves this one and it’s usually next to me on my bed, or on the couch. She looked so cute, having her leg out like that. And look at her fluffy belly! It’s sooo soft😸

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Ours wasn’t exactly interesting for a blog post, but the photos are cute😸 We wish you a lovely Monday evening pals!

7 thoughts on “December 12, 2016 More boxes and our relaxed and lazy weekend

  1. Mee-you Lady Natascha yur thee best fur letting Murli have boxess!! Wee do not have a lot of room so if mee gets a box it iss just fur a while an then to thee reecyclin room it goess……mew mew mew…
    An Murli yur paw dangull (dangle) iss purrfecktion!!! Toe-tallee!!!
    Wee had a quiet weekend all so; nuffin wrong with that. An lady Natascha mee an LadyMum hope thee Mye-grainess leeve you alone this week!!!
    ***paw patsss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~ an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum
    Pee S: it has been snowin fur 4 dayss here now……

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    1. Aww lovely furriend Siddhartha Henry! I love doing every tiny thing that brings joy for Murli. Everything I can do, I do 🙂 Our place isn’t big either, so the boxes are pretty much in the middle of the livingroom, near all her play stuffs and cat tree/scratching post and tunnel. Toys are strewn about in every room 😹 Two boxes are in the kitchen, where Murli likes to hang out while I do the dishes and cook. There is kitty stuff in every room. Since everything is neat and clean as much as I can keep it, I figure it’s just kitty stuffz. Kitty stuffz is alllowed to be all over the place😸 I understand the difficulties of not having much room very well.
      You are soo cute littul Purrince! We luvs you and LadyMum!!!💞 Murlis Mum, Natascha💕

      O hai my furriend!! Mew mew mew mew!!! Fank u for ur lovlie comment! Me luuuvvvz ma boxes!!! I luvz it wen Mum throws in a mousie or sumthin, nd I try to paw it out of it againz, or I jumpz in. Sometimez, I jumpz in head 1st! Nd then I iz liek a kittie balllz in dere. Me luvz all ma stuffz, nd I wishez we cud play togetherz. Hopez u r feelin gud! Nd ur bellie iz ok 2?
      Snow!!! Me nd Mum lovez snow! But I luvz only da fluffy fresh snow, not da slushie kind dat’s old nd melting. We wud luvz snowy holidayz! Nd if it keepz snowing fur u, u r going to have snowie holidayz nd LadyMum haz snow on her birthdayz!!! Mew! How lovlie!

      ***paw huggzzz*** nd ***nose kissez*** nd ***head rubbbzzzz*** my furriend Siddhartha Henry nd LadyMum Sherri-Ellen💗💗💗
      PS: We iz going to write moar tomorrowz! Then we will meeeoooow about our week so far!

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  2. HAH Natascha your place sounds just like ours here! I have toys in the living room with one bed & the cat tree by the window. Bathroom has toys. Hallway has toys. Bedroom has 2nd cat bed & carrier with blanket. The box is on floor between livingroom & kitchenette. Like you, if P SH is happy; that is main thing!
    He does not like tunnels which is fine as there would be no room for one. Our place is only 400 square feet. So it is a compact 1 bedroom apartment. And now over to Siddhartha Henry who wants to mee-yow with Murli…..

    Mee-you Murli wee sure have GRATE Mummass’!! LadyMum threw a toy mousie inn mee box an then mee peacock feather an then a plastic spring an there iss tisshue papurr inn thee box!! It iss deevine!!! An mee wishess wee could play together all so….Mee iss fellin good an mee bowelss are calm. Hurrah! Guess what Murli??? Wee have had snow fallin since mee Gotcha Day (Deecemburr 9th) an today has been white-outss an more snow….
    Mee tooked LadyMum out fur a breef walk to Aunty’ss patio an back…..all of 2 minuttss!!! Mew mew mew…..
    ***nose kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxx

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    1. Haha yes, totally same here! There are two scratching posts, one small tunnel, countless kittybeds & sleeping places with her blankets, a couple of boxes, and Toys EVERYWHERE😹 It’s funny! Love to see her suddenly starting to play just because of a toy she came across. I even think about building her a cat tower. Just having to figure out a place to put it lol. But it wont be a big one anyway, just one that’s easy to climb and sit on, since she LOVES being high up, like almost every cat😸

      Gosh, I wish I would manage to get more time out of my day for being more on my bloggie! I love it here and love writing, posting, reading other bloggies and commenting. Often, a certain little kitty keeps me from doing much at the computer sometimes. As she’ll want to cuddle and play by the time I sit down there. But I know you know how that all goes. You certainly do so well with keeping up on comments, emails and postings! Amazing! Maybe I’ll get the hang of it after a while. I’m also on Twitter a lot lol.

      Mew mew mew my furiend!!! U r so right! Our Mummass r pawsome💗 We r totallie luckie kittiess!
      Dat iz purrfect! I luvz papurr stuffz! I haz lotz of stuffz liek dis! I luvz it when Mum throwz somethin in ma box! Iz reallie deevine!
      Aww yass! Wud be soooo great if we cud play together.
      Oh I iz happie ur bowelz are calm nd behavin😺 Mine r too! Yay!!! I iz so glad. Cause I haz losted a bit of weightz befur my Mum got me da Royal Canin. I waz not too skinnie, but it shud not be less. But I iz gainin a bit nao, thankz to me feelin gud nd ma body izn reactin allergic to anythin anymoar. I hav so much moar energie nao too! Luvz it all.
      Mew meeew!!! Snowz! Dat iz so nice my furiend😺 Me luvz da snow. I luvz playin in da snow nd I alwayz try eatin it… Hope ur pawsies aren’t too cold! But I iz sure u and LadyMum haz it cuddly warm!
      ***nose kissez*** nd ***paw hugz*** nd ***head rubbzzz*** Murli,
      & Natascha💗 HUGS!!!

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  3. Hello Natascha we sure are similar in our love of our cats aren’t we?? I am already planning what new toys to buy Siddhartha Henry for Christmas….
    Like we need a reason to buy new toys or treats, hah!!!
    I admit I work hard to stay current with comments, replies & emails. Not always successful but I do my best. I always say blogging is a full-time job!
    How are you feeling this week? Well I hope.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

    Mee-you Murli if mee lived there mee wood play with you efurry day! Sumtimess LadyMum iss too tired or not well enuff to play with mee. So mee iss leernin to play on mee own….
    An wee are thrilled thee Royal Canin iss helpin you feel better an you have more energee!! Woo Hoo!!!
    Mee reelly luvss mee Royal Canin kibbullss. Mee eatss 2/3 rd's of a cup efurry day….it tastess so-o good!
    You play inn thee snow? Mee Brofur Tyerrone doess all so. Mee likes to walk where it iss shoveled. It iss so chilley cold here mee not been out fur a walk since Katurday! Maybee inn a few dayss it will bee a bit warmer….
    ***nose kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry ~~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Hello my friends Sherri-Ellen and Siddhartha Henry🐾💕
      I am now finally working to reply to any comments that I haven’t replied to yet… I can only apologize! But I think I might get the hang of keeping up better haha. At least with some things.

      Yes, we really are similar in our love for our cats!
      Exactly, like we need reasons to buy them stuff lol!😂 But it’s a reason to buy them even more stuff! It makes me happy to make kitties happy!

      You really are doing a great job with keeping up. It’s certainly a full time job. But I love it, it’s making me happy. It’s mainly health and energy issues that keep me from it, because I’m just too beat after taking care of everything else to get to it afterwards.

      I hope you are feeling good and not in pain so much.
      ((((Hugs)))) and love, Natascha❤️

      Meeeewwww!!! Mew mew mew ma furend Siddhartha Henry!
      Az u cud see, we waz really bad at keepin up wit u lovely furends… Mum feelz real bad fur it nd I haz a sadz fur it too. We totallie iz missing chatting wit u both!
      I iz tryin to play by me selfz too. But I iz constantlie wantin to play wit Mum nd cuddle wit her. Her iz spendin much of da day wit me nd we r togetha all da tieme. But I try to playz alone when Mum iz feelin bad nd iz in bed. Or I jus cuddlez to her.
      U iz doin so gud! U relly luvz ur LadyMum!

      Ya RoyalCanin iz da best! Me luvz it so much. Iz very gud! Nd iz made me feel so much betta in ma bellie nd all. I iz glad u r doin so well wit it too!

      Ya, we wud totallie playz all da tieme if we waz livin both livin near u! Wud be so fun nd Mum wud luv hangin out wit LadyMum!
      Ya I luvz da snow nd play in it! Iz cold, but if iz da fluffie snow nd if iz a lot of it, I luvz it nd jumpz around in it. But da last tieme I cud do that waz at our old apartmentz huge patio nd balcony. Iz been soooo big. So I wud go out dere wit Mum lotz to play, all year round. But not in da rain or if da snow waz gettin mushy nd wet.
      Ur totallie right! Wet nd cold pawz r awfulz!

      Hopez u waz able to take walkz in warmer nd dry condishunz.
      *paw huggzzz* *nose kissezzz* nd *purrs* ur furend Murli🐾
      Cuddles and hugs for you both, Natascha❤️

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  4. Trust me Natascha I fall behind on comments & reading blogs a lot! I can spend an entire day playing ‘catch up’ here! The trick is to keep replies fairly short. then you can get to everyone & follow the conversation of the blog. I too, love to write but have learned to keep things simple so I am not overwhelmed.
    Oh here is the littul Purrince for Murli:
    Yur rite about mushy wet snow Murli….EEEWWW!! Mee DID go fur a wlakie last nite (Jan.1st) fur 10 minuttss. Mee has to bee carefull of thee salt that iss putted down on thee sidewalkss. So mee triess to stay on thee patioss’. Sumtimess LadyMum just carriess mee around…it iss sorta nice. Mee gets to see fingss an not have to walk, mew mew mew….
    Wee had 8 inchess of snow 2 dayss ago…at leest it iss not too chilley!
    ~~head rubsss~~ an **paw kisses** Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxx

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