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December 13, 2016

Of course, I worried for nothing again yesterday and today… When I went to my doctor this afternoon, everything worked out. It was just a tiny short call to the other doctors office, at which point it became clear that it was just a temporary bug in the system, that went away on its own. Everything was normal again and I got my script as usual. Sigh…

More importantly, we got a Christmas card today! From our Twitter pals from Kitty Haven

Thank you very much for this! So cute! ❤❤❤ Murli showed her appreciation as she rubbed her little fluffy head into the card right away😹

We are looking forward to the holidays! And the christmas tree!🎄 Here in Austria and Germany, the tree isn’t put up in homes until shortly before christmas eve. Some put the tree up in the morning of the 24th. We are doing it on the 23rd usually. The smell of the tree fills the whole apartment and it lasts for a while. Especially every time you let the cold winter air in again, it starts to give off that lovely scent again.

Murli doesn’t climb the tree, but she loves to take naps under it. The christmas decoration doesn’t break, since it’s not made of glass. We have absolutely beautiful ornaments and decorations from my childhood, but we never put those up anymore, for cat safety reasons. The thing that Murli does do, is to paw at the lowest hanging ornaments😹 Of course! It looks like it’s just put there for her to play with. But that is why I don’t put the glass ornaments on there. I would worry too much that she could cut herself in case one falls down and breaks. Geenie did the same thing, and also never climbed up the tree. Only Minki climbed the trees, all the way to the top MOL!!! One time he fell over with the whole decorated tree (floor to ceiling size tree). Mum and Dad were more worried about Minki though, who was only a year young at that time. Nothing much happened to the tree, but from then on, my Dad hooked the trees securely to the wall, so it stood stable and couldn’t fall over due to kitty adventures anymore.

In recent years, we only put up trees that were a bit smaller. Works out beautifully too! You’ll see once we put it up and I’ll decorate it😺 With Murlis help of course, like always!

Hope you all are well! Have a nice Tuesday my furriends!🐾

One thought on “December 13, 2016

  1. Ah Natascha your Minki & my Pyewacket! She was a brown & tan Tabby girl who thought climbing the tree was an Olympic sport. She also toppled the tree & many ornaments broke. My husband (a the time) was angry with her; I was worried she had hurt herself. She got put into ‘kitty time-out’ aka the bathroom so we could clean up. And like you, we had to tether the tree to the wall so she could do no further damage…..what a wild girl she was. She only lived to be 6 years old. But I never forgot her Christmas antics!
    My Father told me that many years ago German Jews also put up a Tree. Obviously not a Christmas tree but a tree nonetheless. They would decorate with candles & popcorn chains.
    I am used to having a table top tree for the season but with Siddhartha Henry that would be too much temptation for him so I do not bother. I rather he plays with the Christmas cards! 😉
    And I miss the smell of a fresh cut tree also……
    Hope the decorating goes well. I am sure Murli will be a GREAT help!!!!
    Sherri-Ellen ❤ & Siddhartha Henry ❤

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