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December 16, 2016 10:00am Murlis love for DIY toys and random stuff


This one is just paper strips, string and twine. She likes random paper strips, and so I made this one by just binding a couple of them together with twine and string. Of course I also attached a long line of twine to it as well, because she loves to chase it through the home when I drag it behind me while playing.

The story behind those paper strips is, that the new coffee maker needs smaller coffee filters, and now I have cut about 1,5cm off from the top of the remaining bigger filters, so they’ll fit into the new coffee maker. I thought about Murli instantly when I had the first strip of coffee filter paper in my hands and threw it over to her. She loved it right away

That’s the kind of coffee filter we have, unbleached. That’s the kind you will usually see here in Austria, Germany and other european countries.

It’s random things like that, that Murli will find the most exciting to play with. Pretty much anything that is small enough to be pawed around on the floor. But she does love her play mouses! She goes crazy with them.

Those are her favorite. and they are even called Murli!

I’m currently thinking about building a cat tower for her. There is enough inspiration out there. Lots of people build stuff for their kitties themselves. I think it’s pawsome, because I can build it the way she’ll love it, since I know her so well. She’ll get that one for Easter maybe

For Christmas/Catmas Murli gets something else 😉

Btw, Murli helped with this post:

That’s her input, after twine… I think she made a typo and meant the “W” to be a “M” but I understand, the look the same, depending from where you look lol