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December 20, 2016 Soon it’s Christmas


Only a few days, then it’s Christmas again! We are looking forward to it, as it’s our most favorite holiday. Our Christmas evenings on the 24th are always really nice, peaceful, cozy and happy. Murli gets treats and gifts and has fun with the eventual additional boxes too.

I decorated a bit, and will decorate a little bit more every day before the 24th. Papa (Dad) and I will get the tree either tomorrow or Thursday. I have seen kitty ornaments in a little lovely store downtown! They have mouses too! I needz it!!! Totally needz it. Murli says so too! I already have a couple of birds😸 (Not putting up pictures of it yet, because that way it’s more fun if you see the tree when it’s all done)

Papa has has made his delicious vanilla crescent cookies! And I made a big dent into that cookie box already lol. The recipe is just sooo good. Mama used to make them and Papa makes them perfectly. Murli always looks at me with her big eyes like “Give me! Give me sum! Wat u waitin fur?!” but I can’t give her anything, due to her allergies. She is doing so well now, I do not even dare to give her those few tiny crumbs I used to let her have before I knew that she has food allergies. I don’t want to risk it. But I might figure out how to bake treat cookies for her myself. Just need to find a recipe that would work for her.

The weather was being crazy like usual last week. One day sunny and warm, the other day dreary and cold. But it seems like it will stay dreary for a bit now, and rather cold. But at least that won’t cause me so many migraines! Hopefully…

Murli on Sunday morning (December 18)

Yesterday, on December 19, the morning was especially dark again. When we woke up, I thought it was a lot earlier than it really was lol. The photos were taken past 8am when I was running a few errands. It was also really cold, especially next to the river lol. Since Graz is pretty much in the foothills to the Alps, we are higher up at about 350m to 400m above sea-level. So we are often caught in dense fog during the winter. On days where the fog is really thick and it’s cloudy as well, it’s just dark. Today was the same, but my migraines are better when it’s cold and dark 😉

A little later it started to snow a little. It was just tiny little bit and didn’t stay. I think it might have just been frozen fog, and if it’s like usual, we won’t be getting any more than that. But I would like it if the frozen fog could fall on the 24th and 25th 😸

Have a nice Tuesday evening furiends!


9 thoughts on “December 20, 2016 Soon it’s Christmas

  1. Hello Natascha & Murli did you get the Christmas tree yet??? I am so excited for you to have a REAL tree!!
    Your photos of early morning there are so mystical & lovely…..there is something ethereal about them!
    And Murli is gorgeous! She photographs so well….. It is now Dec.22nd….just 2 more days until my Birthday & Chanukkah starting & 3 days til Christmas…it is such a lovely time of the year isn’t it???
    Love & (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

    Mee-yow Murli yur lookin speshelly beeteefull inn yur fotoss!!!!!
    Are you gettin xcited fur Katmass??? Mee iss lookin forward to Chanukkah an watchin LadyMum litin thee Menorah….an mee has to remind her to set it uppy!!
    Mee has tried to go fur walkiess butt it iss still chilly an even with mee jackit mee not stay out long…..
    ****paw kissesss**** an *nose rubsss* Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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    1. Hi!!! Yes😸🎄 We have the tree! Papa brought it home today at noon!

      Here are the first couple of pictures I took today. I’m going to post it all on the blog tomorrow, but I wanted share the fun with you. It’s not yet decorated though.
      I have most of my pics backed up on google, so I can share pics via link: https://goo.gl/photos/uN7EbPjuAxX89Mtt6

      Papa and I worked to prepare everything and clean everything for Christmas until 9pm. I just didn’t get to decorate it anymore today, as it got late again… That’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Murli has a blast with the tree! 😹

      She was so happy when she saw it standing there when I let her out of the bedroom (had her in there because of the mess and because of the vacuum… She hates the vacuum and panics. So I always get her into another room and close the door before I get the vacuum and turn it on.

      Anyways, she came out, ran over to the tree and checked it out thoroughly, all around and when she was done with it, she let herself sink to the floor and rolled around in front of the tree. She is so happy! She loves running around below the tree and hanging out underneath it 😸

      And Papa and I are happy too! Oh the lovely smell of that fresh tree! This year we have a bigger tree, so it’s not on the table. I’m so happy!!! Looking forward to decorating it🎄😸

      Yes, it really is a lovely time! The best time all year! For me at least.
      Oh I hope you will have snow on your birthday! Is it still snowing?

      We got a bit of frozen fog snow today lol. It’s not like normal snow, but at least it looks a bit white on trees and on rooftops😊 But I think it will be gone until the 24th.

      I’m sitting in bed again, with my iPad and Murli is currently baking a kitty loaf underneath the tree😸🍞🎄

      Hope you are able to sleep well and feel rested. Thinking of you and the adorable littul Purrince ❤️❤️❤️ Looking forward to post more stuff tomorrow and reply to your comments! Have a blessed day and a peaceful night.
      Hugs, Love & ***purrs*** & ***pawhugz*** for both of you!
      Your friend Natascha and furiend Murli🐾

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    2. Mew meeeew!!! Ma lovelie furends Siddhartha Henry & LadyMum!!!
      Mum nd I waz soooo sleepie, we haz not seen Siddhartha Henrys pawsome comment!! So I iz apologisingz to u’ss!
      Meeeew!!! I haz blushie earz againz!!! MOL u r alwayz soooo kind nd nice!!! U r urself such a beeteefull katt!! Wit ur velvet fur nd gorgeouss eyez nd earz!!! Me nd Mum luvz ur earz! They iz soooo cute, cause they iz moar roundish nd iz totallie adorbz!

      Yusss!!! Soooo xcited!!! Liek I cantz waitz! Nd I alredy haz soooo much funsiez! I wishez u nd LadyMum cud check out da tree in our home fur realz, iz smellz sooo gud!! Nd we wud haz lotss of funsiez playin underneathz it 😸 I iz puttin ma mousiez under da tree nao all da tieme! I iz zooomin throgh da livin room liek I iz a kitten. Iz jus soo fun I can tellz u!

      Awww I iz so happie fur u nd LayMum havin a beeteefull Chanukkah soon!!! Iz da 23rd todayz!!! Yay!!! Jus 1 moar sleepz, then we haz Katmass nd Chanukkah!!! We imagninz iz goin to be purrfectly pawsome nd lovelie! Oh thee Menorah iz beeteefull!! nd I can understanz iz makin u happie watchin LadyMum litin it every eveningz!

      Oh I understandz. Iz no fun gettin cold nd wet pawies nd bein cold all over!! Iz cold here 2! We haz iciclez on da windowz dis mornin! Keep warm nd cozy, Siddhartha Henry nd LadyMum!
      We iz goin to post moar todayz, from da tree nd all on da bloggie! We iz wishin u’ss a lovelie day fur nao nd write again laterz❤️
      *paw hugz* *nose kissez* nd *head rubbbzzz*
      Murli nd Natascha❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Mee-you Murli mee can see you inn mee mind runnin about thee tree an playin with yur mousie!! Mee gotted a new Squeek mousie that iss so-o noisy!!! An mee LUVSS Squeek a lot. Lasy nite poor LadyMum had to go back to bed an it was earlee fur us. Shee asked mee to play toys bye meeself like a good boy; so mee keeped **zoomin** back an forth frum room to room with Squeek inn mee mouth an Ladymum laid in bed laffin an giggullin! So even tho’ shee could not play toyss with mee; wee had fun.
        Today it iss Boxin Day an mee played inn mee box with mee mew toyss….
        Mee wanted to stop bye an say Mee-yow to you an now mee can go nappie.
        **paw kissesss** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ xxxxxxxx

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        1. Meeew mew mew!!! I can seez u in my mind too, playin wit ur squeeky mousie😸 I understandz u liekin ur Squeek lotz. Me luvz ma new toyz too!

          Poor LadyMum feelin poorly. Me iz sendin purrs, lotz of purrs nd purrayers fur LadyMum!

          U iz such a gud kittie, playin by urself nd liftin LadyMums spirit wit ur fun! I makez Mum laugh lotz too wit ma zoomin nd running wildly nd jumpin on da invisibul trampolin😹
          O box plain iz pawsome! Me luvz dat too! Nd how purrfect to be playin in da box on boxin day!
          Hopez u haz good nd comfy napz!
          *paw hugzzz* *nose kissez* *head rubbzzz* my lovlie furend! Thank u fur stoppin by! Much luv, Murli🐾

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  2. Hello Natascha: I could hear the excitement just reading your comment. I hope the tree & the holiday was as wonderful as you hoped.
    I am so glad you have your Father & Murli. It is hard w/out my Father being alive. I miss him so much….maybe too much if that is possible?
    My Birthday was nice; so many eCards; & good wishes on FB & some phone calls. My friend Ruth asked me to movie her treat, but they were sold out…..so we went shopping & for Chinese Food. Yes the 5 feet of snow was still here……very festive.
    Christmas Day I was in agony & could barely walk. Spent most of the day in bed. Mary-Ellen brought gifts in & I gave her bag of gifts for all of them at farm. (M-E was P SH’s first owner).
    Today I am still in pain but can sit up longer.
    Spoke to my Niece today.
    Worn out from a few chores; litterbox; dishes & doing emails.
    (((hugs))) & lots of ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Yes it was really lovely! We had wonderful Christmas holidays, Papa Murli and me. Totally enjoyd it and I’m so happy. I’m so very thankful to have both of them. I understand you missing your father so much. I think you can miss him endlessly, because I miss my Mum that much too.

      Happy to hear you had a nice birthday! Too bad the movie was sold out… But the shopping and the snow sounds really nice too!

      That’s really sad you felt so bad on Christmas day my friend. What a time to be in agony… Really sorry and sending prayers and love and hugs, hoping you are better by now.

      Lots of Love from me and Murli too! ((((Hugs)))) & Purrs💕 Natascha and Murli!

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  3. I am glad you have such a wonderful Papa. I would have fallen apart without my Father’s love & care. I was 53 yrs old when he passed away. He was almost 92. I had to let him go…..he had a long life.
    However I DO miss his guidance & support & love.
    And the Skeletal Hyperostosis & arthritis & Fibro do not know the difference between a regular day & a holiday! This has happened before only I was not in the extreme pain as this time. I am still in flare-up. I have to rest each day around 4:30-6 pm. I even sleep when P SH lies on me!!
    Wishing all of you a wonderful 2017!
    Love & (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. Mee-you Murli mee wanted to do sum speshell fotoss’ fur Boxin Day butt LadyMum was still flat out.
    So mee will do a new bloggie this week showin thee fotoss’!! An mee Cellyfane an sparkly papurr that mee luvss to play with!
    An playin with mousiess iss one of thee kewlest fingss!!!! 😉
    ~~head rubsss~~ an **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxxx

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