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December 30, 2016 Cold morning

December 30 2016 7:55am
Murli after her breakfast on this icy morning

Our weather is going through every season of the year within a week again. After having had normal cold winter weather over Christmas, we got storm on Monday and Tuesday, which brought spring temperatures within hours of having had below freezing temperatures. Then it got cold again and we got a little bit of snow on Wednesday morning. Afterwards it got warmer again and it started to rain. Yesterday it was cooling down again.

This night was crystal clear, without clouds or fog to keep the warmth from disappearing into the nightsky. There was frost and ice on the street and any other surfaces outside. Even the sounds from the street where kind of muffled due to the cold. There was also a bit of ice on the outer windows.

December 30 2016 7:58am

It might not be very cold for furends living in Canada, or farther up north in Europe, but it feels quite cold if you had spring like temperatures shortly before lol. And it’s the kind of wet cold, that creeps into everything and makes it feel colder than it is.

Weather data from Graz this morning, with the lowest temperature being -11°C / 12°F

Have a nice morning everyone!