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January 1, 2017 at 9:32am Cold New Years Morning

Good New Years morning from us! It’s been a freezing cold night, with a freezing cold morning with -12.5°C / 10.4°F ❄️ And icy outer windows again❄️ Hope you all made it safe & happy into the new year💗😸
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3 thoughts on “January 1, 2017 at 9:32am Cold New Years Morning

  1. BBBRRRRRR!!!!
    Same temps here! Snowing; blizzarding. blowing snow; frigid…..
    I LOVE Winter,,,,,as long as the heat stays on!! HAH!
    Spent a quiet New Year’s with Siddhartha Henry. There was not a lot on TV so read & then watched the ‘ball drop’ from New York City. Played fetch with P SH & then to bed…..
    And woke up in a continued flare-up…2017 promises a lot of pain it appears. As P SH would say “PHOOEY!!”
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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    1. Ohhh brrrrr Blizzards!! Not funny if caught outside in one though❄️🙀⛄️🌀🌨 But I love winter too! Freezing, friggid icy cold. Means no migraines for me! YAY! Feel purrfectly good since yesterday.

      It’s even colder now than when I wrote this post❄️❄️❄️😸 But Murli, Papa and I have it cuddly warm inside, even if the outer windows are blooming with ice flowers… It’s just the outer windows. It’s the inner windows, that keep out the cold.

      Losing heat would be terrible! We never lost heat or power during the winter, and I don’t even want to imagine, especially now. And I hope your heat stays on and no power outages from blizzards…

      Aww, same here. We spent a quiet New Years as well😸

      So crappy TV programming in Canada too?! Because nothing on TV here either… It really gets worse from year to year. I am starting to think it’s because of pay TV and all that stuff. So they don’t send the interesting stuff on the free channels anymore, not even cable. They probably send the interesting stuff only on pay TV anymore to make more money.

      Haha, I watched the ball drop the next day on youtube😸

      Murli and I played till 3am or so … Then we fell asleep instantly, once we went to bed and it started to be more quiet outside.

      Aww no! So sorry you have a flare up again! You can’t really catch much of a break either huh? Yes, PHOOEY indeed!! Murli aggreez totallee 2.
      Sending prayers, much love and hugs from both of us! Hope you feel better today? (Caturday, Jan 7)💗💗💗💗
      Purrrs & more (((((hugs)))))
      Natascha & Murli🐾

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  2. You know Natascha I think you are right about the TV shows/pay per view situation!
    I am fairly picky about what I watch…in fact I watch East Indian movies (subtitled in English) & I am now watching a Chinese show called “Ice Fantasy”……they speak Mandarin & subtitles are in Chinese….So I go on to the Wikipedia page or YouTube to figure out the nightly storyline! I am even learning how to sing the theme song “Shouldn’t Be”….in Mandarin…..their music is so lyrical. The words in English not so much!
    I watch ALOT of British comedy & drama; far superior to American shows (most are garbage). There are a few good Canadian shows. See I AM picky!

    As for blizzards I have been in them travelling & am not scared of them….
    Also when I moved back to town I came up with a blizzard following me. I slept in a sleeping bag on floor overnight….awoke with NO heat……yes it WAS cold. Called my new Landlady & she brought in plug-in radiant heater. Their ‘new’ furnace did not work!
    I have been in many power outages & have learned to layer & bundle up….
    I do prefer heat tho’…. 😉


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