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January 2, 2017 Migraine days again

Having unfortunately bad migraine days again. It’s the instable weather. It just keeps changing from freezing cold to spring temperatures and back again. I’ve lost count, but I had a migraine pretty much every single day for over a week. It’s been especially bad yesterday Sunday and today. It always takes a while for the meds to work, but I’ll still be tired and kind of groggy after the pain is gone.

Today I already woke up with a seriously bad one. Murli is always such a sweet girl. She knows when I’m unwell and just quietly loafs next to me, near me. Even though I know she would normally want to play and have cuddles, especially at that time in the morning. But she remains totally quiet. Precious furkid! Love her ❤️❤️❤️

I’m just happy I have the triptan. It’s really a blessing. Otherwise a migraine would last 3 days straight.

Hopefully I will have a day without migraine tomorrow. Going to cuddle Murli now. Thanks for the kind wishes on Twitter pals! Luv you all!


3 thoughts on “January 2, 2017 Migraine days again

  1. Oh Natascha I am so sorry the dreaded Migraines have returned!! Having had one before Christmas I can relate to the pain….how you cope with them the way you do is an inspiration to me!!!! I’d be on the floor shrieking in pain….
    Please get well soon!!!
    Sending best wishes Sherri-Ellen & gentull ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. Awww (((((HUGS)))))!!! Pain is just terrible and steals so much life time. Considering I had frequent migraines ever since I was about 6, it stole quite a bit. But it’s really so much better now, that I’m just happy! Compared to before I had medication, I was just such a complete mess. Especially when the other pain issues got a lot worse too.

      It’s much easier to stay calm and try to be still now, because I know that the triptan will get rid of the pain soon (usually after one hour, sometimes two). During a bad migraine, my heartrate goes up just from the stress from pain and the upset feeling from it.
      Before I had the triptans, I had to endure it for 3 days, since every single migraine lasts the maximum amount of 3 days for me. And lying there with a severe migraine, knowing this will be all there is to your life for 3 days, I felt despair sometimes. There was plenty of shrieking and crying back then. There simply was no medication that helped me. The only thing that would sometimes work on a milder migraine was fast acting and high dosed Ibuprofen, or the injections from my doctor. He would give me a combination that worked quite well, but that was only helpful if I had a migraine during the office hours of my doctor.

      After the triptan has worked and the pain is gone, I still have to take it slow for the rest of the day, and I can’t get done much on those days.

      I could probably write endlessly about migraine stuff and the other pain issues I have, but it’s all well taken care of with medication. I feel really thankful and blessed to have all that treatment. My quality of life improved so much. But I feel a lot with everyone else who is in pain, like you are. There are many with other pain issues, that can’t be taken care of that easily with medication. And not every medication works well for everyone.

      I hope you feel better now, and that you can catch a break from it for a while with a good phase. I’m with you in my thoughts, and pray that you feel better💗💗💗
      (((((Hugs))))) and love, & *purrs* *paw hugs* and gentle *head rubs*
      💕Natascha & Murli🐾

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  2. That Triptan sounds like a G-D send Natascha! I had a friend who had severe Migraines & the crying was unbearable. I felt so powerless to do anything to ease her suffering! Thankfully she also found a proper med that has changed her Life.
    I am so glad you have the med & are able to function even with the condition.
    My flare-up has calmed to a certain extent in that the muscles are not inflamed anymore. I went back to using Myoflex ointment that has Aspirin in it….I am allergic to it but not so much in ointment form. So that ointment helped ALOT with the Fibro muscle pain.
    The bone pain is still there so I am still resting a lot & taking things carefully. With 5 feet of snow & all supplies in, I can stay home with Siddhartha Henry & relax & not worry about things.
    So far 2017 has been an all right year (minus the pain,lol)……
    (((hugs))) & ❤ Sherri-Ellen & ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxx


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