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January 13, 2017 at 10:30am Huge snowflakes! (video)

At about 10:30am, it suddenly started to snow heavily! It was amazing, look at those huge snowflakes! Papa and I went outside shortly after this video, because we needed to get some groceries. You couldn’t even see very much when we were walking outside. I think the snowfall got even heavier while we were out there. I loved it though! I took my umbrella with me btw, and about every 3 minutes or less, I had to shake the snow off my umbrella, because it got heavy from the snow😹! Unbelievable. There was so much snow collecting within a very short time and it was really nice and fluffy too. But because the city had strewn nothing but rock salt onto the streets these days, the snow was melting as soon as it hit the ground. But it didn’t melt completely, it all just turned into a nasty kind of 15cm thick layer of slippery slush. It was very slippery. Thankfully neither one of us faceplanted the street.

Usually the city would always just strew some sort of gravel onto the streets. I have no idea why they suddenly used nothing but the salt this winter season.

It was still wonderful though! I completely enjoyed walking in that heavy snowfall and I really hoped it would continue to snow like this for the whole weekend.  Unfortunately it quit snowing by noon. Murli LOVES to watch these huge snowflakes dance in front of the window😸 I really would have wanted more of this. But the forecast says there’s still a chance for more snow for us here.

It seemed like this snowfall was all over Europe! Because suddenly the news feeds on many social media sites were full with videos and pictures of that heavy snowfall lol❄️❄️❄️

9 thoughts on “January 13, 2017 at 10:30am Huge snowflakes! (video)

  1. Wow that was some storm Natascha! Funny how they come out of nowhere isn’t it???
    And I can tell you why countries are using salt again; the salt makers are undercutting prices so everyone is buying salt instead of sand or other environmental safe products. The company who are doing our shovelling in parking lots are fab; they keep things clear but they are using road salt….
    Last years’ snow clearers were always late & did a crummy job but they used a sand mixture hat was eco-friendly….
    We can’t win here, lol.
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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    1. Yes, that was unbelievable! It’s true, the more intense weather usually comes very sudden I found. So strange! And that snow really came out of nowhere lol

      Oh I see! So that’s how it is… Typical. I find it especially strange, because there were many years, where they didn’t use any of that harmful stuff. They used normal gravel and sand, without any salt. City officials even said back then, that they dont want to use the other stuff anymore, because it’s unhealthy and bad for the environment.

      But many year later, the city suddenly started using some other kind of stuff. I have no idea what that stuff even is. It’s black gravel-like stones, but they aren’t real gravel stones. Because it’s brittle and easily breaks apart into smaller pieces when stepped on often. Also, there must have been salt in it somewhere, or at least strew out together with that stuff, because you would notice the salt stains on your shoes later. And now this year, they suddenly use lots of salt. That black gravel stuff is strewn out too, but much more salt.

      Yeah, you can’t win sometimes lol!

      (((Hugs))) Natascha💕❤️

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  2. Hmmm I wonder if it is some kind of Shale? Quartz? Very odd….
    Bottom line: City councils will go for the cheapest option; whether eco-friendly or not!
    I have asked the Housing to use pet friendly products as we have a lot of dogs in both buildings & of course Purrince Siddhartha Henry. they of course, would not spend any extra money for any of the buildings in the County.
    The reality of money!! 😉

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    1. Yeah, maybe! I’ll take a close up pic next time I see that stuff. It’s really strange.

      And you are totally right, they’ll def. always go for the cheapest option. Sigh, I really dont like how our world is so much controlled by money.

      I have seen some people have their dogs wear little shoes on their paws. They are special pet shoes. I’ve seen them in pet supply stores too. But I’m sure it’s impossible to put something like that on cat pawsies. Can’t imagine they would cooperate with wearing shoes lol. Let alone even putting them on their paws in the first place.
      My neighbor washes her dogs paws everytime they come home from outside and after the cleaning, she puts vaseline on his paws. All things that are not really easy or possible at all with cats.

      Sigh… stupid money! 😏

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  3. Natascha it is always about money it seems. You should see the crap (sorry) job that was done when the new siding was put on building. The workmen slapped on some sticky vapor paper & tried to pass it off as ‘insulation’. If we had a really cold Winter we’d all freeze here! Plus the new thermostats have a control on them & only go to 18 Celsius. I have to have mine set at 20-23 C depending on which way the wind blows & temp. My friend came over & fixed the thermostat as he used to install them. Most people do not know why they do not have enough heat here….
    I was thinking of using Vaseline on Siddhartha Henry’s paws but he would try to lick it off & make himself sick. There is supposed to be a pet cream here that is safe for them to lick…I forgot to check when I was in pet supply store…..again….*sighs*
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. You are so right! It really always seems to be about money… Oh no, that really doesn’t sound good! I hope it doesnt get much colder for you then! And the 18°C are really low for the mid of winter. Our room temperature is at 21°C with the radiators running at max 24°C during these cold days. But we have radiators, all working on electricity. SO we dont have a heating and air conditioning system in our homes here. People who build their own houses are just now starting to have systems like that put in. But the apartment buildings dont have any of that. The reason for that was that the summers aren’t that long and hot for AC to be needed. But things have changed a bit, and the summers are much hotter now. Most people get heat from the city. It’s a system that supplies hot water to heat homes. Theres units, which look like radiators a bit, just that they have hot water running through them. And its very cheap too. And you can heat as much as you want, without paying more. They use heat that is produced by other things like factories, power plants and most importantly the sun. It’s better for the environment and it makes for a really cuddly warmth. Unfortunately, not every house is connected in our street. No idea why. But I’m sure it has to do with money also. As the people who own the houses, would have to spend some money to have the houses fitted with the system. And its just a part they pay, as the city pays the rest or something like that.

      Oh yes, with cats it’s not a good thing with the vaseline. Especially not cats like ours, with sensitive bowels. Yes, I’ve seen something like that for paws in the pet supply store last time as well. Sighs… ((((hugs)))) & paw hugs from Murli🐾 Natascha❤

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  4. I dropped the Vaseline idea. The paw protector in store is natural beeswax & a few other things….I am not sure it would not upset Siddhartha Henry’s tummy anyway. As he does not walk out on sidewalks much he is not stepping on salt/de-icer so that is a good thing.
    Our heat here is baseboard rads with hot water heat. Unfortunately Housing took the taps off the rads so if one gets air in the line one has to put in repair form & have Custodian in to bleed the rads….That is mildly annoying; having a ‘governor’ on one’s thermostat is outright mean. Thankfully I had my friend re-adjust mine. I like & need it at 68-70 F thru’ the Winter. As there is no basement I am on the ground & it can be cold even on a so-called ‘mild’ day!
    And maybe people there do not like change??

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    1. I see! Yeah I would have the same worry about Murlis tummy, as hers is overly sensitive and who knows, her allergy could be triggered as well. I dont think it’s much of a problem for the littul Purrince either, with his short walkies and the way he doesnt walk on the side walks and street much. I think it’s much more of a problem for dogs, who are out way more and walk on the sidewalks and streets.

      Oh I see. Yeah, I’m familiar with the need to bleed the air out of the hot water heaters and rods. You had to do that with the heating system here too, as well as with the buildings that have central heat, which circulates the hot wather throughout the building.

      That would be illegal here, for anyone to remove the taps off of them, as well as tamper with the heating system so people can’t adjust the heat to their needs. They would totally get in trouble for something like this here.

      Strangely, I’ve herad a similar thing from my Aunt in Winnipeg. In her old apartment, she wasn’t able to adjust her heat past a certain point either and it was way too cold for her usually. The same thing in summer, where she wasnt able to turn up the AC past a certain point, and so is wasn’t really cool enough often during hot days. She said that housing also made it like this on purpose.

      Sounds about what is needed here as well. We also need it to be at least at 68-70F here. And being directly on the ground sure makes it even cooler in winter if its not insulated really good.

      Sigh… I hope it’s better now after your friend helped to readjust the thermostat. Really, mean is an understatement almost for doing something like that. Houseowners and the like, and their stupid only thinking about money and stuff. Sigh…

      Oh the people would all love that change in their buildings for sure. As it’s just such a cheap and awesome thing to have with that heating system.

      Cable TV and high speed internet via optical fiber connection and the citywide heating system, are by now pretty much everywhere in and around the city. Most of Austria has systems like thi. There are for some reason just some smaller spots remaining, or rather apartment buildings remaining, whose owners don’t bother to have it done. Likely as it’s a bit more complicated with old buildings like ours.

      It’s just about the owners not wanting to spend money lol. Like usually…

      ((((HUGS)))) & please reply when you feel much more healthy again. Dont worry about it💗💗💗

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  5. Canada & the UK have terrible Housing practices. I think even the USA is better than us.
    Now that my heat is re-adjusted we are snug as bugs in a rug, as it should be! I am sorry your Aunt also has gone thru this. Housing here makes a big thing about ‘caring’ for the tenants; but that is a load of rubbish!!! The dollar is the bottom line….
    However if I did not have this apartment I would have been homeless…..no one wanted to take me in after I was assaulted in 2006. I don’t blame friends for thinking that. Police & Mental Health people involved; it was all so dramatic & crazy. So Housing was my only option…
    So it has been 10 years I have been in this apartment……

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