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Sunday, January 15, 2017 Start of the Bird watching season? (video)

“Birdz watchin season haz started fur me! Da birdz iz gettin active despite da freezin coldz!😸”

Despite the freezing cold, the birds seem to be getting more active these days. I hear the sparrows chirp a lot suddenly. Is this too early? Can’t really remember them being active in mid January, but maybe I just didn’t notice it in previous years. This morning, when I opened the windows to get some fresh air into the home, a bird flew by real close to the window, so Murli was on it with one big jump. Even though she avoids the open window completely usually, when it’s that cold. But she made an exception in case of birds.

The birds you can hear in the video, are the sparrows. There is a sparrows home, below the roof of the house right across from us. They’ve been there the previous two years as well. I don’t know if it’s the same pair since then, but it could be.

9 thoughts on “Sunday, January 15, 2017 Start of the Bird watching season? (video)

  1. Mee-you Murli you have Sparrowss??? PAWSUM!!!
    Wish wee had sum birdss here…..wee not aloud to feed them so they leeved. Mee sure missess them!
    An mee Chipmunkss Cheekss an Charlie are hyeburrnatin. An so are thee black squirrelss….
    PHOOEY this iss thee part of Winter mee not like so much!
    Do you have screens inn yur windowss? Wee have screens here so mee not jump out thee windowss…..mew mew mew..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an **paw kissesss** an ❤ LUV <3, Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. Mew mew mew!!! Hehe ya we totallee haz Sparrowz! Nd Blackbirdz nd all kindz of different birdz! Many r stayin ova da winter, some haz left fur da south nd dey comez back in springz. Me iz goin to showz u all da differentz birdz we haz. Mum haz bookz nd pawsum sitez. So wez sendz u sumthin 2morrowz.

      Me luvz watchin nd listenin 2 da birdz! Aww dere iz much less goin on in winter here az well. Da birdz enterteinmentz iz not very active. Ya Mum putted screenz on all da windowz. But we don’t haz dem on durin da winterz. Dey can be put up nd down eazy. Dey iz pawsum cause dey iz strongz. So I cantz fall out, even if I furgetz wat I iz doin wen I seez a bird nd jumpz on da screenz!🐦🐤🐧🐞🐝

      Iz gud u haz screenz 2! Hehe😸 Iz great we iz safe!❤️

      *paw hugz* *nose kissezzz* nd *head rubzzz* I iz goin to cuddlez up to Mum. We iz both sleepee nao. Wishin u nd LadyMum a gud nite nd sweet dreamz❤️❤️❤️ Ur furend Murli🐾

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  2. Whew mee iss glad there are screens there!!! When wee gotted thee new bedroom windows thee screenin was so thin LadyMum said if shee sneezed it wood brake! So shee tooked thee 2 screens to a screen place an they put inn heavy duty screenin. So when mee furgetss mee manners an tries to claw thee screen it iss strong enuff to not brake!!!
    An wee used to have LOTSS of birds here; butt with no treess there are no birdss 😦
    LadyMu iss tryin to figure a way to sneek bird seedss out so sum birds come back……
    **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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    1. hehe I iz glad 2! Mum iz espeshully glad az well! Ya, we haz sum screenz liek dis 2. I canz even hangz on it wit ma hole bodie, but iz fine. Iz metall nd strong. So datz reely gud we both can furget wut we doin on da windowz, but we iz still safe. Yay!!

      O ya dat makez sense. We haz lotz of teez around, despite livin in da city. But dere iz lotz of birdz livin in da treez nd bushez along da river nd also lotz of birdz makez dey nest on da housez. Iz happenz dat sum birdz even sitz on da window sill, but den I iz jumpin uppy nd da birdz iz flyin off. Even tho da screenz iz in between. Dere iz still sum space in front of da screen were birdz can sits.

      Ya dat wut be nice! Maybe iz workin wen LadyMum doez dis nd sum birdz comez back!

      ❤*nose kissezz* nd *head rubzzz* nd purrrs, ur furend Murli🐾❤

      Ps: Mum iz gonna sendz a list wit da birdz we seez around here in da next email reply to LadyMum nd u😺

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  3. Wee wood luv to reed thee list of birdss you have there! A pigeon named ‘White Wing’ came to check fur seedss today….me was inn mee small Condo an told him wee not aloud to feed him. Hee went away sad! Wee feel turribull not feedin thee birdss; but there iss sum stew-pid law not to feed wild birdss or animalss or even hungree stray katss!! LadyMum sayss all wee need iss barby wire an guardss an wee inn Concentrayshun Camp! (Her Pappaw was a Holocaust Survivor hence her reference to thee campss!)
    Iss good you have strong screenss there to purrtect you frum fallin…..an not hertin birdss by accident rite Murli???
    Mee wood want to ‘play’ with thee birdss an get carried away an maybe hert them….that wood bee bad!
    An wee gotta bee good kittiess rite??? 😉
    Nite nite, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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    1. Mum nd I haz sent da birdie list via email!😺 Awww wut a stewpid law iz dat!? Datz horribull! Poor White Wing! Stewpid politishianz constantlee makin stewpid lawz! Me nd Mum get sooo upset about thingz lik dat. Sighzzzz….

      Me totallee understandz, LadyMum toldz Mum aboutz her Pappaw survivin da holocaust.

      Reely fritening wen dey makez lawz dat takez da freedomz away. Mum sez iz lik dey wantz to put down everythin bout our lifez in lawz. Iz so stewpid. Da EU alwayz wantz to put new stewpid lawz dat no one in Europe wantz anywayz. Mum tellz me how Europe waz such a safe nd lovlie free place befur da EU. Austria iz a vewy free countree. Austria iz still moar safe than da other European countriez regardin da attackz happenin, but iz gettin unsafer moar nd moar. Mum reely fearz wat da future bringz.

      Ya, we neez to be good kittiez! We cantz help our instinktz totallee, so iz good wen we haz strong screenz, so we cantz fall out or hurtz a birdie wen wez furgetz everythin while being playfull.
      U iz totallee rite!

      *purrs* nd *nose kissez*, nd much luv, ur furend Murli💕

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  4. There are so many bye-lawss here that LadyMum just gave uppy readin them all…..5 pagess on thee Pee Cee….
    An this not feedin birdss an wild creaturess iss so wrong.
    Thee Feral kat group that ladyMum belongds to had to go to City Hall an get speshell purrmisshun to feed an live trap thee katss….
    An LadyMum told mee shee thott Austria was a lot like Switzerland; free an not so many lawss an safe….
    Murli wee are blessed to have thee Mumma’ss wee have who care about our safetee an thee birdss all so….
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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    1. Humanz! Well, da humanz wit da moniez, nd da governmentz humanz… Dey iz totallee overdoin it wit da lawz. Liek totallee useless laws dey iz puttin downz. Da EU putted da most useless lawz down, as well as some very gud ones, dat protectz da environmentz nd da animalz nd da peoplez rightz nd freedomz. But dat r differenz politishans I thinkz dat do doze.

      But dar iz da ones wit da monies, dey come nd lobbie da politishans dat do da trade nd stuff lawz, nd dat do all da stewpid glowball-eezation stuffz. Dey be makin da most steeeewpid lawz. Liek u wud not believe how steeewpid. Liek da degree dat a banana iz allowed to be bent in. Wut Da Floof?! Peoplez all ova Europe thot dey waz in a europe wide hidden camera speshell. Dey doez stuffz liek dat. No one needz it. Thankfullee of course can da Bananas be all kindz of formz nd be sold, but I thinkz itz haz do do wit da price or sumthin probablee. But wit ALL da bad stuffz goin on in da world, dat iz wat dey worry about? Reely?

      Oh ya, Austria iz nd waz a lot liek Switzerland. Veree similar. Culturallee it still iz nd also in manee other thingz. But du to da EU puttin down lawz nd da open borderz, iz changedz.

      It wasnt so bad, but in da last 2 yearz da safetee changed espeshelly.

      Mum sez her can tellz LadyMum a lotz about Europe nd Austria, about all kindz of thingz. Da buteefull thingz az well az about da bad changez. Wen LadyMum is healthy againz, her can ask anythin her wantz to knowz. But u both can alwayz talkz to us bout anythin u liekz, or if u jus needz sumone to talkz😸 Emailz us anytimez after LadyMum feelz better.

      Ya we iz reely blessed! Iz also alwayz a relief to knowz of other kitiez dat have gud Mums nd homez liek we haz nd dat dey r safe. Mum wud do anything to protect me, as wud her Papaw, ma Grandpapaw.

      Thankfullee, herez we can feed all da animalz. Nd we haz lovlie peoplez who buildz littul insulated housez, dat dey putted were all da streys usually roam. Dey iz also catchin dems nd bringin dems to get their vaccinations nd da spayz nd neuterz. Nd dey iz lookin fur homez fur az manee az possibull. Nd our Vet office even doez da surgereez fur free nd da shotz too nd all. Nd dey helpz lookin fur homez fur Kattz. We haz lotz of pawsum organisashonz dat carez about animalz of all kindzj nd we haz gud lawz dat protectz dems.

      May da father nd Buudha Kat bless all of dems, az well az u Siddhartha Henry, nd LadyMum 💕

      PS: No needz fur replyin rite away. U haz purramedic shift 24/7 nd LadyMum neez u, nd her iz too sick fur da PeeCee nd writin. Iz totallee fine. Pawhugz nd purrs fur both of u! Nd lotz of Luv! *nose kissez* Murli & Natascha💕

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  5. Mee-you Murli you should bee Purresident! Yur so clevurr an know so much…
    LadyMum an mee saw a peece on thee newss about thee USA Purresident closing thee borderss to 7 Muslim countreess. Wee not sure what to fink about this. Sure wee not want terryristss runnin about….butt what about nice peeple who just want a nice place to live…..thee werld iss crazey an mee iss glad mee iss safe with LadyMum!!!
    LadyMum’ss Flu iss leevin. Butt thee low back pain iss back with a vengeance! ***sighsss***
    Mee iss still ‘on duty!”
    ***nose kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤

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