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January 16, 2017 Murlis reaction to the missing Christmas tree (video)

Even though I wanted to keep the Christmas tree until the end of the month, but the tree began to really deteriorate even more within the last few days… It got soooo dry, and the branches were sag lower and lower, so low that Murli was only able to crawl around with her belly touching the floor, below the tree, instead of zooming around it, like it was possible before. I also had to constantly pick pine needles out of her fur lol. I found pine needles nested and stuck within her fur all the time, when we were cuddling. Even though it was getting quite dry for some time now, we kept it for as long as it was possible. But it had to go now. Sadly…

I worried Murli would be sad, because she absolutely loved the tree. It was her first big tree, at least quite bigger than the table top trees she knew until this Christmas. My parents always had huge trees, like up to the ceiling… So it wasn’t my first big tree.

In the hope to make it less sad for her, I cut off the branches, her branches, where she would always rub her little head into while the tree was here. I put her branches next to the spot where the tree was. Also, I put together what was available, to make a new place for her where she could hide, play around and hang out. Kind of as replacement, so there wouldn’t just be an empty spot instead of the tree. She loves when I put boxes like that, with the opening facing away and to a wall or similar. I also put toys in and around there, including some valerian root toys and some cat nip stuff.

Anyway, Murli was napping in another room, and she had not seen yet that the tree was gone. So I filmed when she came out and saw all of that for the first time and that her tree was gone!

Thankfully, she wasn’t sad, but instead pretty much excited! She played for the rest of the day there, and I’m sure we will have another play session right now, after I’m done posting this.

Have a lovely Monday afternoon and evening everypawdy!

2 thoughts on “January 16, 2017 Murlis reaction to the missing Christmas tree (video)

  1. You are VERY clever Natascha!!!! Distraction is always useful when dealing with cats. Oh & substitution also….
    Loved the video of Murli exploring ‘HER’ NEW set-up, hahaha….
    I try to change a few things here with Siddhartha Henry but he does NOT approve so things remain the same….
    Your tree was lovely…so many here have plastic trees 😦
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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    1. Haha thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ I just try to see things from her perspective and because I know her so well, so I know what she likes of course. It’s really helpful to distract and substitute. And I also found the use of smells to be really helpful. Like when we moved, I placed all her used blankets, and all her stuff all over the apartment here. Everything was completely set up for her, even the litter box had her smell on it. Only then did I let Murli out to explore our new place.

      There are so many helpful things you can do lol!

      Murli LOVES a bit of change every now and then. Just changing up a few things and she’s all exited and playful.

      That’s the way they are, completely unique in their lovely personalities. Some like change, some can’t stand it😹

      Oh I loved the tree too. I wish that time of the year wouldn’t be over so quickly everytime. I just love that season.

      Haha, many over there put their tree up a lot sooner than we do it in most of Europe. At least in the US, when they put their tree up right after Thanksgiving. I have no idea how they do that with a real tree. That tree must be getting so dry in that time from thanksgiving to after Christmas lol. So maybe that’s why a lot of people use plastic trees over there? And maybe it just carried over to generally preferring a plastic tree for people. Here it’s very rare for plastic trees to be used in homes. I would totally miss the lovely smell of the tree🎄

      When do people in Canady usually put up their Christmas trees?

      Going to shut the computer down now, but I’ll try to get to some more of your comments later on my iPad. Now it’s time for playing with Murli 😻❤️❤️❤️ ((((Hugs)))) and lots of love for both of you! Natascha & Murli *purrs* & *nose kissezz*❤️❤️❤️


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