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January 22, 2017 Sunday

January 22 2017 7:56am 04

January 22 2017 7:56am 03

January 22 2017 7:56am 02

January 22 2017 7:56am 01

Another chilly morning, after a clear and cold night. It was shortly before 8am when I took these Ice Flower photos from the kitchen window. It was -13°C / 8.6°F at that time. Murli always sleeps under my blanket all night when it’s that cold lol. The heat is on at all times, but I understand she likes it snuggly warm during her sleep.

From the webcam on castlehill, the view over the city shortly before and during sunrise was really beautiful again.

January 22 2017 7:30am 02

January 22 2017 7:30am 01

The first picture is the view to the East at 7:30am. If East would be the 15 minute point on a clock, the sun comes up at the 20 minute point. The second picture is the view to the West.

January 22 2017 8:30am 02

January 22 2017 8:30am 01

These two pictures were from 8:30am.

Murli and I are both feeling really well! The migraine free phase is still going due to the continuous cold weather. According to the forecsat, the temperatures might go down to -18°C / -0.5°F over night❄❄❄ Depends if it stays clear, or if there will be fog towards the morning. With fog it doesn’t cool out that much.

Murli has continued having her boxpawties all week lol. This one is from yesterday, Caturday. We now have another version, which is the sidebox… She loves running through the “tunnel” that’s created in that way, and she’s had a nap in there this morning as well.

January 21 2017 10pm 01

January 21 2017 10pm 02

So I’ll leave you with that short update, and hope everyone is doing well. Purrs & Pawhugs furends!🐾 Have a lovely Sunday!

5 thoughts on “January 22, 2017 Sunday

  1. What lovely frost flowers! I miss them here as we have double doors. Mind you it has not been very frigid here. Today it is around 37 F again. No snow or rain & NO Sun…BLAH!!!!!
    I took Siddhartha Henry out earlier & now he wants to go back out….driving me crazy, lol…..
    And Murli looks so happy having her ongoing ‘box pawty’. Cats are so clever aren’t they???
    Wishing both of you a wonderful week.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. Oh yes I love them! We have double windows, and the outer windows are getting the ice flowers, because they’re older and are kind of protected. So the inner ones are the ones that actually keep out the cold and stuff.

      The more modern windows never get any ice flowers either. We never had ice flowers in Murli and my previous apartment.

      You are so right! Cats are so very clever! Lots of Intelligence in their little cute fluffy heads❤❤❤
      Lots of love & hugs & paw hugs for you both, from me and Murli🐾

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  2. I also think we have not had cold enough temps to produce ‘ice flowers’ here….
    At least we have had a bit more snow to whiten things up & make it look pretty. Dirty snow is not very eye catching, lol….
    And Siddhartha Henry never ceases to amaze me with his level of understanding & intelligence!! 😉

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