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February 5, 2017 at 3:51pm Instagramz Video

Instagramz Video of me on da window, cleanin ma fur!

Yay! It’s not chilly!😺(10°C / 50°F) Another cloudy but warm afternoon (for February)☁️Happy Sunday sweet furends!😽❤️❤️❤️ #ilovemyfurbaby #panfur #blackcats #blackcat #blackcatsofinstagram #cat #cats #furkid #ilovemycat #window #home #weather #winter #temperatures #cloudy #weekend

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10 thoughts on “February 5, 2017 at 3:51pm Instagramz Video

    1. 💗💗💗Meeeew mew mew!! Thankz u Siddhartha Henry, ma lovlie furend!😺 *blushie earz*
      O iz still snowin? U reely gotz a lotz of snowz ova there! Iz wont be longz anymoar nd then spring comez. U knowz how fast da timez flyz!
      *paw patsss* nd *head rubzzz* Murli🐾

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  1. Mee-you Murli it rained yesturday an then freezin rain! Now it iss -6 Celsee us an chilley an gloomy…..
    Wee supposed to bee inn path of a snow storm butt onlee a few flakess so far!
    Spring: MMMMM!!!
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. Aww! Da weather waz similar herez around da timez of ur comment. Nd iz been foggy nd dreary fur da most part until dis Mondayz. Yesturday nd today da sun camez out. Espeshelly today, iz waz reely liek spring! Sunny all day nd 10° Celseez in da afternoonz! But -5° in da nite nd mornin.
      Hopez da weather iz better by nao, so u can go fur walkiez!💗
      *nose kissez* Murli🐾

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  2. Mee-you Murli wee ADOOR yur new golden header foto! Yur gorgeous!
    Our weather iss anyfing BUTT gorgeous! Clouyd; snowy; windy; chilly…PHOOEY!
    LadyMum tried to shovel snow an shee herted her back again. Shee gotted our path dun butt not Aunty’ss path….
    An wee have seen on Tee Vee that bye Katurdy it will bee +7 Celseeus??? WEERD…..
    An a walkie?? Now THAT ISS good newss, mew mew mew….
    ~~head rubsss~~ an **paw kissesss** Siddhartha Henry~~ xxxxxx

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    1. Mew mew mew Siddhartha Henry! Wez happy to hearz u luvz da header pic! Mum likezd it cause the sunray iz shinin so nicely over mee! Nd then wez had a cutesy Valentinez filter in one of Mumz apps on a fone. And it fitz purrfectlee together! Mum luvz pink btw😸 Iz her fav color. Nd we both liekz colorful thingz.
      Also… U r gorgeous urselfz my lovlie furend! Mum nd I r alwayz so happie to seez ur picz, cause u iz sooo adorbz! 😻 We luvz ur cutesie earz!

      O noez! Dat weather reely doesnt sound comfy! PHOOEY!! Nd LadyMum herted her back? Meeew!!! Soundz liek wat happenz to Mumz too wen her haz to do sumthin datz strainin to da back. Sighz. Wez purrayin nd sendin all da luv we haz to u both! So purrlease LadyMum feel better soon! Nd u too ma furend Siddhartha Henry! I herd u waz feelin poorly az well😿

      When iz it usully gettin moar spring like in ur region?
      Here, iz startin to be more nd more liek spring by mid Febpurrary. Nd March iz pretty much liek spring then. Der mightz be sum dayz dat r cooler, but no winter weather anymoar.

      Da whole wintery feelin iz gone by nao here. Iz da whole air dat smellz nd feelz liek spring, even tho da spring flowerz r not out yet. Iz might be a littul chilly in da mornin, but not much. Durin da day wez havin around 10°Celseez nao. Nd da birdiez r totallee active too. Dey started bein active since da start of dis month. Nao I canz watch dems happilee flyin nd chirpin again!
      Todayz we mite get 15°Celseez. I wish I wud kno how to better describez howz it feelz here.

      & datz why I iz startin to shed ma winter fur in Febpurrary😸

      Purrs, *head rubz* & *nose kissez* nd purrayerz to LadyMum nd u❤

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  3. Mee-you Murli iss now Sunday nite an mee just gotted here to mee-yow with you. This past weekend wee had +10 Cellseeuss tempss an sum meltin goin on. Iss supposed to bee around 5 Cellseeuss all week here butt beelow freezing afurry nite. Wee mite have a Spring thaw butt our Winter’ss can last until MAY!!!! BBRRRR!!!!
    Thee Crowss are back an a few Sparrowss. Wee not see any squirrelss or chipmunkss ye; too early fur them.
    Mee iss about ready fur Spring as this was a ruff Winter fur LadyMum an fur mee. **sighsss**
    Sendin ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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    1. Mew mew meeeew Siddhartha Henry!!!😺 So u waz havin similar tempz az we did dis Sunday. We waz havin 10°Celseez too. Nd today we also waz havin 10°Celseez. But iz been mostlee cloudy, which made Mum happy. Da Sunshine iz alwayz hurtin her eyez nd triggerz migrainez if her iznt careful nd shades herz eyez. But mee, mee luvz da sun! LUVZ IT!!!❤❤❤
      Hehe, our black kitty fur getz all hot, but mee thinkz dats pawsome!

      I hopez u will getz moar comfy tempz soon, so u dont haz a chilly!

      Oh so ur spring startz a bit latur than here. In May, we iz almost havin summer tempz! Iz usully around da 25°Celseez in May. Often a bit more. Onlee if we getz a cold front in May, will it be cooler than dat. In June we getz da 30°Celseez nd above.

      Today dey sezed, dat sum Bearz nd other animalz r wakin uppy frum hibernation. But most Bearz r still sleepin.

      Aww yes, dis waz reely ruff monthz fur LadyMum nd u! I iz purraying dat dis year will be startin to get better soon fur LadyMum nd u. U waz havin lotss of Purramedic duty!

      *paw hugz* & *nose kissez* & lotss of Luv & Purrs fur LadyMum & u ma furend💕😽

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  4. Mee-you Murli yur tempss sure are warm early! Iss onlee 5 Cellseeus today an cloudy an drizzly! Mee not even want to go out! Mee stay innside warm inn bed with LadyMum 😉
    Mee not like thee Sun rite on mee at all. So LadyMum will buy mee a speshell umbreely to clip on mee Condo so mee can enjoy thee sunny dyass when they reetern.
    As fur beein ‘on duty’; it iss now a full time job! Poor LadyMum iss NOT improvin frum thee bone trubbull. It iss gettin werser an there iss nothin wee can do! Shee told mee shee iss scared if shee endss up inn wheelchair shee will have to go to a Home an mee has to go back to the farm! Mee iss furry worried about that…..mee cott LadyMum cryin again a few nitess ago so mee cuddled her an purred til shee stopped. Mee put mee paw on her arm an mee-yowed wee are inn this together! Fur ever! ❤ ❤

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    1. Meew mew mew! Iz gotten even moar warm todayz ma furend! It waz 14°Celseez in da afternoon! It waz changin betweenz cloudy nd sunny nd a bit rainy todayz😸 But mee waz able to take a nap in da sun fur a while.
      Mum makez me shade nd often getz me off da windowz, when iz gettin to be too long. Or her shadez all of da window. Her takez care I iznt gettin sunburned or gettin a heat stroke or sumthin. Me luvz da heat on ma fur lol. Onlee durin da hot summer monthz, I avoid da sun towardz noon and da afternoon. Iz too much fur me then az well. But we haz purrfect shade in da afternoon on one window, nd I iz able to hang out dere, gettin fresh air nd feel da breeze, wit da protective screen on dere. Herez how da screen lookz dat we haz on all da windowz:
      Linky1 nd Linky2 Iz within a frame, liek a window frame, dat canz be taken down nd put up again easily. Nd it sitz in da window frame jus liek a window.

      Datz such a purrfect idea wit da speshell umbreely!😺

      Aww Mumz nd I iz so sorry LadyMum iz hertin so much nd iz not gettin betterz. Wish dar waz medz dat wud helpz😿 Iz sadz dat pain medz dont helpz fur da bone painz.
      I can onlee imagine how scaredz nd sadz LadyMum haz to feelz at dat thought, nd u too furend!
      Datz breakin ma littul heart too jus thinkin about dis!😿 U both needz to stay togetherz! In da worst case, dere haz to sumthin dat can be figured out. But iz no good worryin bout thingz dat iznt da case. Mum alwayz sez, her triez to worry bout stuff wen iz certain dat sumthin happenz.
      U nd LadyMum r so sweet nd kind. Mumz nd I luvz u! Nd wez herez anytime LadyMum wantz to talk bout thingz dat worrie herz.
      U both r in dis together, datz rite! Nd Mum nd I iz gonna be ur furends tru everythin az well❤❤❤
      ❤Hugz nd much luv from Mum!❤ Nd mee sendz lotz of purrs, nd nose kissez nd head rubz nd paw hugz fur u both😽❤❤❤


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