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February 26, 2017 Friendly Fill-Ins Week 42

Hey furends! I really like the friendly fill ins, but I never did a post myself until now, because I’m still a newbie to all of this and I was not sure if I would do it right, with the linking and everything. But I’ll try anyway now 😸

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 42:
1 I wish _____________________________ would come back in style.
2 I always have _____________________ in my purse (or wallet for men).
3 I think that I ________ .
4 ___________is a pet peeve of mine.

My answers:
1 I wish the long dresses of the 70s and umbrellas to shade yourself from the sun would come back in style.
2 I always have a little mirror and my medications in my purse.
3 I think that I would be perfectly happy if it would be fall and winter all year here (because summers in Graz are extremely humid. But I love summers with dry heat climate and the Mediterranean climate).
4 People cutting in line is a pet peeve of mine.


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I really love those summer dresses women used to wear in the 70s. I was born in 1980, so I only know them from pictures and movies. But I would love to wear these in the summer. The way these dresses were cut is something that you can’t really find today, or at least very rarely.

I do like every season really, but in Graz, the best seasons are fall and winter, because the summers can be very uncomfortable due to the high humidity and the frequent Foehn wind that always triggers severe migraines.

I do actually use umbrellas/parasols or big white hats and shawls with thin fabric, to shield myself from the sun in spring and summer, due to a number of health reasons (two skin conditions and the heat from the sun on my head triggers a migraine within minutes). But people look kind of strange at you when you run around with a sun umbrella lol!

Feel free to ask me anything if you want to know more. Going to close now, because Murli is meowing in the background, wanting me to come 😸

10 thoughts on “February 26, 2017 Friendly Fill-Ins Week 42

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I would love Fall and Winter all year too, those are my favorites. I wear a big hat in the sun so my color won’t fade 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you! I love things like this😺 Yay! Another one who like the cold season. I plan on buying a big hat for this summer. I already have a hat, but I want a bigger one, for more shade and in white💕

      I just wish the wordpress editor would not screw with the formatting of the numbers lol. It always wants to convert it into a numbered list format. I keep changing it, but as soon as it’s published it looks like this again. I’m going to figure it out somehow 😹


  2. Bein a teenager in the 70’s I wore those fancy dresses. I miss them also.
    You did great on the Fill-ins Natascha.
    Gotta keep this short; I am very exhausted. Just wanted to check in with you & Murli.
    I wish the weather would just stabilize so I was not always sick! Tonite it is pouring rain….UGH!!
    (((hugs))) & ❤ LUV ❤ Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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    1. Aww those dresses really looked so lovely! My Mum also wore them in the 70s. If only my sewing machine wouldnt have broke, I swear I would learn how to do those and make lovely 70s dress lol. I did little things with the sewing machine, like fixing clothes, and little easy things, as well as little cat nip or valerian root pillows for Murli 💕

      I hope you are feeling better soon with the antibiotics kicking in. Wish the weather will stabilize in your region soon. I feel with you about that, because the weather in my region is not stable either.
      We had pouring rain too two days ago. It was raining heavily and the wind was blowing. The wind was blowing the heavy rain onto the window all night.

      (((((HUGS))))) & ❤LUV❤ Thinking about you both and keeping you in prayers.
      Purrs & nose kisses from Murli🐾

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      1. Our weather is EXACTLY the same here!! Then last night it snowed & it is -12 Celsius today. Sheila cancelled taking me shopping until tomorrow. I am running out of food & cat food so I hope we can go tomorrow.
        Mary-Ellen says she will take me around for small errands Saturday. The Antibiotic is working & a lot of the congestion is breaking up. However I am still coughing violently & my right Bronchial tube is wheezy & sore.
        Anyway, I will rest for another day.
        (((hugs))) & love ❤
        Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry

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  3. Oh, my…we have some things in common…but, I wore those dresses in the 1970s! I keep those items in my purse, too. I have health issues. I love Autumn and Winter. I dislike bad manners!
    Sorry that I am late, I could get an excuse/note from my vet, if needed. HUGS!

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    1. Oh wow, another sweet furend who loves autumn and winter! And those 70s dresses are just wonderful. Hope they do come back in style for real!
      Aww no worries! I’m often late too with my replys. Mostly due to health issues. I have a number of chronic health issues.

      Hope you are doing well!
      I’m glad to see you have posted on your blog. Going to stop by.

      I’m so worried about friends in the US due to the storms going on. I was shocked when I saw the morning news here and they showed devastated areas.
      HUGS!!!💕 Purrs & nose kisses from Murli😽

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