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March 7, 2017 Murli stressed out by noisy road work

Hello my dear furends! I haven’t really slept this night either, even though I feel better today. At least compared to how sick I felt over the weekend.

Anyway, this morning we suddenly had a construction site right in front and around one corner of our apartment building. They are apparently starting to renew the pavement. So they use a jack-hammer to get the old stuff out. OMG, it’s so loud! The whole house was vibrating and the noise was resonating through everything.

Here is what it sounds like with the window closed:

Here is what it sounds like directly in the street. Even though I filmed this in the later afternoon and at that point they were already around the corner, which made it slightly less loud. It was worse before. It was already 3:30pm when they went around the corner. The jack-hammer was being used non stop from 8am until 5pm, except for one hour during their lunch break at noon.

Poor Murli was so afraid, she didn’t even knew what to do anymore. She ran through the whole apartment with a bushy tail, again and again, seemingly not feeling comfortable to stay anywhere. Even though she has numerous hiding spots, they weren’t enough for her this morning. I think it’s the intense vibrations that make it worse. Cats have much more sensitive nerves in their paws than we do. It’s so they can feel the smallest little movement, like a mouse walking. Their hearing of course is also much more sensitive. They especially dislike noises in the deeper spectrum. I’m sure that she heard a lot more that we couldn’t hear. I’m sure she isn’t just feeling these vibrations much more intensely, but I can imagine that’s accompanied by an additional noise as well. She never heard a jack-hammer so close by.

Even though  I was worried about Murli, and my heart was aching seeing her scared like that, I tried to not show my worry and did everything just like usual. Because if she sees me acting different, it would just add to her fears. If she sees me behaving like all the time, she realizes that the situation in our home itself is safe and nothing is wrong. Murli always notices when I become nervous or afraid, which causes her to feel on edge as well.

She didn’t leave my side at all the whole day. We are already always together, but today much more so. She stayed close to me. Then I saw her sitting underneath the drying rack, which had a big blanket on top. Then I got the idea that I get one of her boxes, and put it under that thing.

This is the box under the drying rack, before I put the big blanket over it, so it was like a tent around her box.

March 7 2017 - 2

I also put one of her beloved Valerian root pouches into the box for her, because it seems to calm her somewhat. This was shortly after Murli got into her box. The little Valerian root pouch is between her front paws. I sat right there with her. First at the desk. But then I sat down on the floor, in front of the drying rack, with my coffee and iPad. We stayed like this until noon, when I used the quiet of the construction workers lunch break to get into bed for a nap. Murli went right after me and jumped into bed as well.

March 7 2017 - 1

I always take her blankies into bed with us for her to cuddle on:

March 7 2017 - 3

I took this photo when I got up again. Murli was able to rest at least, despite the noise. I didn’t really sleep either, but I needed the rest anyway. Btw, when we sleep like that, she likes to curl right into the back of my knees. My legs were bent around her back. She always tries to curl herself as close as possible to me. It’s so cute.

She even stayed in bed after I got up. But not for long. Thankfully, at 5pm, the jack-hammer finally stopped. After Murli ate, she got into bed again. Since then she sleeps, which is no wonder. I feel quite sleepy myself lol. Probably because the sleepless night and the flu.

So hopefully I’ll finally sleep normally tonight. Hugs & love to all, from both of us❤️️

4 thoughts on “March 7, 2017 Murli stressed out by noisy road work

  1. Looks like Spring s landed there! Jackhammers the NEW sign of Spring! No wonder Murli was so upset! P SH would lose his tiny mind hearing that noise (as would I!!)
    I detest VERY LOUD noise; always have. It jangles my nerves & gives me Anxiety attacks. I sincerely hope the workmen get the hammering done soon!!!
    I love Murli’s tent! Very clever Natascha!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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    1. Lol you are so right! That’s really a modern sign for spring… Oh goodness, my poor Murli was so scared. Thankfully she got more and more used to it. Today she wasn’t scared anymore thankfully. She behaved normally and even napped with me. She is a clever girl, and because she sees that we act like always, she realizes there is no danger. I’m sure she hates the sound of it and the vibrations, just like I do, but she’s been relaxed all day.

      But the poor lovely cats (male) living in the apartment above ours didn’t do so well today either. One of the poor kitties peed into bed from fear. They started at 7am with the jackhammering, and so the cats woke up and one of them instantly peed into bed. My heart ached when I our neighbor told me this. They are friends of ours and they love cats and animals in general just like we do. I hope the two cats (Peter and Lixie) are going to feel better. Their dog is doing fine though.

      Aww yes, poor S.H. would really lose his sweet mind. Murli is very focused on the way I react to things and when she sees that I’m normal, she’ll calm down as well. When I get an axiety attack, she is on edge as well. Even if I’m just nervous and trying not to show it, she will notice and react accordingly. Poor baby. But thankfully I’m able to feel relaxed despite the noise. It’s going to last for 13 weeks btw until they are done with the road work. They also renew the water main in the street.

      The hammering wont last that long though. It’s just for a couple days until the workmen are done hammering out the old concrete and pavement. They are pretty quick too. And yesterday and today they stopped the hammering from 12 at noon till 2:30pm. Then they start up again and work till 5pm. Maybe to give people a break at that time? Because that hammering break lasts longer than their lunchbreak hour.

      ugh, wrote that much text again. Sorry. Dont worry about replying to everything, I just want for you to rest with S.H. 😺❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
      ((((HUGS)))) and 💕love💕, Natascha
      PS: *nose kisses* and *paw hugs* from Murli to you and Siddhartha Henry🐾


    1. Oh goodness yes, it really wasn’t a good day for her yesterday. But thankfully she seemed to be fine today. No panic or fear, despite the hammering. She played, rolled around on the floor as usual, showing her belly, and she ate normally. She was even able to nap during the hammering! It wont last too long anymore I’m sure, the workmen are pretty quick. The road work lasts 13 weeks, but the hammering only for a few days, until they got the old pavement and concrete out.

      I’m just so glad that I’m able to make her feel much more safe and comforted.
      Have a lovely afternoon and evening!
      (((((HUGS))))) Natascha 💕💖
      PS: purrs & *head rubs* from Murli😺


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