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March 11, 2017 at 12:08pm Caturday noon nap Instagramz

I takez a little #caturday nap while da sun warms ma paws🐱💤💤See u furendz a little later! Mum nd I will also be replyin to u sweet furendz commentz nd stop by ur lovely bloggiez! Sorry wez takin so long… Purrs & paw hugz🐾💖

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9 thoughts on “March 11, 2017 at 12:08pm Caturday noon nap Instagramz

  1. Mee-you Murli yur chocolately brown an so beeuteefull….an thee Sun on yur pawss lookss so warm an cozy…..
    Hope you an Lady Natascha had a purrfect Katurday!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

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    1. So here I iz, nd Mum Natascha 2😸💁💕 Thankz u so much! Mew mew mew!! U complimentz mee lotz az well💕 So kind!😻 O, iz waz soooo warm & cozy on ma pawsiez! I wish u iz able to warmz ur pawsiez soon az well in ur condo☀️ Mumz makez me lotz of shade, jus like LadyMum doez fur u. But mee likez havin ma pawsiez in da sun fur a while☀️🐾

      Mee & Mum iz reely sorry fur bein sooooo latez wit replyin! Sighz… Her waz so sleepy & fateegd… Prettee muchly fur 3 weekz. But her sez since Tuezday her dont feelz no icky sicky anymoar. Da only thing lingerin waz da fateeg & sleepiness. Sumtimez moar, sumtimez less. But iz lotz lotz better by nao az well!

      Mee & Mum hopez ur poor icky belly iz good again? Mee knowz how datz feelz. Nd LadyMum? Iz her better? Wez hopin so muchly herz coninuin to feelz better Mee iz purrin fur u nd LadyMum, sendin ❤️️luv❤️️ & hopin u haz a happy Thurzday!😺💕

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  2. Mee-you Murli mee tummy an bowelss are GOOD; inn fact purrfect! YIPPEE!!
    An LadyMum started her own Pro-bye-otickss an iss doin better with her die-gestion.
    Shee iss about 90% better but still coff-inn ALOT an thee fateegue iss still there. Shee just helped mee with mee new bloggie which iss now posted. Mee so far beehind mee nevurr catch uppy with efurryone….. butt mee just happy LadyMum iss reecoverin!
    **paw kissesss** an ~~head rubsss~~ an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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    1. ❤️️O daz sooo good to hearz! Mew mew mew, soooo glad! Meow!😺🎊🎈🎉❤️️ Yay🎉

      Thatz a gr8 idea! Pro-bye-otickss r pawsome! Helpz lotz!

      Mum & I iz also glad to hearz LadyMum iz 90% betterz! Thatz a LOT compard to how ill her waz. But wez hopez da coff-inn iz goin to getz better soon too🐾

      Sighz… Da fateegue iz reely sumthin. Iz tooked Mum over 3 weekz fur it to goez away. Nd Mum waz reely not az ill az poor LadyMum. So mee can understandz how much fateegue LadyMum haz to dealz wit.

      Mum waz reely busy this week. Herz trying to do all errandz & chorez & all thatz needz to be done. Cauze Grandpaw hurted hiz rite arm nd da left arm hurtz bad at da shoulder. So her sezed Grandpaw needz to rest hiz armz nd shud not strain thems. Doc sezed so too. Iz goin to getz better soon. He jus hurtz da musclez sumhow by strainin thems too muchly & in da wrongz way.

      So nao Mum iz doin efurythingz. But her sez her feelz fine. Her just feelz da normal stuffz daz always hurtin a bit anywayz. But nothin unusual nd no migrainz! Fur sum reason her hazed no migraines fur almost 4 weekz nao.

      Mee puked up sum fur stuffz dis mornin. Dat waz reely needed. Didnt haz appetite yesturday because of it. Mee iz sheddin all da fluff winter fur nao. Mum triez to brush me with a de-sheddin brush az often az possibul, but mee alwayz wantz to playz wit da brush after 2 minutez mew mew mew😺

      Mee understandz how u feelin💕 Sighz. Wez not gonna be able to catch up either on instagramz & twitter… But wut can u do. Mee thinkz da furendz all understandz why u nd LadyMum waz not abull to get to efurythingz💕

      Yay! 🎊🎈🎉Wez so happy too LadyMum iz gettin betterz & dat u iz doin pawsome too ma furend!😺
      *nose kissez* & *paw hugz*, Murli🐾

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  3. Mee-you Murli yur rite that true furendss will understand wee just not abull to keep uppy! LadyMum iss abut 95% purr cent better now. Shee iss usin her Advair Innhaler an that has dried uppy a lot of fleem all tho shee still coffss at nite…..an thee fateegue iss still with her….so LadyMum iss pacin herself to get fingss dun. Mee iss happy Lady Natascha iss improving! Butt mee iss sad GranPaw herted himself so mee sendss POTP to him fur a speedy reecvery!
    Today (Mar. 23rd) iss thee 11th anniversary of Mingflower thee Mercyless kat’ss passin…..shee was thee kat before NYLABLUE an onlee weighed 7 poundss; a dellykat kat fur sure! LadyMum iss berry sad. So mee beein xtra good today…
    ***paw kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry ❤

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    1. Mew mew mew, datz rite! Furendz all understandz💗💗💗 No worriez & jus thinkz of urselfz & Ladymum until herz 100% over da icky-sicky.

      Thankz u sweet furend! Grandpaw iz gettin better! Iz not hertin much anymoar. He madez a wrong movementz & da doctorz foundz out iz came frum da Cervical spine. Him didz sum wrong movementz & da Cervical spine waz annoyed. So da pain waz sendz from there all da way thru da arm.

      Mum hadz a thought dis waz frum da Cervical spine all alongz, cause herz knowz da feelin/pain. But Grandpawz iz much better & hez not feelin much of it anymoar.

      Sighz… Da fateegue iz reely sticky. It stickz to u liek glue iz seems. But Mumz & I iz sooooo glad to hearz LadyMum iz nao about 95% betterz! YAY! In comparizon to befur, thatz a hoooole lotz betterz! 😺💗💗💗

      Mumz iz totallee over da icky sicky nao. But herz gotz da stoooopid migraine again…

      Meeeew! Mumz & I sendz all our 💕luv💕 & purrayerz & hugz to LadyMum! Our heartz r with LadyMum💕! Mee & Mum understandz how sad one feelz, thinking of & missin ur furchild. It wont be furever, LadyMum will see Mingflower again, az well az all da other sweet angel kittiez. Wez all be together at da other side of da rainbow, but then, it willz be fur eternity💖💖💖💖

      Hugz & purrs & *nose kissez* fur u & LadyMum & lotz of 💗Luv💗
      Murli & Natascha

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  4. PHOOEY thee mye-grainss came back?? Oh Murli iss so-o unfair! An LadyMum iss holdin at 95%. At leest thee snow has melted an iss warm enuff to go out fur walkiess!
    An LadyMum has Cervical spine trubbull also. Shee said shee reelly hopess GranPaw iss better…. (mee too..)
    **paw kissesss** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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