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March 27, 2017 at 8pm Monday

Hey everypawdy! I hope everyone is well and had a nice weekend. We had beautiful warm spring weather for most of last week. There are pretty flowers everywhere!

I was still quite busy this week, more than I had anticipated, even during the weekend. The time seemed to be running away from me even more than usual, due to the time change at 3am on Sunday.  I don’t struggle with the change like I do with the winter time change, but it constantly feels like I run out of time lol.

After the warm weather, it cooled down towards the weekend, with a cold wind. Now the forecast says it’s getting warm again. Seems to be true, because I suddenly got a migraine in the late afternoon. It’s subsiding and almost completely gone by now thanks to the Triptan.

But after a mostly cloudy weekend, the sky was so intensely blue and the sun was out all day. Murli also caught her first little fly for this year. It’s the first one I’ve seen and it promptly flew in shortly after opening the big window in the room. Murli caught it after it had flown towards the small window where Murli sat.

We still have the huge construction site going on in our street, but the noise isn’t like it was in the first few days, so it’s not really too big of a deal. It’s just huge lol. Last time, as they were digging towards the water supply line,  they accidently caused a hole in the our water supply pipe, that runs into our building and was slightly above the water main that feeds our water pipe. They are currently replacing the plumbing with new pipes for the water supply. Wasn’t a big deal either, but interesting to watch. No flooding was caused, but the hole they dug along the water line, quickly filled with water. But they threw in a pretty big pump right away, and leading the hose down into the sewer. They fixed it pretty quickly, it was astounding. By now they already replaced everything and the part of the street already gets new pavement, which looks really great.

Murli is doing fine, and often watches everything that goes on in the street. It’s now the “Builders channel” on “Kitty-TV” 😹

March 27 2017 5:04pm

My Dad is doing fine as well, and me too 😺 Going to stop by your lovely blogs tomorrow! Finally not so busy anymore this week. Purrs & Hugs & Love from us💞🐾

March 25 2017 10:32pm

March 25 2017 10:31pm
As usual, we spent some time playing and cuddling before we went to bed. Murli is so adorable with her fluffy belly ❤

15 thoughts on “March 27, 2017 at 8pm Monday

  1. Lovely to read how you are all doing! I’m a bit behind with blogging at the moment but I hope to catch up in the next few days. Glad to read Murli is watching the ‘builders channel’ on kitty TV! Gizmo regularly tunes into ‘Squirrel Watch’ but gets fed up of watching, and ends up joining in!? Anyway, speak soon! Gizmo and his human slave x♡x

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    1. Hey, lovely to hear from you too! I totally understand how that often goes, regarding not being able to blog or catch up for a while. Happens to me often enough lol.

      The ‘Squirrel Watch’ channel would sure be a favorite of Murli too! We have our “Bird TV” channels, with one especially featuring bees, bumble bees and other flying insects (while Murli is safely behind her fly screen)😺

      Hehe, I’ve seen the video you put up a while ago, where Gizmo chases after a Squirrel that sat in the bird house. He is so fast lol! Murli & I send purrs & hugs! Have a lovely evening with Giz🐾

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      1. Hi Natascha and Murli! Yes, blogging has been a challenge recently, but we’ve had a break and just posted first blog for a month.
        Squirrel watch is still ongoing, but the squirrels are getting wise to Gizmos tactics now!! But saying that, he is still pretty quick to chase them!
        I hope you and Murli are well ♡

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        1. Hi!💜 Aww, thanks so much for stopping by! We really have a difficult time keeping up recently… Either busy, or due to health reasons, or both… Which is unfunny, because I LOVE blogging and checkin up on other lovely blogs and all the other accounts online. Yay I need to check up on your blog!
          Haha, oh my… As the squirrels adjust and learn, so will Gizmo? He’ll probably get better and better?

          Thank you so much, we’re fine, just the usual stuff going on with my migraine and spine issues. Murli is doing great too!

          We wish you and Giz a lovely, peaceful and happy Easter weekend! Hope the weather is ok and not too cold, and you had a great Easter Sunday today so far.
          Talk to you soon again! Natascha & Murli🐾

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  2. Mew mew mew ‘Builder’ss Tee Vee’; that iss funny Lady Natascha! Mee finks Murli iss lookin xtra purrty this week! Did shee eat thee fly? Mee likess to eat them butt LadyMum sayss they full of ‘icky sicky’ germs; so much fur sum fun!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    Hi Natascha: I am so happy you had an actual Spring weekend. We still have cloudy days & rain & cold temps. UGH! I too, am trying to play ‘catch up’ with blogging/replies/emails plus all the regular chores of Life. And before I know it is bedtime! I hope those nasty migraines stay away….
    (((hugs))) & ❤ Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Oh thank you sweet Purrince! Hehe, that Murli looks so beautiful might be due to my new iPhone, because of the pawsome camera it has. So Murli is pictured in her real lovely fluffiness💕😸💕 I have a camera too that take amazingly beautiful pics, but I usually capture Murli with my phone, since I have it near me all the time.

      Lol! Murli did really eat the fly😹 I usually don’t like her to eat them either… I think LadyMum is right and they are really full of ‘icky sicky’ germs😱 Sighz… I was too slow to take it away from her lol.
      The funny thing is, she wont eat spiders though. She just somehow takes them apart and distributes the parts throughout the home😱 😱 😱 But she never ever eats them lol. I have a real phobia of spiders😱 😱 😱 YUCK!!! Ugh… But I’m thankful to Murli she always detects them really quickly, even in the middle of the night. During the day and generally when I see a spider before Murli does, I have Papa take it outside, without harming them. Because I don’t like killing anything and spiders are important. Thankfully we rarely have spiders up here in our apartment.

      Yes, we really do have some lovely spring weather right now. It’s really nice, because it’s not hot like in summer, just comfy and nice. But unfortunately I had a migraine on Monday, and a really bad one yesterday in the afternoon. But as you know, my migraine med takes care of them, always 💕💕💕 Its just sleepiness that remains.

      Don’t stress yourself too much with catching up though💕 I’m so glad you’re at 95% of your recovery from the ‘icky sicky’ Sherri-Ellen, since that’s a whoooole lot better than what you went through for so long💞💞💞
      Murli & I are going to take a nap now lol!
      Purrs & nose kisses from Murli to you both, and loads of ❤️️ love❤️️ from both of us😺😊❤️️

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    1. Aww I wish we would have a garden😺 The pink flower on a little tree is in a park not far from our home, and the other ones are in a flower bed on a public square just down the street from us. We live in an apartment, in the downtown area of Graz, Austria. But it’s beautiful around here. Lots of trees, a nice view into a beautiful courtyard with lots of trees and flowers, and the river is next to us as well, with beautiful trees on both sides of the river banks.

      MOL! I hope its going to be more like spring for you soon!
      Thank you so much for stopping by! Purrs & paw hugs! 🐾


  3. Oh my Natascha I just found this comment tonight!!! (Saturday, April 1st). I was not ignoring you!
    Funny about Murli as Siddhartha Henry will NT eat spiders either! We have some very gnarly brown ones & they bite so they do not survive long in here! I do not like them at all.
    We finally have crocuses & snowdrops blooming so Spring is finally here. I am pretty much all better altho’ I still have a bit of a cough but I am vastly improved. Thankfully 😉
    Hoping the migraines stay away & any ‘icky sicky’ germs looking for a place to land, lol…..
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Love the spring header photo a lot!

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    1. Oh no worries Sherri-Ellen! I am usually much much more behind with my replies! Which I am really sorry for. But you have every right to take your time after what you went through. I am so happy to hear you’re so much better!☺️😺💖 Yay!!!

      I am really glad they don’t eat the spiders… Ugh! We don’t have really poisonous ones, but we’re getting some due to the warmer climate. Till now it’s nothing to worry about. As they’re not in houses in the city. But the black widow is migrating farther up north, so one day they’ll be here. Geez! The big gnarly grey ones we have are too much to deal with for me and they’re completely harmless. But gnarly! And big! I’m so glad we don’t have spiders like that up here in the 4th floor lol!!! Just some small ones, but rarely. Can’t stand spiders. It’s crazy, because I was once actually locked out of my old apartment, because a rather big spider sat exactly so that I could not even put my key in. It was impossible for me to do something about it. So I actually waited for over an hour in the stairwell, with the fire protection door closed to my hallway that leads to the apartment. I waited until a neighbor came and asked him to deal with it lol! While he did, I went all the way up the stairwell to be as far away as possible from the kind man taking care of the spider and putting it outside lol! I would have sat there for the rest of the day too and wait for my roommate to get back from work at night lol😂😂😂😂😂
      LOL! Hope any icky sicky stays as far away from you and Siddhartha Henry as possible 💗 Hoping also that you both feel good!
      Yay for spring finally arriving in your area!💖🌸🌻💐☀️🌷🌼🌺🌻As you saw, spring arrived here as well!☺️😺

      Yay! I’m glad you like the spring header! Murli and I are already in bed and about to go to sleep. We are thinking of you both 😽 💕 Good night lovely friends!🌟🐱💤💤😴💤💤🌟

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  4. Spring is here with lots of rain…but it is better than snow at this point!
    I am so glad to be well again I can tell you. Being so sick was awful.
    We don’t have Black Widow spiders yet but I suspect they are migrating North here also. Gnarly is not my idea of cute. The little striped black & white spiders are cute…..why can’t they ALL be cute??? Hehehehe…..
    Hoping you & Murli had a good nite & today is sunny…while we watch the rain…..
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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