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April 2, 2017 Hope you had a lovely Sunday

March 28 2017 8:41am

Good evening from Austria! As you probably noticed again, I am lagging behind with replies and everything. Due to the “Foehn wind weather” we had for over a week now, I also had migraines almost every day. Except for today, and another day during the week. But, as you know, I am doing well thanks to the always working Triptan, that gets rid of the migraine every time after one or two hours. The only problems are the after effects from the migraine. And those after effects cause me to lag behind with everything again. Just letting you know!

This week was totally spring like! Temperatures in the afternoon at around 20°C / 68°F and sunshine with clear blue sky. The mornings are still a bit chilly, with temps between 2°C and 4°C (35°F and 39°F).

I was able to leave some of the windows open during the afternoon and I started decorating for spring and easter🌼🌷☀️🌸

March 31 2017 3:52pm

April 1 2017 10:16am

Murli is a good girl, and she is used to decorations in the windows, so she doesn’t do anything to them. She just checked them out thoroughly and approved, and that’s it😺 When I the put the protective screen with the wire frame into the window, the decorations are outside the screen anyway. I just love cute stuff!

March 31 2017 6:37pm

Murli is totally happy that the windows are open again for most of the day! In this pic, she was watching  “bird channel 1″😸 It showed a sparrow, that sat on top of the pyramid-shaped roof, to the right. (You can’t really see it that well, because it’s just so small.)

Oh, btw… she just really loves newspapers and stuff to hang out on. She just loves them. But so that things are pretty again, I’ll put her lovely blankie there as well.

Also! We found Murlis “baskitball”! Ameowzing! Sweet Siddhartha Henry was right. I found her ball underneath the cupboard in the hallway😹 She stuffed it under there real good! Before that, I was looking in the living room, the bedroom, even the kitchen and the bathroom, but didn’t see it underneath the cupboard in the hallway when I looked there. Should have used the flashlight right away back then lol…

Just wanted to wish you all a lovely Sunday evening! Will be hopefully posting some more in the beginning of next week, if I get a break from the migraines. But I’ll be replying and stopping by all your pawsome blogs tomorrow!

I’m so happy to know you all and am really thankful for all your sweet comments! Murli and I really miss you all because we haven’t been here for days. Purrs & Hugs! We love you all!💗💜❤️️💗

20170327 155134 03
A Selfie we took on Monday, but it’s a good pic for Selfie Sunday ❤

6 thoughts on “April 2, 2017 Hope you had a lovely Sunday

  1. Mee-you that iss a PURRFECT Selfie fur Sunday Selfiess Lady Natascha an Murli! 2 of thee purrtiest gurlss inn thee bloggie werld!!!
    An mee sayss “PHOOEY” to that nasty Foehn wind that brings stew-pid Migrainess! It sure warmed uppy there. Wee are only around 48 F here. Yesterday was nice enuff that LadyMum werked hard/overdid cleenin ut 3 gardenss’ urss an each nayburr. At leest there iss no more garbage…..
    An yur deckrayshunss are luvley bye thee way. An WOO HO!! You found Murli’ss basketball…..mee new it had to bee sumwhere under sumfing; mee doess that all thee time, mew mew mew….
    ***paw kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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    1. Meeew Siddhartha Henry😺🐾 Thankz u so very muchly sweet furend! Mum & I r reely flattered! U kno, u nd LadyMum r da most wonderful, kind, lovely & beautiful az well! Both of u iz! 💐🌺🌻😺💕 Hehe, u both iz pawsome!

      Pffft! Rite! PHOOEY!!! Mee totallee agreez. Sighz… Hopez da rest of da weekz iz gonna be betterz. Forecast sez we getz rain over da nite nd iz gonna be cloudy fur most of da week.

      Yay!!! So glad iz not so cold anymoar fur u! Nao u iz able to enjoy da walkiez without fureezin ur pawsiez & tail off❄️❄️❄️

      🙀O ma goodness! & Mum sez O ma goodness az well😱! We both do! LadyMum doin so much workz! Wez hopin her didnt overdo it too much & her iznt hertin nao. Meew mew mew! Such a strong & determindedz woman LadyMum iz!

      Meeew! Mum sez thankz u fur da complimentz on da deckrayshunss! Mee luvz dems too! I espeshullee luvz watchin dems danglin in da wind fur a bit lol! Iz entertainin! But mee leavez dems alone. Mee iz used to stuffz like dat. Mee jus likez watchin dems danglin😹

      Hehe! So happy mee haz da baskitball again! Iz belongz to a set of 3 ballz, dat mee gotted frum beloved Grandmaw, Mum Nataschas dear Mama. So wez both happie we foundz it again & nao da 3 ballz r all here again. Iz da baskitball, da yellow soccer ball & a baseball. I luvz all of dems. As u kno, mee luvz to play with both, playballz & mousiez 😻

      Mew mew mew! U waz totallee rite. It waz under sumfing after all! Aparentlee, I jus furgotz I putted it under da cupboard in da hallway lol.

      Paw hugz & *nose kissez* & *head rubz* & lotz of ❤️️luv❤️️ from both of us, to u & LadyMum!😺☺️
      Iz nao 9:15pm & wez slowlie gettin ready to get comfie in our bed. Talkz to u again soon!


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