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April 16, 2017 at 10pm Murli gets her chicken at night (Video)

Easter Sunday at night… Murli gets one of her favorite foods… cooked chicken😸Of course she can’t wait!

Earlier that day: We had laid down for a nap, because I hadn’t slept well at all and was really tired by 10am. Murli curled up next to me like usual. But when I woke up again at around noon, I instantly noticed something was going on with Murlis left eye. She was rubbing her paw over her eye, and blinking it, and it was watering a bit. But the eye lids were slightly swollen as well. Which gave me a good scare right away, wondering what happened. The eye itself looked perfectly normal, and there was nothing sticky anywhere, and the whites of her eye were white and the eye clear and normal looking. It seemed to me that the constant rubbing over her eye must have caused the slight swelling. And I know how easily and quickly eyelids get swollen up.

But I still called up the Vet with the weekend and holiday shift, since all the regular Vet offices have closed over the weekend. He also thought she must have gotten something into her eye, which could be anything from a hair, dust, or even a irritating substance. I should come by the next morning if it didn’t get better.

An hour after initially noticing her problem, she suddenly had stopped rubbing and blinking. Nothing seemed to bother her anymore about her eye. As I looked closely, I could see that her tears had washed out a hair of her own fur, a long one too. Relieved, I hoped that was it and that her eye will be fine now. Thankfully it was, as by the time I did this video, the swelling had already gone down a good bit. By the next morning, the swelling was gone. Nothing bothered her anymore and her eye is fine. So it really was just that hair getting caught in her eye and not coming out quickly enough.

I also did this video, to show furends how she was doing that night after her eye problem. I’m so glad she’s fine and it wasn’t anything serious.

2 thoughts on “April 16, 2017 at 10pm Murli gets her chicken at night (Video)

    1. Hehe that’s pawsome! Chicken is just not ever getting old for Murli lol! She really loves it and it’s a great addition to her normal veterinary diet food. Yeah, that was quite the scare, and a relief when I realized she was ok again. Always so scary when something isn’t right with our beloved furkids! Hugs!!!💕💕💕


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