Friendly Fill-ins: Week 52

It’s a whole year of the Friendly Fill-ins! Meeeow! How pawsome! Murli and I haven’t been part of this wonderful cat blogosphere for that long even MOL!

Thank you 15andmeowing.com and McGuffy’s Reader for providing these great Fill-ins!


So here are the Friendly Fill-ins for Week 52
1. ___________________________________________ landline.

2.My most treasured piece of jewelry is _________________________.

3.This year, I have learned __________________________________ .

4.I would like to _________________________ before this year is over.

My Answers
1 – Despite getting cell phones at some point, my parents kept the landline. My Dad will be keeping the land line for as long as it’s still useful. My aunts and cousins all live far away, and they always call on the land line. When I was living on my own, I only had a cell phone though.

2 – My most treasured piece of jewelry is my Mums pendant locket, with the pictures of both my parents in them. I plan to also include a picture of Murli in it. But don’t wear it every day, for fear anything could happen to it. I have another one I love is the little cross my Dad got me, which I wear every day.

3 – This year, I have learned to better avoid the things that make me awfully anxious.

4 – I would like to crochet a couple of things I have in mind before this year is over (and I’m just a beginner with it MOL).

May 5, 2017
My Mums pendant locket. The engraved text means “My life begins with you”
May 5, 2017
My little cross I got from Dad which I’m wearing daily

Happy Sunday everypawdy!

6 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-ins: Week 52

    1. MOL I love crocheting! I’m better at crocheting than knitting. I guess because it’s easier? At least to me, knitting seems a lot more difficult. It’s pawsome to me when peeps are able to knit and do ameowzing stuff with it! I did crotchet here and there over the years, but always very simple stuff. It’s not that long since I started learning to do more. Thankfully there’s lots of help on the internet 😹😂 Purrs!

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    1. Aww thank you! You’re sweet! Yes, I really treasure the necklaces a lot💕 hehe, crocheting is pawsome! And relaxing too 😺 Murli needs to nap when I’m doin it though, otherwise she’ll try to paw at the wool all the time😂😹 Hugs! and thank you for your lovely comment!


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