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Interesting Article – Scratch the Surface: Why Cats Scratch and What to Do About It

Hello dear furends!
An interesting article was shared with my recently, about the different preferences cats have in the way they scratch and the different reasons for scratching. I had no idea that they have their own preference in the way they scratch. I always assumed that cats adjust the way they scratch to the object they use to scratch. But as it turns out, they actually have a preference for scratching vertically or horizontally. Now I know that Murli likes to scratch vertically. She never uses other surfaces like scratching pads that just lie on the floor.

The way she scratches in the video, is the only way she scratches.
  She will completely ignore anything else. Scratching pads have to
  be mounted onto a wall for her to use them.

Kaylee from Ghergich.com shared the article with me, as they teamed up with Petco to create this article. She was so kind to write the following intro for our blog, and kindly let me put these adorable graphics into my post. The Link to the article is within the following title and at the end of this post.

Scratch the Surface: Why Cats Scratch and What to Do About It

If you’re like most cat owners, you know that your special feline or felines has a personality all their own. They might be playful and energetic, or more content and quiet. They may move from room to room during the day, or find a spot in the sun—and stay there. Cats are distinct, which is part of why we love them so much.

There’s another distinct habit that’s instinctual to all cats, but that every feline works at differently—scratching. Scratching isn’t anything you can make your cat stop—but it isn’t anything that has to make you angry at your cat, especially if they target furniture or other special pieces in the home.

It’s important to understand why a cat scratches. It isn’t to be destructive—it’s actually healthy. It helps them sharpen claws and get rid of dead skin, and it also enables them to stretch. So how can you help them do that—and live contentedly with them? This graphic can show you the way.

There is much more information and explanations within the original article: 
Scratch the Surface: Why Cats Scratch and What to Do About It

Thank you again Kaylee, for sharing the article with me, and letting me use these graphics.

14 thoughts on “Interesting Article – Scratch the Surface: Why Cats Scratch and What to Do About It

    1. I didn’t think much about it either, other than noticing Murli never wants to use scratching pads on the floor. That’s why I found it interesting that they have an actual preference. It might be helpful for someone whose cats won’t use the scratching poles much. It might be because the kitty rather wants to scratch horizontally, on the floor. It would be worth a try in such cases😺🐾

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  1. Hello Natascha 🙂
    lol. I just love that small video of Murli. Isn’t she sweet !
    My two are completely different. Samantha uses two rugs to scratch on, whereas Sonic just lays down on his side on my bed and goes mad wrecking the top cover with his hooks. Luckily neither of them attack the furniture.
    I hope you both have a lovely weekend. Ralph 🙂 ❤

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    1. Hi Ralph!💕
      Awww, Murli is happy to hear that you like the little video! And me too!
      MOL that is so funny! I imagine how Sonic wrecks the top cover like that lol! My sweet Geenie, who is on the other side of the rainbow, used to lay on her side, and pull herself all around the side of the couch. It was hilarious.
      Samantha and Sonic are just so sweet. I love them! Cats always steal my heart in an instant 😍
      Murli is thankfully not attacking the furniture either😄
      Hope you had a nice weekend & you are all well!
      Hugs! Natascha❤️️

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      1. Hello Natascha 🙂
        Yes, it is a lovely little video of Murli. Ha ha, Sonic pulls himself around on his side as well. Cats are so funny, aren’t they ? His latest game is with his back paws when laying on his side, kick like mad at the brush that I am trying to brush his tummy with. He loves it !
        Thank you. I had a nice weekend and we are all well which I hope you are too my friend.
        Hugs. Ralph ❤

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        1. Hello again dear friend and kitties!💕
          Haha the descriptions of what Sonic is doing are adorable! Such a cutie! Cats are fun!
          Murli and I wish you, Samantha, Sonic and China cat a wonderful Sunday!
          We hope you are feeling great! Lots of hugs & kitty cuddles😽😘💕

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          1. What a lovely reply from you Natasha. Thank you so much. Loved it !
            I do hope that you and Murli also have a wonderful Sunday. It’s midday, not a cloud in the sky and I think it will be really hot this afternoon. I love it as I can’t stand the cold. Sonic and Samantha are stretched out on my bed, soaking up the sun coming through the open French doors to the rear balcony.
            I am fine and I do hope that your head is okay today.
            Love and hugs. Ralph ❤

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  2. You an mee are so-o alike Murli…mee iss a verrtycal scratcher all so an mee LUVSS Sisal thee best! Nun of LadyMum’ss other katss liked Sisal….mee iss uneek!!! Mew mew mew…..
    Yur lookin reelly cute inn yur video all so.
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxx

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    1. Mew mew mew mew…. Mew! 😻❤️️ Siddhartha Henry ma sweet furend! ❤️️ U r so cute and u iz uneek fur sure! Verrtycal scratchin postz iz useful fur archin ur back & stretchin, nd all da other kitty-gymnastics🐾😺🐾
      Me likez Sisal da best too! Hehe, we iz sisfur & brofur from differentz kitty parentz. MOL!
      U lookz alwayz cute urself! U iz adorbz in everythingz u do😽💕

      Mum & me missed u & LadyMum!
      So sorry fur bein so very late wif da replies. Mum & me needz to maybe start planin our dayz. MOL! Like maybee reservin time fur da bloggie, then a time fur instagram, and a time fur twitter and then Facebook MOL! Mum sez her iz too slow wif everythin.
      *paw kissez* nd *nose kissez* nd luv,

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      1. Mew mew mew mee iss yur Brother frum another Mother!!! 😉
        Iss OK yur late; mee figured either you were enjoyin thee spring sunshine a lot or Lady Natascha had Mye-grainess…..
        LadyMum has been havin headachess…shee has sumfing wrong an just found out what it iss an shee iss purrty uppyset. Mee iss worried about her.
        LadyMum has fallen behind a lot with visitin bloggiess; do not wurry as efurryone doess sumtimess an peepull are so-o understandin here!
        ***paw kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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        1. Mew mew mew!!! Exacltee!😆 We iz brofur nd sisfur from another mother😸😸 Yay!!
          Me & Mum waz nd iz thinkin of u all da time tho. Even if we iz bein late, u are on our mindz & heartz all da time. Mum iz also keepin u both in her purrayerz efuryday.

          Oh no! Oh no, poor LadyMum! Soundz seriouz! We iz worryin!
          Mum iz cryin jus readin of sumfin bein wrong wif sweet LadyMum. Me lil heart hurtz too hearin dis, nd thinkin of u both. Oh sweet furend, LadyMum and u reely can’t seem to catch a break.

          Dont u or LadyMum worry bout replyin to all da commentz. Like we sez often… Jus relax nd readz dems, and iz all good. ❤️️❤️️❤️️
          U iz so rite!!! Da peeps are soooo kind nd understandin! Mum nd me cantz thankz u nd all da furendz enuff fur da kindness, patience nd understandin towardz us❤️️❤️️❤️️

          *head rubz* nd *paw kissez* nd loadz of 💕luv💕!
          We iz thinkin of u both a whole lotz!
          Email uz anytimez if u wantz to vent or needz to getz thingz of ur mindz and heartz.
          Luv, Murli & Natascha💕

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    1. Awww thank you! Glad you liked the little video😺❤️️❤️️❤️️ Spike is such a wonderful cat!
      Wishing you and Spike a pleasant Sunday! Lots of hugs, purrs & kitty kisses!😽😘💕


  3. LadyMum iss stabull more or less Murli an Lady Natascha!. Shee iss startin counsellin tomorrow (Tuesday June 6th). Shee hopes shee an thee counsellor will ‘click’ so shee can get answerss to her questshunss…..
    LadyMum iss deebatin about doin a bloggie post about her problem butt shee iss worried peepull will not understand an maybe leeve thee bloggie……
    Mee iss just beein sue-portive an luvvin!
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx


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