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June 27, 2017 Blog, keeping up and health news

Good evening from Murli and I in Austria!

Wow… the time just really flew since my last post. Finally, I think I can use my eyes normally again and do everything normally. Like keeping up with you sweet friends!

I thought about a lot of things, and the way I just can’t seem to keep up with all of my accounts. I keep feeling bad and guilty for not being able to get to all of your wonderful blogs and posts, and take way too long to get back to comments at times. Therefore, Β I decided that I will concentrate just on Murli’s and my blog here. My google+ and Facebook will be updated normally, because every post I publish here, is automatically posted to my Facebook for the furends I have on there, and my Facebook is just a private thing anyway and it’s not difficult to keep up with there. The google+ I update manually. I have met so many absolutely wonderful friends through all of these accounts. I just can’t seem to keep up with my Twitter anymore especially and even have difficulties to keep up on my instagram, which is sad as I have found so many wonderful cats and catfriends on there as well.

What I will do is publish a picture to instagram with a link, every time I post a new blog post here. I will also put a link with an explanation onto my Twitter profile, and probably link to this post. So that everyone wondering what’s up with me and Murli, can just come here and read about it.

I just really love love love WordPress and my blog and reading all of your wonderful blog posts. Murlis and my life really needs this outlet here, as well as the communication with all of you sweeties. I just want to be there for every one of you properly. I know many of you have so many things going on in their lives and I want to be there and offer the support of my and Murlis friendship.

As for the eyestrain I had going on…. It started after the frightening situation I wrote about in my previous post. At around that time, I typed and read a lot of text on my computer, for at least two days without proper breaks. In addition I was sleep deprived for days on end on top of it all. Then one day I noticed that I felt increasing pain behind my eyes and in the area of the brows. I never get normal headaches really, just migraines. In short, it turned out to be Eyestrain. Therefore I reduced my writing and reading on the computer.

On to a wonderful thing that is happening! As most of you will know, I have almost daily migraines normally and have had them since childhood. I just really have many triggers that cause an attack. But it’s been an amazing month! Suddenly I don’t have that many migraines anymore. Basically, I have almost none. The only one I got were caused by physical exhaustion last week on Wednesday or so. But I’ve been going weeks now without migraines for the most part. It seems to improve more and more. Usually I would have had migraines from the Foehn wind that has been going on for most days again recently, but I didn’t get them, not even one! So amazing!

I had severe and very frequent migraines ever since my early childhood. It was pretty much always the same for most of my life. But I suddenly feel better than I had felt for a long long time. Not just because the migraines have been less recently, but I feel really great generally. Much more energy, and a lot more relaxed and comfortable.

Many of the usual triggers that will usually cause migraines, aren’t causing trouble now. As if the Foehn wind doesn’t have any effect on it suddenly. Triggers like sudden pressure changes before a severe storm haven’t caused problems either. There are many more triggers that cause migraines for me, normally. I am just thankful, very thankful for every day I can live life normally.

Murli and I are doing great and we will be back to post normally again and with the change of me concentrating on our blog, we’ll be much more responsive.

I hope you are all doing fine? Murli and I send out lots of love to you all, and we say thank you for everyone’s constant patience, kindness and understanding. Have a lovely day sweet furends!

June 18 2017 7:28am

8 thoughts on “June 27, 2017 Blog, keeping up and health news

    1. Awwww! Yes yes, it’s a miracle for sure! There was a beautiful present from life, and it came with a miracleπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ΊπŸ’•
      Oh yes! Murli was watching the birds in that picture. I took it on June 18th though, but Murli does that every single day lol! It’s kitty TV!😸

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  1. Just reading the list of all the social media you were using gave me a headache! I just have my one blog alone, and I have trouble managing that! People are amazed I even have a blog! I guess they think I sit in the dark and read books by candle light. Maybe you are better because you are doing something different–you just have to figure out what it is!

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    1. Hi! You are completely right, it’s just simply way too much. The reason I have different accounts is because I have friends on all of them, but many of them are only on either of these accounts. Some are just on Twitter, some just on Instagram and some just on Facebook. That’s the reason for it really, because I just liked to be able to comment on their profiles and we talked a lot over all these accounts. But I really can’t keep up anymore like that. It’s too much. I’ll be happy with my lovely blog here and all of your lovely blogs!

      Oh yes, it’s something really wonderful that coincides with me feeling so much better. Because I started feeling better when Ralph and I became a couple. And we fit together so perfectly, it’s almost unbelievable how similar we are in our personalities, interests, how we go about our daily lives and how we do things. Ever since then, I feel better. It’s wonderful! And I’m so lucky, and so grateful that I’m so much better. The future just has a complete different outlook now.

      I will write a post about it today.
      Thanks a lot for your comment, and I hope you have a great day!

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  2. Hello Natascha & Murli it is lovely to read that the eyestrain has healed & that the Migraines have subsided also!!! We are totally *happy* for you!!!
    Like Greg said, I too got a headache thinking of being so connected to so much social media. For me, I concentrate on our blog here & keeping current with all my blogging friends. I follow about 45-50 blogs & sometimes it is a bit of a jumble but I have made such wonderful friends here. FB is a good place for me to stay connected to face 2 face people; blogging friends; family & out of town friends. I can post the blog links there & keep in touch with many people in an easy fashion.
    Remember blogging is supposed to be FUN, not a chore….. πŸ˜‰
    Much love to you both, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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