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March 17, 2018 And again we have to wait some more

Hello, awesome friends and furends!

This was the backyard this morning. It had started to snow again.

Winter seems to come back to Europe again. After endless rain on Friday and Saturday, the temperatures are dropping again and icicles are forming.

On Friday, Ralph’s papers came back from the legalisation office in the UK. We’ve been really waiting for them so much, as the legalisation of all 3 documents would have meant for us that we could have gotten married finally. I say “would” because as I opened the envelope with my heart beating heavily and my hands shaking, I saw a letter right away, explaining that they were unable to legalise all documents.

Oh no! Sigh…

They were able to legalise and put an Apostille on Ralph’s birth certificate and his divorce paper, but not the marriage certificate that Ralph got as it is from the registrar in England back then.

Deep sigh…. Some more waiting and hoping then… Again.

But there’s no giving up!

So on to yet another bureaucratic hurdle to overcome:

Ralph has to fill out a form online, on the UK gov site, to apply for a new marriage certificate from his previous marriage, which will then be sent to us. Once it arrives, we have to fill out the form for the legalisation office again, and send the new marriage certificate off to their office in the UK by courier. Again.

You would think it should be enough to have an Apostille for the divorce paper, which is in our opinion, the actually important paper. That divorce paper would not exist if the marriage on the marriage certificate would not have been valid.

But the Graz registrar wants everything certified, legalised and translated, certified of course. I don’t even understand why the Graz registrar even requires the certificate of no impediment (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis) from the British Embassy, who checks the same documents to make sure they’re all genuine, and that Ralph really is free to marry, if one has to have the same documents checked by the British government in the UK as well.

So basically Ralph’s documents have been checked and certified twice. It’s not right, those laws and regulations, as it’s unnecessary and it’s costing a whole lot of money that we would actually need for other things. And it’s costing time, sanity and sleep.

We’re always worried there will be some other bureaucratic hurdle thrown at us at every step.

Oh the certified translations arrived as well in the week before and they did a great job with it.

After getting a new marriage certificate and having an Apostille put onto it should be the last thing now. We can only hope. I definitely lost my usually positive attitude and am now always worried at each new hurdle that we resolve, as there’s always another one thrown at us.

Lol, I kind of see it coming that by the kind of luck we’ve been having, the registrar official who will (hopefully) marry us, is going to be on vacation for a couple of weeks or so, by the time we’ve got all the new paperwork finished.

Writing about those bureaucratic shenanigans and get it off my chest and onto my blog makes me feel a lot better, it always does! But enough of that.

Both of us are fine and well, although our sleep isn’t as good because of the upsets. But we’re totally happy together and we love having a home together with our 3 kitties!😽😽😽

Sonic, Samantha and Murli are all fine, happy and healthy. I’m sure they would love for spring to come finally though. Can’t wait to make our balcony beautiful and cat safe, and make it nice for us and the cats.

For now, they are usually cuddled up in their baskets and / or near the heating 😸

Samantha loves to sleep on and surrounded by valerian root pouches, next to the heater…

Murli likes to sleep in her comfy warm basket.

Or like yesterday, on the round chair in the living room, while I sit at the computer nearby.

Murli also had some fun with boxes. She just loves them!

Little boy Sonic and usually likes to come into bed, surrounded by stringy things 😸

At this very moment, I am already in bed, with Sonic cuddled up on my legs, as I finish writing this post.

Hopefully the next time I have an update regarding us trying to get married, I’ll finally have good news 🙏

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Stay warm and comfy! And lots of purrs and pawhugs!😽😽😽

21 thoughts on “March 17, 2018 And again we have to wait some more

    1. Haha it definitely could be a book! Ralph and the cats would be perfect writers for it! They’re just telling things in such a great way! Like good writers do ☺️

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  1. The Austrians seem to be extremely difficult. I would have thought the Divorce paper is the most important one. They do really try your patience. But hey look forward and it will happen. You are already together so enjoy your happiness now. Much love ♥

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    1. Hey dear Ute! Funnily enough, it’s just the registrar in Graz and the laws in my state regarding marriage that seem absolutely over the top difficult.

      Everything else, like getting Ralph permanent resident status in Austria and sorting out the national health service registration and getting his social security number in Austria wasn’t any problem at all. His English documents were all accepted without question or hesitation.

      We also heard from the British embassy back in December, that it’s different everywhere in Austria. In Vienna, which is it’s own state, they don’t require all that we had to do. They usually are fine with the embassy document and that’s it.

      It’s just states with their own laws, similar to how the US is structured.

      Yes to us it feels like it just goes on and on with one new bureaucratic hurdle after the next. But hopefully we’re climbing over the last ones now☺️

      Oh yes we’re so happy and glad we’re together! As our moving together wasn’t exactly easy either, but we got that done too and now we’re able to enjoy our life as a family of us 2 and the cats 💑😸😸😸💕
      Much love from us as well!❤️

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  2. There is nothing more resolute than the bureaucratic mentality, especially if there’s money to be had. This is very trying, but I guess all you can do is wait it out and jump through their hoops. You two are together though and that’s the important part. 🙂

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    1. Very true Lynette! It seems never ending to us. But I hope we’re close now, if nothing else comes up. Yes, that we’re together is the most important thing to us and we are so happy. It will just be such a wonderful thing to us when we’re finally husband and wife too!😊

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    1. Exactly. Absurd is the right expression for all that. Totally absurd.

      Thank you Greg! We really need some luck, that we’re done after sorting out the last bits of paperwork and nothing more comes up.

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  3. HI Natasha. I’m following you as well now so I can get a perspective from both you and Ralph on your efforts to get married. You two have to be the most patient couple I have ever seen! I think your story is so romantic and your persistence in overcoming the government red tape is to be commended. I am anxious to read the successful concluding chapter of this riveting saga!

    I really appreciated the pictures of Graz. as I have never been there. In fact, I have only been to Austria once, back in 1967, when my brother and I took the train from Munich to Salzburg. I almost got thrown off the train and arrested over a passport problem. That’s a story for another time.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for following back! I saw you on Ralph’s blog, and liked your blog! It’s awesome!
      Also, I am sorry for taking so long to reply… I don’t know how this sometimes happens.
      What a great comment☺️

      Haha! We’re just kind of stuck having to jump through their hoops if we want to or not. Shaking our heads at the absurd bureaucracy. Because we really really want to be married, as we love each other so much. There’s just no giving up.
      Oh it will be wonderful, the day we can finally get married, receiving our marriage certificate. It will be a great post to write.

      Glad you liked the photos of Graz. Oh dear! That must have been a scary experience with the passport problem. Looking forward to you telling that story at some point☺️

      Thank you so much again for the lovely comment. We both really appreciate it a lot.

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      1. I guess since I teased you with my passport story I will tell you and Ralph what happened. I was a young naval officer and our ship was visiting Naples. I flew up to Munich to visit my brother, who was studying at the University of Cologne. We decided to visit Salzburg. As the train was nearing Austria the conductor asked for passports. Back then, a military ID served as a de facto passport for U.S. military personnel. The conductor, who spoke no English, did not understand that. He told me I had to get off the train and the next stop. My brother, who spoke fluent German tried to talk with him and explain. Apparently the dialect was difficult for him (my brother). It took quite a long discussion, but I guess the conductor got tired of it and just shook his head and walked away. It was tense for a while but as the saying goes “all’s well that ends well.” And now you know.

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    1. Don’t worry about the spelling. Many people spell it that way at first, even Ralph did when we first got to know each other. It would just be the normal spelling for my name in English. I don’t mind😉

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  4. As Siddhartha Henry says: “PHOOEY!” I am in fits over here! You are right that the Divorce certificate is the most important piece of paper!!! How ridiculous & time consuming to have to keep doing all this Natascha & Ralph. I am going to say a few extra prayers that this will be the last time they ask for anymore paperwork. And I hear you about by the time you get the go-ahead the Registrar will be on vacation……FRUSTRATING!!!!!
    Sending all of you lots of ❤ Love ❤ & (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

    Mee-you Sonic yur tongue selfie iss cute! An Samantha you look so ZEN surrounded bye yur pill-ohss. An sweet Murli you look furabuluss….mee has missed you all so much.
    Iss freezin here still butt no snow? Sum dayss like today were too chilley to go out fur a walkie!!! PHOOEY!!! Spring not 'sprung' here either!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henryy xxxx

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    1. Hey my sweet friend and furend! Exactly, “PHOOEY!” The littul Purrince always says it best 😸💕💗
      It’s been absolutely insane with all of that. No sense in any of those laws. There will be a long after post, once we’re married, with a list of what craziness we went through.

      Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts and your lovely comment! Oh dear, lets hope we’re finally getting close and they will not come up with more bureaucracy for us.
      Sending a lot of love and hugs from us! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗😽😽😽

      Meeeow Siddhartha Henry!😸 Thankz fur da complimentz! Me likez havin ma tongue out mew meew mew!😹
      Oh by da way, me dont seez wif ma left eye, after having bad eye infectshun when Daddy Ralph rescued me & Samantha from da streets as tiny kitties. Da Vet did everything and we healed. Samantha especially has no damage left from that. But me don’t really seez on dat left eye & it haz a white thingy over it, similar to ur eye. But me haz no problemz wif it. Me iz happy & ma new Mum sez me iz totallee cute. All da time her sez me haz a cute nose 😹
      Purrs & head rubz! Sonic 😸🐾

      Mew mew! Oh that’s sweet of u Siddhartha Henry 💗 😽 Da pillowz are pawsome & dey feelz relaxin wif da valerian root. Paw hugz & head rubz, Samantha 💖😺🐾

      Meeeeew mew mew ma dear Purrince! Thanz u sweetie! U iz just az adorbz az alwayz! Me so gladz to seez u & LadyMum again & meow wif u!💖💖💖💖💖😽 Mum Natascha & me missed u’ss a whole lotz! Me toldz Samantha & Sonic efurryrhing bout how kind, pawsome u & LadyMum iz & how u’ss iz dear furendz. Ma new Daddy & new siblingz r sweet! Me iz bein treated reely nice & kind by dems! Me iz lucky!

      Mew mew mew! Thatz such a shame. I wud wish fur u’ss so much to hav luvly weather to go fur walkiez! Hopez iz goin to SPRING soon fur us all! Cuz iz still too coldiez here & not much sun on most dayz.
      Me sendz u lotz of luv, big paw hugz & nose kissez😽💖💖💖💖💖 Ur furend Murli 😺🐾💜

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  5. Mee-you Sonic mee wundered about yur eye….like mee you have an ‘ouchie’ eye all so. Mine was a ree-sult of havin Rhino virus AN Panleukopenia at same time. Mee all most died an mee Brofur Tyerrone an Sisfur Tangerine were sick all so. Did you know Tangerine’ss left eye closed an nevurr opened again butt shee gotted adopted ferst! Tyerrone iss like Samantha with no bad effect. So Sonic wee are soul Brofurss mee finkss!
    An Samantha mee must try Valerian Root…..mee likess Silver Vine thee best! an Murli gurl mee has missed our chats. Iss it still chilley there? Freezin an windy here an LadyMum sayss ‘no walkss’! PHOOEY! **sighsss**
    Mee sendss ***nose rubsss*** to all of youss’ Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    Hello Natashca & Ralph! I’m so sorry there is so much rigmarole going on. By the time they say it is OK to get married you will be exhausted! Hopefully you can get married soon…..I just keep hoping! 😉
    {{{hugs}}} & ❤ Sherri-Ellen ❤

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    1. Mew! Siddhartha Henry!😸 U might be rite! We cud be soul brofurss!😺😺 U poor sweet furend! U reely hadz to endur a lotz az kitten. Mee sorry u lotz u & ur siblingz were so sick. Samantha’s nd me hadz 2 moar siblingz nd dey died sadly. Even tho Ralph our human Dad nd da Vet did all dey cud after Ralph foundz us nd tookz us in. Ralph wud have kept us all nd we wud be 5 kittiez nao wif Murli.

      Oh iz pawsome dat valerian root. At least we reely likez it. All 3 of us. But we did not kno of Silver Vine. Maybee we needz to try dat!😸

      It still chilly in da night, but da days r gettin slightlee better. Still too cold fur da season tho. But maybee iz gettin better soon! We hadz rain today.

      Hopefullee iz goin to be warm enuf fur walkiez fur u nd LadyMum!

      Pawhugs & nose rubs & lotz of purrs fur u nd LadyMum, from us all 💕😽💕😽💕😽

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      1. Mee iss so sorry you losted 3 siblinss Sonic an Samantha. Youss’ went thru a lot all so. Wee are blessed now to have our Pawentss. To know wee are luvved an cared fur,
        Mee not sure where to get Silvervine….mee Aunty inn USA sendss thee stickss to mee. Mee not like Valerian Root much…mee onlee likess one kind of Nip toy all so. LadyMum sayss mee iss picky! (Shee iss RITE!)
        Iss sunny an freezin here again! Mee red on Faceybook iss cold there all so fur youss’. Where ISS Spring??? PHOOEY!
        ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

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  6. Nice post. Thank you for the update and for stopping by my blog and subscribing to my http://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV channel, that is really nice of you. My parents have been married for 49 years in May, and I used to be the marriage type years ago, then realised it’s not for me. Don’t let it stress you out as it will happen. It just proves how dedicated you are to being married. Everything happens for a reason. Stay positive. You are both together, piece of paper or not, and that is what matters. Love and happiness. I applaud you both for never giving up. I like those qualities.

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  7. Oh MeOW awnty Natascha, we’re way behind. We wondered how the visit went and what was goin’ on?. We’re glad things worked out and you both found each other and luv. Luv is always a wondrful thing. Purrayers all goes smoothly from here on out. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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