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Oh no, the summer is almost over…

… and I haven’t even been posting since late spring!

Hey dear friends! Yes, it’s been a really long time, shame on me. Though, there wasn’t really a day I haven’t been thinking about many of the friends I made through this blog, and about how much I miss to post. Especially, I sometimes would just like to write little everyday blog posts, to remember them and to share them with you. Maybe that’s how I should do it, so it’s just a part of daily life. Even if I have days with migraine, I could still do something little. There are so many of you and other bloggers, who have so much more to deal with than I do, and they still post constantly.

Almost a whole year with Ralph in Austria

Anyways, the months just raced by since Ralph and I got married and we would like for time to go a bit slower. Maybe it’s because we’re just really happy! In addition, it’s almost a year now that Ralph, Samantha and Sonic arrived in Austria! It was way past midnight on September 16, 2017 that I picked them up at the airport in Vienna. Since then we’ve been together every day and enjoyed it all, except for crazy bureaucracy of course…

On October 4, it will be a year that we’ve been in our apartment, our home!

Bad weather all year

It was a rather rainy spring and summer, with the temperatures way below of what they normally are. So it was a big difference for Ralph, coming from the lovely warm southern Spain to southern Austria, where it started off as a very cold and rainy fall late 2017, then turned into a very very cold and snowy winter that lasted till March, and the spring and summer were like I said rainy and too cool. That whole year was nothing like it normally would be here. Hopefully, it will be back to normal next year…

We also had a couple bad storms in the early summer. One afternoon, I just barely made it into our building, when the hail started falling behind me, with hailstones as big as golf balls… Another storm came through the same month, and the storm wind ripped off flat metal roofs, big trees fell and even the tree in our garden is now just half of what it was.

2018_06_12 182515
The tree right after the storm
2018_06_12 182407
Close up of the broken tree branch
2018_06_12 182614
The broken off branch lying behind the tree and another branch of the tree is just dangling on the right

The photos in the following slideshow show the damage of that storm in the park near our home. It looked like this all over Graz though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Cats

Murli had her birthday on August 17! She turned 13. Since Ralph doesn’t know the exact date of Samantha and Sonics birth date, I decided to make August 17 the birthday of Samantha and Sonic as well. All three got special treats and food all day and the next.

Unfortunately, by the end of August, I noticed Murli had her little tongue out slightly all evening and didn’t close her mouth completely, but I could not see anything, and she was eating normally too. The next morning I saw that her lower left fang was leaning all the way to the left. It was obviously loose, as it wasn’t like that the night before. We had no idea what was going on, or how it happened. The only thing we could think of was that she might have had an accident while jumping. Murli acted completely normal, was not in any pain, as she kept eating without avoiding one side.

But it had to be taken care of so I called our Vet Lady to make an appointment for Murli.

Murli at the Vet to have her tooth sorted out
Murli in her bag, not happy to be at the Vet

We took a Taxi to the Vet, as it was a bit of a distance from home. As long as Murli is in a carrier she’s fine and not upset. She only gets upset the moment she smells that she’s at the Vet, poor little girl… She wasn’t allowed any food all morning, due to the possibility of sedation.

The Vet and I rolled Murli all up in a blanket to keep her still while she was checked out. The tooth was very loose, and the Vet said she’ll see how Murli reacts and if there is any resistance she will have to be sedated. But Murli didn’t even flinch, it didn’t seem to hurt her, and the tooth was almost falling out by itself. Apparently, Murli must have had toothache a while ago, for quite some time, as the root of the fang had already dissolved. I was quite shocked hearing that, as Murli never acted strangely all these months. She always ate normally, her tail was up all the time and never gave any reason to worry. Normally I notice any little change in her and know when something isn’t right, just not this time.

In addition, the Vet also did blood work, and the results were perfect, except for her liver values, which were slightly elevated. So she got tablets for that, which I give her once a day (she loves them, as they taste like treats). Murli has always had problems with reacting badly to all kinds of cat foods. There isn’t much that she won’t throw up or the the runs from and it was like that since she was a kitten. She has some great food though that she is doing fine with. She also loves anything with milk… Icecream, cream, yoghurt etc. But I now take extra good care that she won’t eat anything except her own food, as anything else could be a reason for the elevated values.Β  In a few weeks, I’ll bring Murli to the Vet again, for another blood test. Then we’ll see if anything has changed. So we’ll see.

There is a difference now, after the tooth is gone. Murli seems to be really relaxed and even more happy than before. So she must have been in pain in some way before, even if she didn’t really show it, or act like she was. It’s quite obvious now with how relaxed she seems. I feel so bad that I had no idea anything was going on with her. The tooth looked even normal before, you would have never guessed anything is wrong with it.

Poor girl!!!

Murli after the Vet
Murli right after the Vet

A few hours later after we’ve been at the Vet, Murli was really happy and having a good stretch up on the fridge ❀

A little later the same day and she was feeling great!Β 

As for Sonic and Samantha? They are doing purrfectly fine! We thankfully have gotten some sunny weather now, so the three of them catch up on getting some sun on the balcony.

Murli (left), Samantha, Sonic (right)
Samantha and Sonic
Samantha and Sonic

Especially Murli and Samantha are out on the balcony all the time. Lets hope we’ll have a sunny and rather warm late summer and fall, would be nice!


As of now, I’m writing on another post, and I want to try to post a lot more, even if it’s just tiny little posts or pictures. Documenting life, our life with the cats and whatever else.

Ralph and I want to do a couple things for our apartment. Make it really pretty and get all the lamps and pictures up. It’s lovely already, but there are still some things left that need to be done. I’ll take pictures of it for sure.

There’s also a really weird neighbour that I want to write about…

I think I’ve rambled on for long enough now…

Have a lovely rest of the week everyone! Much love from Ralph, the cats and me!

28 thoughts on “Oh no, the summer is almost over…

  1. So nice to hear from you again Natascha, although Ralph does a good job of keeping us up on events in your life. Sorry to hear that Murli gave you such a scare but all’s well that ends well, right? Also glad you survived the storms. We’re sweating out a hurricane as I write this. Looks like we will escape the worst of it here in Virginia Beach.

    Time has sure flown bye since Ralph got to Austria. So glad you are enjoying life together after all you went through!

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    1. Aww thank you Al! Yes, Ralph does a great job with keeping you all updated!

      Just glad the painful fang is out and Murli is happy! Yes, the cats always give me such a scare as soon as anything is going on.

      Oh I’m so glad to hear you’ll escape the worst of the hurricane! Hope it will be over soon and it won’t be too bad.

      We just got some really heavy rain come in. No storm winds thankfully.

      I know! I can hardly believe it myself how fast the time flew by… Remember it like yesterday when we stayed at the hotel before moving into our apartment. Would be nice if the time could slow down now…

      Stay safe during that storm!

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  2. I can’t believe it’s nearly a year past. Im so happy for you all what an upheaval it was.. poor Murli at least the bad tooth is out now and she’s a lot more settled. Look forward to seeing photos of your home and the cats they’re all so gorgeous.Murli is so alike to my boy Spike. Hope the weather stays warm for you. Take care.

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    1. It’s really unbelievable. Feels like it was just half a year ago at the most. After midnight today, it will be exactly a year!
      Oh dear, it was an upheaval, especially for Ralph and all 3 cats. So glad that’s all behind us. We’re all settled now and I’m especially happy that Murli is happy and settled too. Now we’re looking forward to finish everything in our apartment. The kitties say thank you for the lovely compliment ❀
      Your Spike is such an adorable boy too!

      Hope you're doing well and enjoy the weekend!
      Hugs!! ❀

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    1. Aww thank you! I’m glad you like to read our blogs 😊 Murli is doing fine and seems to feel purrfect now. The Vet Lady wants to see Murli once she’s almost done with her current course of liver tablets. So it’s in about two weeks, then we’ll know.
      You are so right with contented cats!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend! Hugs!!! ❀

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  3. Happy belated 13 Birthday Murli…I’m sorry I missed your special day. and Natascha what a good idea to have all 3 celebrate their birthdays together! They all look so healthy & happy. I love how your balcony is a outdoor condo for them.
    That storm sure did a lot of damage. We have missed a lot of ferocious storms here this year…..not enough rain…it’s all been odd.
    And weird neighbors? I’ve got a few so can hardly wait to read your blog! Speaking of your blog; blog at your leisure; this is not a contest. I blog weekly now. It just seems too hard, but then the last 2 months have been so awful……
    Have you visited my update blog lately? I have a new girl: BellaDharma….she looks a lot like Murli. And last nite she made this adorable mew that sounded like she said ‘Murli’….I now call it the ‘Murli Meow’, hehehehe….
    Very happy all is well with you & Ralph. And I’m sorry about Murli’s tooth. Don’t beat yourself up; cats are experts at hiding pain!!!
    Sending ❀ & {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & tiny **purrsss** BellaDharma

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    1. Meeew! Meeew! Fank u!!! No worriez bout ma / our b-dayz! Wez jus happy ur here nd get ur luvly comment! Paw hugz! nd lots of purrs to u nd BellaDharma 😺 Murli ❀

      Haha yes, that way they all get special treats on that day, and noone is left out. It's nice to have a birthday for them all.
      Haha! I didn't realise that, but you're right! Our balcony is really like a outdoor kitty condo! That balcony goes out to the west, so they have sun all afternoon and evening. I have a big umbrella outside, so they have shade whenever they need. And there is a water bowl right beside the balcony door too. They love it!

      I'm so thankful they are happy and well. It's lovely to see them enjoying their home and have fun.

      The weather has been weird all over the world it seems. No in between… Either lots of heavy rain, storms, or heat and no rain/not enough rain. It's nice to have lovely weather, but not if it's too hot and there is drought. Hope your area will get some rain for the thirsty earth there. I'm very glad you didn't get hit by bad storms.

      Lol, just one weird neighbour. All the others are lovely. It's nothing worrying for us or the cats, just weird and maybe annoying. I'm looking forward to tell you all about it!

      I understand. You really had such a difficult time these last months. I'm so happy you got sweet BellaDharma! I'm certain your Angel Siddhartha Henry brought you together! Aww Murli Meow! That is so cute that Bella's mew sounds like MurliπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Yes, she does look a bit like Murli! What a sweet girl she is. Can't wait to read more about you both!

      You are right, cats really seem to be experts in hiding pain… πŸ˜“ I'm so happy she's feeling great now!

      Thank you for your lovely comment! And I loved BellaDharma's blog post! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• We're all sending you both lots of love, and reassuring purrs and meows to lovely girl BellaDharma from Murli, Samantha and Sonic 😽😽😽

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      1. Hello Natascha: I’m so glad you’ve read the blog post. I took me almost 3 days to figure out the new background & my new name…..
        BellaDharma is a very quiet cat so she may not be a big blog poster. Yesterday she actually came to me when I called her. And we shared a *kitty kiss*. And this morning she walked along my body right up to my face & meowed “Good Morning” (or maybe ‘feed me”?)
        I’m sure angel Siddhartha Henry sent her to me. He used to chin rub the laptop anytime he saw her photo online.
        The previous Feral Cat Rescue leader came to visit Monday & said BellaDharma IS healthy; just emotionally ‘shut down’. So knowing her health is ok is a relief. And I’m working on connecting with her little by little each day!
        Kiss Murli, Samantha & Sonic for me & give my regards to Ralph. And a BIG {{hug}} for you!
        ❀ Sherri-Ellen & BellaDharma ❀

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  4. How time really flies, I can’t believe it either that Ralph left Spain a year ago. Well I also think time flies too fast. But we can stop that by really enjoying and cherishing every moment. Glad Murli is fine and Happy Birthday to them all belated. Funny you more in the South had colder weather. Further North in Germany and Britain it was scorching. I loved it. Hope for a nice Autumn!

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    1. Oh dear, I thought I had replied already… Yes it’s exactly a year today! Even to the time of day, Ralph, Samantha and Sonic are now exactly a year in Graz. It really does not feel like a year. By a long shot. You are right! We need to just enjoy every moment πŸ˜‰

      The kitties thank you for your B-day wishes! 😽😽😽 ❀

      lol I know! It was as if the weather/climate was kind of upside down this summer. Usually its scorching hot and dry all summer here, with the exception of a few thunderstorms. I wonder how the fall and winter is going to be. We hope for a nice autumn as well, and maybe it will be an evenly distributed nice autumn for all of us.

      Hope you have a nice Sunday evening! ❀

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    1. Yay! Good to see you too! Yes, would be nice to have a warmer year ahead, especially for Ralph. Haha, I look forward to finish that post about the neighbour!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend! ❀

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    1. Hey there Mia! Murli’s wound from the pulled tooth seems to have healed up nicely too! It’s so nice to see her happy and cheerful.

      Hope you have a nice remaining Sunday! Hugs ❀

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    1. Neither can we πŸ˜„ Right now it’s exactly a year that Ralph, Samantha and Sonic are in Graz! Because we all arrived in Graz in the early afternoon from Vienna. This time last year we were probably just having a coffee, with Samantha and Sonic curled up on the bed in our Hotel room. I remember it was raining really hard that day. Looks like it might rain again now.
      It really does not feel long ago at all.

      Hope you enjoy what’s left of this Sunday! ❀

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  5. Hard to imagine it has been a year, but I guess the old saying time flies when you are having fun is true. I’m glad you all are settling in with each other well and I am glad Murli is doing ok too. I hope everything stays that way for you πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, it really is unbelievable. I was just thinking about how we were sitting in our Hotel this time exactly a year ago, with the cats curled up on the bed and us probably having a coffee, while it was raining really badly outside.

      You’re right. So I guess time will just keep flying like that. We certainly enjoy every day we have! 😊

      Hope you had a lovely weekend! ❀

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  6. It’s normal for cats to lose a tooth (teeth) Cabbage (rip) lost many teeth, and I had no idea until the vet said “Oh, he has less teeth.) Apparently cats have a very high pain threshold. Take Care! xoxoxo

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