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February 28, 2019 – All Cats to the Vet!

Hello dear friends!

The time flies by as fast as usual… or faster even than last year? We’ve been doing just fine and are still enjoying our life together with our cute little family.

We both got worried about Sonic though, because he became really sniffly and his eyes were running. He really had trouble getting air through his nose. So I made an appointment with our Vet Lady to get him checked out. And after Sonic, I planned to get Samantha checked out properly as well, since she started having days where she would be throwing up for a few hours and then have the runs. It would usually last for less than a day and then be fine again for a bit. Though recently those bouts happened more often, therefore she needed to go to the Vet too.

Murli had already been to the Vet towards the end of 2018 and got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Since then she had to get a tablet once a day to get it sorted out, which she will have to get for the rest of her life. Murli was doing very well with it and it was obvious she’s feeling great. The second thing with Murli is her teeth problems. She started having problems with her gums and teeth, and had to be sedated to get the worst sorted out in 2016.  In the fall of 2018, she lost one fang.

On to the details of the recent Vet visits…

Lumix 18-02-2019 17-31-24
He got that bandage after blood was taken, just to stop any more bleeding. We took it off soon after.
Lumix 18-02-2019 17-08-00
Sonic with his little bandage that he got after blood was taken from this leg. We took it off soon afterwards.

On Monday, February 18, 2019 I nervously wrapped Sonic in a blanket to pick him up and put him into the carrier. Once in the carrier, I freed him of his blanket so he could move. Instantly I felt so bad, because he really was meowing so loud, wanting to be let out again. But it had to be done, and so I quickly went outside with him, waiting for the Taxi to come.

Thankfully the Taxi came quickly and we arrived at the Vet a few minutes later. Sonic had stopped meowing as soon as I was outside with him and he remained quiet the whole time we were sitting in the waiting room, which wasn’t very long.

Ralph and I had anticipated that Sonic would be really difficult to keep still on the table, because he is usually so frightened that he tries everything to get away and run off. Though, none of that happened. The Vet was able to lift him out of the carrier with no problem at all. He kept still, not trying to flee at all. He was just looking around a little bit. Even his heart rate was completely calm and his muscles didn’t feel tense either. The Vet was able to check him out properly without any problem. He was fine as she carried him off to be x-rayed in another room, and he was fine when he came back. Even during the blood test, he didn’t even flinch, and even closed his eyes. When everything was done and the carrier was put back on the table, he got in all by himself. It was the most amazing thing that he remained as relaxed as he was.

So I called a Taxi again and arrived back home in no time. As soon as I entered our building, I could feel Sonic starting to move in the carrier… He knew he was home, even though we weren’t in our apartment yet.

I instantly sat the carrier on the bed to let him out, and I tried to film it as well:

He was really such a brave little boy!

About two days later we got called with the results. Turns out it was like the Vet thought anyway… He’s got an autoimmune disease which causes his symptoms. He got medicine for it now. Nose drops that are to be given as needed, in case his nose blocks up again and he got tablets that are strengthening his immune system, which he has to get for a month. Since I can crush that tablet, I just put it over his dry food, right at the top. He doesn’t mind it and eats it all up without a problem.

Still, we will have to see how he is doing and he might get more medicine later on if it’s not improving enough.

Samantha in the carrier
Samantha in her carrier

We had already planned to get Samantha to the Vet next anyway, but after she had a really bad night of her throwing up repeatedly, I made an appointment for her the next morning. On Saturday, February 23, 2019 I packed poor little Samantha into a carrier and hung it around my shoulder and got on my bicycle to bring her to the Vet. The reason is, I am just as quickly at the Vet as I would be with a Taxi, it’s free and most importantly, and I usually feel really really uncomfortable with the Taxi drivers, who mostly bombard me with all kinds of questions, and often get very personal, or worse.

Anyway… Samantha always meows when she gets put into a carrier and she does NOT stop. Or rather, it will be quite a while before she stops. I recorded her meows on my way to the Vet. I was talking to her the whole way from leaving home to the Vet. She was looking at me the whole time while meowing. I felt so bad!

Below is a video I recorded as we were leaving the Vet. Just imagine the same pleading meow from that video going on the whole 10 minutes of our trip to the Vet and me constantly talking to her, responding to each of her meows. Poor little girl…

After we arrived at the Vet Samantha got quieter. Though, there was another cat in the waiting room, a boy. If he meowed, Samantha did as well. If Samantha meowed, he started again too. Those two went back and forth like that… Once we got called in, Samantha seemed a bit more calm. She didn’t struggle on the table with the Vet and was just as brave as Sonic. Though her heart rate was a bit quicker. She was checked out and everything was looking really good. She had perfect teeth, and according to the Vet, seemed like a much younger cat, because she was in such good shape. Except for her poor bowels though, which appeared to be having a problem. Samantha got a shot of vitamins and antibiotics.

When it was time to go home, and she was put back in her carrier, Samantha started meowing again… She did the whole way home. I did not film our way home and just left my camera in the bag. I just have a short video of her while we were outside near my bicycle, shortly before leaving for home.

Yesterday morning we got the call with all the results from the blood test, which confirmed the suspicions that Samantha has chronic inflammation going on in her bowels. Otherwise, the blood test results for her were perfect. No other problems at all.

Today I picked up Samantha’s medications at the Vet. As soon as I got back home, we tried to give Samantha the first tablet halve. I put the half in a bit of meat spread, made a little tiny ball and put it in her food, as that always works with Murli. But Samantha’s tablet probably has a smell to it that she can detect right away and so she ate everything BUT the bit that contained her tablet. Ralph held her while I opened her mouth and put the tablet in. I tried it with food and treats first, but she ate everything BUT the bit containing the tablet.

Next, I tried to put it into a little treat. But again, she ate everything BUT the tablet. So we decided we will just have to put it into her mouth… Which is something neither of us wants to do and I’m always getting really upset having to force anything with the cats. Though it could not be helped, she really needs the meds. So while Ralph held Samantha, I opened her mouth and put the tablet (still wrapped in a bit of meat) into her mouth and then closed it. Thankfully she swallowed it. I was so worried she would hate me now… But she doesn’t! She still gives me head rubs and everything. Unfortunately, she has to get those tablets twice a day… Oh dear.

Murli in her carrier
Murli in her carrier at the Vet
Murli in her carrier
Murli in her carrier at the Vet

Towards the end of last year, Murli has been to the Vet a couple times and like I wrote before, she was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. She’s been on medication for it since then and is doing very well. She gets her tablet every morning with her food. I use chicken meat bread spread and put her little tablet in it, forming a little tiny ball. Then I just put it on top of her food and she’ll eat it all up. It has been working perfectly and she didn’t have any side effects either.

Aside from her Thyroid, she’s in really good health. Well and her teeth problems. I will bring Murli to the Vet again soon, to get her blood test done, to check on how the medication is working and if she needs a change in her dose, and to decide what to do to take care of her teeth. I don’t want her to be in pain, but I am really worried about her being put under anaesthesia. But thankfully we have a really wonderful Vet, who will only do what is necessary, with the least risk to Murli.

For now, we will just have to see how all of them are doing. Hopefully, the medications all work for Samantha and that she can gain some weight again.

There is a lot more that I need to write, and there are more photos and videos to post. But this post was just for the cats and it’s already really long!

Thank you all for reading and still coming by, despite that my updates have been so far apart. Hope everyone is doing well, and their furbabies too!

Lots of love from us all ❤️️❤️️❤️️

36 thoughts on “February 28, 2019 – All Cats to the Vet!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s always sad when they are not well. Thankfully it is all treatable and they are otherwise in very good health. They will all be feeling much better soon. Hugs!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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  1. You are an awesome pussycat mummy. Even though you put them in the carrier, took them to the vet and give them their medication, they still love you to bits as I do dearest wife Natascha. 🤗🚲😺😺😺😘💖

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    1. Awwww! Love you to bits! You are their awesome pussycat Daddy! I’ve got such a lovely little family, and it means everything to me ❤️️❤️️❤️️😺😺😺💑❤️️❤️️❤️️

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s all going to be fine. We were just glad that none of them have anything really bad and that it’s all treatable with medications. The Vet even said that they are in very good shape and that it’s obvious they have been taken care of very well. We just love them to bits and would do anything for them really.

      Thank you for your sweet comment! You are an awesome Wifi! Hugs!!! 💕

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      1. Ha! I’m glad you appreciate the wifi humor!😆 I do have a question for you. When I watched your GoPro video, I was concentrating on how you were going to actually ride a bike with a kitty in a carrier and get there safely. There was a lot of trust going on there to go along with your soothing words. My question is about the streets. They were not at all crowded or congested, not even the bike paths. Is that typical or was it just the day and time of day you were out? It looked like the perfect setting for a bike ride.

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        1. Of course! The Wifi humor is hilarious 😆
          I’ll take a picture of the carrier for my next post. It has a shoulder strap, that I adjusted to be as short as possible, so that the carrier would be higher up on me and therefore stable, without my legs moving it.
          So the carrier was just on my left side, where my waist is pretty much.

          I just had to keep talking to her, so she would know I am there and not ignoring her crying.

          The bicycle lanes are really good in our city, there’s a lot of them. Some are joint lanes with pedestrians. It was a pretty busy for 10am, but it was a Saturday with nice weather. It depends on the time of day and the weather. It will be a lot more busy on the bicycle and pedestrian lanes later in the afternoon and especially on weekends. We were out after 10am, which is a time that’s not busy. Even on a Saturday. If we would have been out in the afternoon, it would have been much more busy.

          In the Winter for example, there’s very few people out on their bicycles, and not as many people walking either. I use my bicycle all year, except when it snows.

          Regarding Samantha, it seems she doesn’t really react different being carried while on my bicycle. She’s acting the same way, no matter if we’re in a car or if we’re walking.
          I just made sure her carrier would be staying in place and that it would not swing or bounce. Worked very well ☺️

          Lol that’s a long comment!!! Sorry!
          Thank you for your sweet comment! Have a lovely weekend! Hugs and love from us all 💖💖💖

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          1. Don’t apologize for the comment length. I was very interested in how you managed it all kitty wise and in your streets in your town in Austria. We can all learn so much by sharing with each other.
            Wishing you and Ralph (and of course the kitties) a wonderful weekend too!
            Buen fin de semana,

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  2. So good to hear from you i do wonder how you all are. Glad you and Ralph’s kitties will be okay. I watched your bike journey it did seem quite a long way to go. I enjoyed looking at the scenery and hearing your voice and of course Samantha’s. So happy your enjoying married life. x😻💜🐾🐾

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    1. Aww!! Thank you for your lovely comment 💕 !! Yes, they will all be fine! We are so glad that they are otherwise well. No vitamin deficiencies, no kidney or liver problems, well fed and hydrated, good skin and fur.

      Happy you liked the video! I have quite some fun recording stuff and I’ll post more videos in the future.

      Haha, it probably seems like it’s quite a long way, but I’m so used to it that it doesn’t seem that way to me at all.
      Of course there would be Vets much closer to where we live, but our Vet Lady is just really awesome and very kind. The kitties are in really good hands with her.

      I was amazed Samantha still had a voice after we got home… She always meows for a long time when she gets put in the carrier. Though she does stop meowing after some time. Otherwise she would have meowed all the way from Spain to Austria and all the way from Vienna to Graz…

      Hope you are doing fine? Sending lots of hugs! 💞💞💞

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      1. We’re not so blessed as you and Ralph. I care for my 21 year old son who has schizophrenia. Greg can’t come to Scotland because of health issues and his 4 Cats. I can’t go over there with my son. And I can’t even visit. Even if I did visit it would be a one off. Your both so lucky to have been able to sort thing’s out. Greg loves me and I love him but we can never be together it’s so heartbreaking.

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        1. Aww that’s heartbreaking! I wish it would be easier for you both. Maybe one day it will be possible. I certainly wish it for you both.
          Ralph and I were just lucky we both lived in Europe, and that Ralph was able to come to live with me in Austria. I would have loved to live in Spain with him and the cats, but due to my health and the much needed continuous medication I need, it was impossible without losing my medication that enables me to have quality of life.

          I really do feel for you both. Sending lots of love and hugs!

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  3. Hello Natascha & Ralph!! Meow Sonic an Samantha an Murli!!!
    LadyMew has bin waitin fore yore mew post fore so long….
    Iss mee BellaDharma THE mew girl at THE Purrfect Pad! Wee sorry Sonic an Samantha have trubbell an that Murli takess meddycin too. LadyMew sayss mee mite have Thyroid problem. Mee not a cat who will allow any pillin or fussin.
    Pawss crossed mee iss OKay! An wee hopess efurryone ther feels MUCh bettur with meddycin!
    ***purrsss*** an ❤ an **nose rubsss** BellaDharma an {{{huggiesss}}} LadyMew

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    1. Hello sweet BellaDharma and LadyMew!!! Oh I know… Really sorry for not posting. I had a bad time since December and felt really ill and had lots of migraines. Thankfully I’m on the way back up to feeling normal again. For some reason, I can’t seem to get my mind around posting when I’m not well. No idea why, as so many others do it who have so much more to deal with.

      The kitties 3 won’t allow having pills stuffed in their littles mouths either. It’s almost impossible and I got a bit lucky with Samantha that one day. But now I just put their tablets into a treat that is soft. I make a little hole in the middle and stuff the tablet in. They all eat it up without noticing. That way I don’t have to upset either of them.

      Anyways, I’m just so happy to post again and talk to you! As are Murli, Samantha and Sonic! You are such a sweet little girl!!! Sending you and LadyMew lots of hugs and love💕🙋 Natascha

      I’ll let Murli continue now:

      Mewww! Me iz so glad to talkz to u again! Me iz so sorry fur being offline most of da time due to Mum. Wez all been thinkin of u two, sending luv and hopin u both iz doin gud!

      Awww me understandz! None of us can be easily force fed meds… Iz just not goin to happen. But we get treats instead now. Yay!!!

      Mee hopez u won’t have Thyroid problem! Wez going to have all our paws crossed and purraying fur u!

      We all iz doin better and continue to feelz better with da new treats we iz gettin. Wez hopin u iz havin a luvly Caturday and Sunday with LadyMew!

      Purrrs, and lotz of nosy rubssss nd lots of luv from us all! Ur furendz Murli, Samantha nd Sonic!

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  4. Hey Natascha, so glad to finally hear from you. Sorry to hear Samantha & Sonic aren’t doing well. I’m sure they will be better soon when they get a few doses of medicine in them. Hug them all for me especially Murli 💜💜💜💋💋💋🙋‍♀️🐱🐱😼, I now have “adopted ” another black cat, he was a feral cat that kept coming on my deck, & I finally tamed him enough that I can pet & hold him but he stays outside. I named him “Buggar”, he’s beautiful, Peachy & him fight all the time. I’ll get a picture of him sometime. Again, it was good to hear from y’all. Tell Ralph hello 🙋‍♀️.

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    1. Hello dear Tricia! Yes, it’s been so long again! Time goes by so fast and so much time passes… Sonic and Samantha are going to be fine, it’s all treatable with meds. Sonic is already doing much better. With Samantha it will take a bit for the meds to kick in, but she too will be better soon. Murli is doing really great with her tablets and we just have to sort our her teeth and make sure she doesn’t have tooth pain.
      I figured out to put their tablets into a treat that’s soft enough to poke a little hole into. Then I stuff the little tablet in and give it to them, and they eat it all up without a problem. So happy it works like that now!

      Awww that is so sweet you’re caring for another cat! They all need it so much. Hope Peachy and Buggar are going to stop fighting at some point… Sending you and your furbabies lots of love and hugs! 🙋😸😽😺💞💞💞💞💞

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    1. Yes, I make sure they’ll all be fine soon. I went to a couple stores, looking for a treat that was soft enough to poke a hole into, so I can stuff a tablet into it. I found one and thankfully it works perfectly that way and there’s no one gets stressed out.
      Thank you so much! Lots of hugs!!! 💞💞💞

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    1. It really is! Thankfully I managed to figure out a way to give them their tablets. I found treats that are soft enough to stick a tablet in. It works so well now. So I just give them a treat, that happens to have a tablet in it. They eat it up without a problem.
      Thank you for your nice comment!

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  5. So glad the pussycat parade to the vet went so well. I know how difficult it is to give pets pills. I only have to give our two pups 1 pill every month and two pills every three months, but I absolutely dread it!

    You are both great pet owners. I’ve always said there is a special place in heaven for people who are kind to animals.

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    1. Haha! Pussycat parade is right! Ugh, it really isn’t nice to force medicine into and onto them.
      I absolutely understand you, I dread having to force a tablet into their mouth or drops into their nose. But thankfully I found suitable treats to hide their tablets in! Now I just give them a treat and they eat it all up without a problem. I posted about it in the post after this one. Maybe you could do something like this too?

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I love people that are kind to animals and you seem to be just as much a great pet owner/parent!

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  6. Hello Natascha: I figured your Migraines got the better of you. Winter is rough everywhere! I have had a lot more bone pain these past 2-3 months than before. It all takes a toll. I don’t post a lot about myself or my health; just keep the posts light & fun…I’m glad you figured out a way to get meds into the furbabies. I did have BellaDharma on Clomicalm. Was crushing it to a powder & adding to wet food; that worked 5 days & then she refused to eat! The .med did not taste bad but she knew it was in there…I am now using Feliway Diffuser Plug-in & that has helped her a lot.
    Sending ❤ & best regards to you & Ralph & the furbabies, Sherri-Ellen ❤

    Meow meow Murli iss lovelee to meow with you again. Say gettin treetss inn-stead of meddycinss iss furabuluss! Mee was gettin sum icky meddycin butt after sum dayss ree-fused to take it. LadyMew found a plug inn meddycin that makes mee feel happy an calm…much better than stewpid meddycin! Wee have had so much snow an chilley here….it iss nevurr endin! Sonic an Samantha mee hopess you both feel bettur soon. Murli mee hopess you are all rite too. LadyMew did ree-search on both Hypurr an Hypo Thyroidss butt mee NOT have propurr simtomss for eether….(Shee wurriess far too much!)
    Sendin ❤ an ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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  7. Hi Natascha, Ralph and cats, good to hear from you and glad the cats are all sorted and getting better with the tablets. Good you can get around with your bicycle in Graz, it is so helpful I find cheaper and definitely better than a taxi. Cats don’t like the carriers, mine always meows too, but otherwise we cannot take them to the vet. Hugs to all Ute oxo

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I prefer my bicycle so much to anything else. They did a great job in Graz to make it easy to get around on your bicycle. We have lots of bicycle lanes all over the city and you can get pretty much anywhere in a safe way. And it’s much faster in most cases too.

      Yes, carriers can’t be helped, that’s true. It would be too risky to even try and just carry them in your arms, or put them in the car, or just into a basket on a bicycle lol. Thankfully Murli doesn’t cry at all when she’s in a carrier. Sonic only meows for the first few minutes after being put in and then stops and calms down. But they are all glad to be back home and out of the carrier again!

      Lots of love and hugs from us ❤

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  8. Brave cats and brave you too. Hopefully, they are all recovering now. Really shocked to hear how the taxi drivers are, how horrible. Take care both of you and have a great week. xxx

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, Samantha is slowly getting better and Sonic is better too. It will all take a while, but they are all happy and their normal selves. Murli is doing wonderful on the tablets for her thyroid, but she needs to have her teeth sorted out.

      Ugh yes, I’ve not been lucky with taxis. Not fun at all and I avoid it at all costs now.

      Hope you had a nice weekend! Hugs!!!

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