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Spring is coming, cat sitting and Ralphs apartment in Spain

March 24, 2019

This afternoon was warm enough to leave the balcony door and the windows open! I put up the protective cat net on the living room window as well! It’s lovely. The cats really enjoy being out on the balcony and getting some fresh air on the windows. Samantha took the chair for herself right away of course, and had a nap on it. But we have enough chairs.

Murli was out too, but first she had her nap on the stove this afternoon. Just like the other day, when I took the following picture.

March 21, 2019
Samantha and Murli

But after her nap and having some food, Murli got some sun as well.

I put our umbrella up on the balcony every day now, because it’s just so bright in the kitchen otherwise, which easily gives me migraines. But it’s lovely at the same time that it’s finally getting warm.

I just took these pictures before I started this post. The trees are blossoming and there are primroses and daisies and all kinds of other flowers on the lawn.

Samantha is doing a lot better now with her tummy. The chronic inflammation has gone down and she’s not throwing up (except for furballs sometimes) or having the runs.


Samantha just before, waiting while I was preparing the kitties food. That’s how she sits and looks at me when it’s time for food. 

Murli is doing perfectly well too. Her mouth is healing without problems and she’s eating properly. The latest blood test results came back a few days ago and it shows that she’s doing very well. The thyroid meds are working and everything else is perfectly fine. But she’s going to have her milligrams for her thyroid medication reduced, since the blood test shows that it’s just slightly above the desired level now.

Sonic is still on his month long treatment with the tablets that help his immune system and he’s the usual happy boy he always is. His eyes aren’t as runny anymore and his nose is better too. But he’ll be getting some long term medication for his auto immune disorder after this round of tablets is done.

March 24, 2019
Samantha and Sonic after they just woke up

In all, the cats are happy and doing well!

Also, we had an idea…

As many will know, I had to stop working because my migraines and my joint condition had gotten so bad, that I just could not do it any longer. That was in 2012. My day to day life feels so much better, but even with just normal household chores and/or grocery shopping, I reach my limits regularly. Because it does not take much for something to feel physically exhausting to me. Yet I still wonder if there is anything I can do. Now with Murlis quite expensive medication, I felt that it would be great if I could at least earn that little bit with SOMETHING.

Then Ralph said I should be a cat sitter, since I am good with cats, including cats that don’t know me, and I just love everything that has to do with cats. I did think about it before, but I thought there are so many pet sitters/cat sitters, that I would not have much of a chance without official cat sitting experience.

Still, if there is something I can do and that I can do really well, then it’s dealing with cats. I can do it physically and should not reach my limit, even if I had to visit a home with cats once or twice a day. It’s just a bit different and does not require a long stretch of strenuous activity, and does not cause stress. Even if I do get a migraine while visiting a home to care for cats, then I just take my medicine and let it work, while I sit down to pet the cats, or brush them, or play with them, without having to move around a lot.

Anyway, I thought why not. It’s not going to hurt to try. So I used my FB account to make a page for myself, offering cat sitting for Graz. You might have seen it in my sidebar already. It’s in German since it’s for my local area. But I’ll put 2nd description on it, that will be in English, since there are also a lot of English speaking people living in Graz.

What I noticed so far, and expected anyway, is that people looking for someone to feed / care for their cats in their absence, are asking specifically for someone experienced in that job. I mean I’d be really picky too if I would look for someone coming into my home while I’m not there, to take care of my fur-babies. That person would have to be really trustworthy and nothing but kind to the cats.

So we will see what happens with that adventure 😄

And another thing…

Ralphs apartment in Spain still needs to be sold. After nothing really happened with people wanting to buy it, we knew we needed to do something. So the first thing I did was to create a blog to show case the apartment, since ads usually have a limit on photos and text. Maybe some sites where I can put up ads will allow me to link to it. It will probably take a while, but it would be such a relief for Ralph if the apartment is finally sold.

That’s it for now 😊 The kitties and myself wish you all a lovely Sunday! It’s already past 9pm here, so I’ll be off to bed in a bit.

Love and hugs, Natascha and the cats 😺😸😽

24 thoughts on “Spring is coming, cat sitting and Ralphs apartment in Spain

    1. Thank you! It’s so great to see the cats happy and doing well.
      Yes, I thought if someone needs someone to look after their kitties, then I could at least make back what the cats medications cost every month. Just because I want to, we’re not in trouble if it doesn’t work. We will see how it goes 😸😄

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    1. Yes, we’re happy 😊 Def. going in the right direction. If the apartment is sold, it will be the last big thing off of our list. You’re right, we’ll get there. The apartment will be sold at some point, as Ralph isn’t asking much for a really lovely apartment.

      I’m sure it’s going to be a while before someone hires me as a cat sitter, but once I’ve had a few people, it should be easier. Even if I only make 20 to 30€ every now and then, it’s a good thing. We’re not in trouble financially, so there’s no pressure. It’s just something that would be great and would be something I’d like to do.

      Have a great week! Hugs ❤

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  1. I’m glad things are looking up for y’all. But I’m also sad that there’s been no movement towards getting Ralph’s apartment sold. Has he considered changing realtors?

    I know precisely what you mean about doing too much at times. I have fibromyalgia and while I’ve been blessed to have the pain under control, I will always have to deal with the fatigue. Some days it’s all I can do to take a shower. [You might want to check into low-dose naltrexone, which is what finally gave me pain relief. It’s used for treating a lot of conditions, even migraines I believe. And it’s very affordable. A good starting point would be to visit http://www.ldntrust.org and http://www.lowdosenaltrexone.org.]

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    1. Sorry for the late reply, but I was out of order lol. Migraines and absolutely no energy. But anyways, all better now. Thank you for your wonderful comment!

      Yes, Ralph had a realtor right in the beginning, but they didn’t really help at all. It would not have been worth the money they would take in the end. At least not with the realtor that Ralph had in the beginning. We are starting to get more proactive in advertising the apartment on the internet. I’ll put ads in a couple property search sites and everything else I can think of. So we’ll see. But even if it takes a while, we’re sure somebody will eventually buy it, because it’s just really a lovely home.

      We would have absolutely loved to live there ourselves. But due to my health problems, Ralph decided it is better for me to stay in my own country. So instead of me going to Spain, Ralph came to Austria. We’re making ourselves a lovely life here 😊

      Oh I really feel for you and can relate as well. I guess I forgot to mention it, but I thankfully am blessed with having my pain under control too. I’m getting opiate medication, which gave me quality of life again. I feel better than I did for most of my life. It took about a decade though for me to get that type of medication.

      So it’s basically my migraines and fatigue that I’m dealing with. I do have great meds for my migraine as well, but it still takes a toll on me sometimes.

      I’m so glad you have your pain under control! That’s so wonderful. I’ve heard about low dose naltrexone before and that it can help. Thank you for the resources!

      Hugs!! Natascha ❤

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  2. This is so nice I mean your decisions, and I am sure it will be good. And also you can make video if you like, you can earn money with videos I don’t know so much about this, but my son introduced me some of video owners they are so famous now,… By the way, my elder grandson, he likes to watch two video owners, one is a little boy and the other one is a little girl… you can’t believe how easy and how nonsense video but children likes… everyday he follows them… Maybe you can make something with your cats, just an idea… it is enjoyable too… I love your cats, they are so lovely and beautiful. Thank you, have a nice day for you all, dear Natascha, Love, nia

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    1. You write such sweet and kind comments nia! Thank you so much! ❤

      Oh yes, I've seen videos like that on youtube. There's so many people making money with their videos, doing all kinds of things. It's amazing! Ralph and I love watching youtube videos too.

      I think I'd be a bit too shy to do videos like that lol. But who knows, it's still a cute idea!

      Hope you have a great evening!
      Hugs and lots of love,
      Natascha ❤

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      1. You are welcome dear Natascha, and Thank you again, have a nice and enjoyable weekend for you both, Love, from us (with my Little Big Cats), nia

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    1. Merci pour ton gentil commentaire! Je suis content que tu aimes les photos! J’aime photographier. J’espère que mes commentaires sont compréhensibles, car j’utilise Google pour traduire de l’anglais vers le français😊. J’espère que tu as passé un bon weekend! Bises

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  3. Really enjoyed this post, Natascha. Good luck with your new venture. Just based on the heartwarming picture of you and the cats, I would hire you in a heartbeat!

    Also, enjoyed the virtual tour of the apartment. What a lovely location!

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    1. Thank you so much! I always enjoy your nice comments!
      Sorry for being late with my reply. I just had another few days of not feeling well.

      I found a couple sites that will be helpful to find people looking for cat sitters. There’s people posting ads, looking for cat sitters, and I can list my ad as well. It will take a while, but I’m sure once I had a few people hire me, it will get easier.

      Oh yes it is a wonderful area in Spain. It is lovely there and the apartment is just great. Whoever ends up buying it and lives there wont regret it. Ralph had that apartment renovated and made it into the beautiful property it is.

      I’m doing all I can to make the apartment we are in now into a lovely home for us. I really enjoy thinking about where furniture goes and how to decorate everything. Once everything is done, I’ll do a tour of our current apartment to post on my blog 😄😸😸😸

      Hope you had a great weekend! Time goes by so quickly…

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  4. Hello to all of You…..catsitting is a very good idea and I sure, you will have success….and I love your Apartement in spain!!…its very nice. I have lived some years in Andalusia and I`m often missing my life there…I wish you luck, that someone with money will buy it soon:-) best greetings from Berlin:-) Corinna

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  5. I wish you all the luck with both endeavors, the cat sitting and the sale of the flat. I know exactly how you feel as I can’t work anymore due to physical health issues too. So pleased to see the babies are doing well. xxx

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  6. Natascha, what a splendid idea! Don’t sell yourself short on experience. You may not have had a paid job as a cat sitter, but you are obviously experienced in listening to cats, discerning their needs, and just plain loving on them. You are a cat whisperer! I wish you well as you start this new adventure. Another idea is to let your vet know your plans. Perhaps even post an ad or leave some cards with her, depending on her policy. Good luck with that and with selling Ralph’s Spanish apartment. I understand about having a home hanging over your head–it is stressful!

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  7. I just explored your blog on the house in Spain. What a wonderful job you did. The apartment looks wonderful and your descriptions are excellent. I’m sure you will find the right buyer.

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  8. Cat sitting is a great idea, it is very big here where I live. I know 2 businesses, who do it. I used it some time ago. You need someone reliable and I know you are great with cats so go for it! Probably Ralph’s flat needs to go with a Spanish Estate agents…. who advertise it. Or he leave it with them to rent it out and get monthly income from it. Don’t know prices and fees there but worth checking it out. As it is not near the beach it is probably harder to sell. Glad all your babies are basking in the sun and enjoying Spring. Big hugs to you both!

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  9. Natascha, I enjoyed this post so much! So glad to hear all the kiddos are healing well!

    So sorry to hear of all you go through with your health! Migraines are terribly painful. Cat sitting sounds like a wonderful idea for you! Your love for cats is beautiful and anyone welcoming you into their home would be blessed to have you there. ❤ I pray that you are able to find the right people to get your business started.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the apartment. The view is breathtaking! As a nature lover, I enjoy most looking out and seeing nothing but natural land. I wish you both the very best! All my love to you and your family!

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  10. Good luck wit the cat sitting…..I’m sure the business will take off, just give it a bit of time and market your name😀a pity you are not around here where I could suggest you to all my cat owner friend🤷🏻‍♀️

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  11. What a wonderful update, Natascha. Great the kitties are doing well and you two also. Granny was a volunteer catsitter for the Dutch Cat Association and she loved it ❤ In the beginning it wasn't so easy to get cliënts, but after a few months the kitties were calling her…MOL 😀 It's such a grateful job. Good Luck with selling the beautiful appartment in Spain, will cross my legs for you🐾 Good Luck Pawkisses for a Happy Spring to all of you🐾😽💞

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  12. We’re glad to hear things are generally goin’ well fur ya’ll awnty Natascha. All the kitties look gawjus and happy of course. As fur x’perience, you have it, you take care of your own and medicate them and clean up after them. In the US, peeps offen want someone who’s insured. Ya’ know, just in case you steal from them or whatever. You might check into that, or bein’ bonded. We don’t know the rules or laws fur your area, so furgive us ifin we’re offurin’ advice you don’t want. And, have ya’ll thought ’bout rentin’ out uncle Ralph’s ‘pawrtment, least till you could sell it? Ifin we could get mommy’s social security in Spain, we’d buy it. MOL We’re sendin’ big hugs and purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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