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A rainy cold and windy spring. The cats want some sun!

Like almost all over Europe, it’s been mainly cold, windy and rainy this spring. Again and again, the alps got snow, and the temperatures dropped as the ice cold wind came through. We did have a few really nice and war days, but they were usually just a day between rain and cold.

Cats all over miss the sun, as do their humans. Ralph especially does not like the cold and so we keep the heat going. It’s just that sometimes I have to turn down the heat, because I get hot so easily, but then Ralph feels a bit chilly. The heating we have is awesome and really creates a lovely warm apartment. So it’s all lovely and nice in our home. But the cats, especially Murli, would love to be able to go in and out onto the balcony as they please, but it’s too cold to leave the balcony door open. The same goes for the windows. I put a cat safety net on the windows in the summer, so I can leave them open and the cats can hang out there, enjoying the fresh air and the sun.

I always think about what else I can do to make the cats happy, so I got them a board with a cushion on it (this one), to create an even surface for them to lie on. Because the window sill on our living room window isn’t even and has different levels. This window design is typical for old buildings like ours here. This is what it looks like:

02.04.2018 15-46-25
Sonic on a photo from last spring last year

And now with the cushion board, they have a comfy little place to relax or watch what’s going on outside:

Lumix 10-05-2019 10-14-43
Samantha on a sunny morning

I have to wrap a towel around it, because otherwise Samantha would rip the cushion to shreds lol.

But isn’t she a sweetheart? She loves it on there. After I took this picture, I filmed her for a bit as well:

(Excuse the dirty window. We just had a construction site creating a lot of dust, and then it rained…) She loves the soft board and now she can finally lie down at the living room window properly. it’s lovely to see that happy little girl ❤ Murli and Sonic enjoy it just as much.

The other new things I got for them are two water fountains / water dispensers for cats. Because it keeps the water clean all day. The absolutely love it and drink even more than before. It’s awesome. Sonic is the one who has the longest drinks and so it was easy to take a picture with him drinking.

Murli, Samantha and Sonic are all doing really well with their medicines. They are all happy and feeling their best. Murli is back to normal now, full of life again, happy and  talkig a lot, and following me around. She is really busy watching the birds at the moment. I feed them and have two bird feeders, one in the bushes and the other on the metal pole for our washing line on the balcony, so it’s not right in or near the balcony. Murli is out there as much as possible right now with the cold. But we did have a few warm days, like when I did this video of her.

It’s purrfect kitty TV for Murli. Thankfully she does not try to jump up to get to the birds, she just likes to watch them and talks to them. Samantha and Sonic would not jump at them either.

May 10, 2019 10:27am
Sonic on the balcony Spring 2019
Sonic watching the birds on a sunny day

Today, the icy wind is still blowing, it’s cloudy and dark and it will probably rain again. We all are waiting for the summer and hope it will come eventually. It’s still spring now anyway, even if it does not seem like it with snow on the surrounding mountains… The following images are of the webcam that is located on a nearby mountain, that’s just outside of the city and about 1400m. That’s why it’s so cold.

I want to go up there with Ralph in the summer, because it’s lovely and I haven’t been up there since my childhood. There’s a restaurant up there which serves awesome sweet things as well. You get up there by cable car, which I really look forward to. The times I was up there as a kid, we walked up or we got taken up by car. So it will be my first time with that cable car, and I’m sure to film and take pictures of it all.

Hope you’re all well! Ralph, the kitties and myself wish everyone a nice day ❤

26 thoughts on “A rainy cold and windy spring. The cats want some sun!

  1. Cats love sun and who can blame them. I would rather have sun too. Actually my kind of weather is 80 degrees and no humidity. LOL Hope cats get their sun soon.

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    1. Oh 80 degrees, no humidity and sunny is my perfect weather too! The cats would love it as well. Murli does not like humidity either. But it’s nice when it’s just sunny, and not too hot and not humid. Perfect! That’s what spring here would be like normally. Thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂

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  2. Hi guys,
    It is nice here, getting warmer but we are supposed to get a few rainy days which we need. It is so dry here.Stella and Milo are good. Milo is going for another haircut tomorrow, he looks like an old man with all the hair.
    We are going to Mums this afternoon We had movers yesterday deliver some of her furniture to her new private room in the home. Today we are going to re-arrange things and unpack her pottery and decorate. She turned 95 a month ago but is still going strong.
    We are both good. I am having surgery next Friday to have my gallbladder removed. I had to postpone my knee replacement because of the gallbladder trouble.
    Sounds like you and Ralph have the same problem Denise and I have. The only thing we argue about is the temperature. She is always cold and I am sweating,lol.
    Well time to drink my coffee and get ready for the day. Love to all.
    Shelagh and Denise and Stella and Milo

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! That is so sweet of you! I’m sorry for being absent so much, but my migraine gave me a hard time since early March, because of the constant bad and windy weather.

      Glad to hear you’re all fine! LOL at Milo looking like an old man 😂😂😂
      So by now your Mums furniture must be in her new room and you are done with all the moving. Must have been quite a day! It’s great to hear your Mum is still going strong!

      Oh dear, I totally hear you about gallbladder problems… I hope the surgery will go smoothly and you will feel much better afterwards. Gallbladder colics are the worst! Hopefully you can get your knee sorted soon afterwards. I really feel with you.

      LOL yes, the temperature is the only thing Ralph and myself are not in agreement over. So we usually leave the temperature somewhere in the middle of not too hot and not cold. The cats like it warm too, so I’m the only one needing cooler temperatures. I just have summer stuff on all day at home, even if it’s freezing outside lol. Worst out that way 😄

      I’m also just having my first coffee. Feeling well today, not having a migraine yet. Will stop by FB and Twitter soon! Have a nice weekend all of you!

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  3. Not only the cats, I need sun too. We all are craving warmer weather. My heating came on too in between and I still got an extra blanket on the bed…. It will come I do hope! Wonderful pictures and videos Natascha.

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    1. HAHA of course! It’s really lacking in warmth and sun everywhere it seems. It is crazy to me that we still have the heat on in mid May lol! The longest was usually early to mid April. If things would be like they used to be, you could go to the pool and it would be like summer in mid May. Oh well, like you say, the summer will hopefully come. Ralph is fed up with the cold too!
      Glad you liked the pics and videos!
      Have a great weekend! HUGS!

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    1. Aww I’m happy you liked the video! Yes, it really is lovely to watch and hear the birds. I love the have them around and watch them at the bird feeder. It doesn’t get boring for the cats. Thank you for your sweet comment! I have a couple more videos by now that I’ll be posting soon.
      Have a great weekend! HUGS!

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    1. Haha, just like the cats! I really hope it will be sunny and warm for all of us soon. It has to… It’s almost June!
      Wishing you a lovely weekend! HUGS!!!

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    1. It really is gray and rainy all over! Hopefully it will be over with all that soon. It will be a record for sure if we have to keep the heat on in June. Which has never happened before, at least in my life. Yeah, at least the snow doesn’t come all the way done into our valley… But the mountains are still getting snow, which keeps it cold.
      Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you a lovely and at least rain free, weekend! HUGS!

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  4. Soooo glad to hear 👂 from you 💋 even though you didn’t write this specifically for me. Sounds as if you all are doing well, the babies are still beautiful as ever. I’m sure they love being on the balcony.
    For some reason out weather has been fairly good, rain ☔ but not a cold one. It’s supposed to be 90° here on Friday & Saturday. Well I must go now to try to get Mi-mi in the house. Good hearing 👂from ya, love to all. 💋🙋💜💋💋💜💜

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    1. Oh dear, I just lost the whole long comment I wrote to you… No idea why. It just loaded a message that it wasn’t posted and that was it. It was gone. Silly!

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog!! It’s awesome to see you here. 😘😽😽😽💕 I’m really sorry though for replying so late. It’s migraines again that messed things up recently. It took me days to write the post and days to do a few comments. Just because it’s uncomfortable for my eyes to read and write… The windy and rainy weather is responsible for that. I can’t wait for the summer to start, because then I’ll feel better.

      Glad it’s not cold for you! 😊

      Yes, we’re all well happy. I hope you all are too?

      I do my posts with all of you in mind. 💕 I think of it like a message, or just an update to everyone about us.

      Lots of love from us all😘😽😽😽💕💜💙💚🧡💕

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  5. In northern New Mexico in the U.S. we have had changeable weather too. Snow, rain, slush and sun all in one day. Your kitties seem to enjoy life regardless of the weather.

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    1. LOL sounds like the weather we had last year in April… Oh dear, yuck.
      Yes, that’s true! All 3 cats are happy regardless 😊 Really thankful they are all well and happy!

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    1. You’re welcome! 😊 I am doing more videos and already have a few more. I’m looking forward to post them.
      Yes, we hope so too! Can’t be long anymore I think… Hoping for a change in June😉

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  6. Cats are crazy with the Sun… Your cats are so lovely dear Natascha, and you did wonderful videos and photographs. Blessing and Happiness to you ALL, Thank you, Love, nia

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    1. haha yes they really are! As soon as there is a nice sun puddle somewhere, they’ll be there.
      Thank you! 💕😊 I’m so happy you like the videos and photos! I’ll be posting more for sure!
      Have a lovely Sunday!

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  7. What lovely videos of the cats!! Murli looks wonderful. Her eyes are so golden yellow…WOW!
    And our weather is a lot like yours…I swear if we had mountains like you we’d have snow on them too!
    I think Ralph & I are alike…with my Skeletal Hyperostosis I have to be warm at all times. I still have the heat on here….or else the bone pain flares up severely.
    I think we are actually have a real Spring. I just hope Summer is milder than the last 3-4 we have had.
    Give my regards to Ralph please. and *kiss* Murli, Sonic & Samantha for me. And BellaDharma sends her ***purrsss*** an **nose bumpsss** to all of you!
    Thanks for the lovely Bday card for her too!
    ❤ & {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Yay! Happy you like the videos and pics! Yes, it’s amazing how her eyes have such a vibrant colour! It’s the same with Samantha and Sonic in the right light. Samantha’s eyes can be wonderfully green. Sonic’s eyes seem to be a mix of green and yellow sometimes 🙂

      LOL, the weather really seems to be similar everywhere at the moment. Everyone I talk to has the same thing going on… Hopefully though it will be warmer soon!

      I understand. Yes, we had the heat on till yesterday too. I try to keep it around 25°C in the apartment. It is quite warm today though. It’s true, the cold makes the pain in my joints flare up too. It’s not good at all.

      Yes, a mild summer would be nice. I like summer, and the warmth and sunshine, but if it’s too hot and especially humid, it’s awful. The summers were lovely when I was a child, but now it’s either too cold/rainy or too hot. Though, I love the days when it’s just right and the summer evenings.

      I’ll send everything on to Ralph and the cats! Murli, Samantha and Sonic send nose bumps and purrs to BellaDharma and you too!

      You’re both welcome! I’m happy you liked the card from us ❤ ❤ ❤
      HUGS!!! Natascha & the kitties ❤

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  8. Love the cat video with the soothing music. We could all learn a bit about just hangin’ out and enjoying life from our furry feline friends. As always, love hearing from you and Ralph. Have a great summer and enjoy your trip to the mountaintop!

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    1. Thank you! What a lovely comment! So happy you liked the video!
      You are right, we can definitely learn quite a bit from our lovely cats ❤
      Oh I'm looking forward to that trip. You'll all see videos and pictures of it all. I think it will be a while until the weather is right for it. Hopefully we can do it soon.
      Have a wonderful day!

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