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Our nice weekend

Friday started out much warmer and more sunny than it has been for many weeks. But Caturday felt almost like summer, as did Sunday, when it was even warmer. So of course the balcony door and the windows were open all day for the cats to enjoy, and for us too.

It was nice to feel warm air coming in from the open balcony door for a change. I put the umbrella up and some hung two mats on either end of the balcony for shade, and put the chairs out.

Samantha jumped right through the string curtain and onto this chair…

Samantha with string 01
Samantha: “What? Do I have something on my face?”
Samantha with string 02
Samantha does not care… Bird watching is more important.

No, she could not care less about the string on her head. The birds were up and down at the feeder and it was just nice out there in the shade.

Murli and Samantha stayed out there most of the afternoon on Saturday.

Samantha and Murli
Murli and Samantha

They like to change the chairs every now and then. Thankfully we have more than those two chairs, so I was able to get a chair for myself too.

Unlike Samantha, Murli tends to get hot more easily with her longer fur, so she went in to rest on the fridge for a while.

Murli on the fridge 01

Murli on the fridge 02
Murli on the fridge

Later in the afternoon, more and more clouds came up, and the wind started picking up too. We really thought rain would be coming again.

Clouds 01

It was totally overcast by the time I went to bed later that night, but to my surprise, the next morning (Sunday) was clear and sunny!

This lovely Sunday became the first really beautiful warm day this year. We all really enjoyed the warm air coming in through the windows and the balcony door all day, and how nice it was outside.

Even Sonic, who only really likes to go out for longer when it is warm, was enjoying it out there. The birds were active at the feeder as usual, providing entertainment for Sonic, Samantha and Murli.

Sonic and Samantha
Sonic and Samantha
Murli on the balcony 01

Also on that Sunday, Austria voted in the European Elections. I went to my local voting station right in the morning, because it might have been much more busy later that day, since we live in the biggest district in our city. It was just down the street from us in a school building.

Election at the local school
The building where I voted

Above the entrance it says “Mรคdchen”, which is German for “girls”. It is an old school building and still has the writing from when schools used to be separated into girls and boys houses. The second half of the building, which is farther to the left and not in the picture, the writing above the entrance says “Knaben” which is an older German word for “boys”.

It was quite busy in our street that day from all the people going to cast their votes. This school was just one of many voting stations in our district. Every district in the city has many of them. It’s usually very close to where you live and schools and other public buildings are used as voting stations.

Anyways, I went back home to enjoy the rest of the day with my awesome husband and my sweet kitties. So we truly had a great weekend, despite having had two migraines.

Today, Monday, I woke up with yet another migraine… The weather had changed again and it was dark, cold and raining. It kept raining all day too and we had to put the heat back on lol. But we’re already looking forward to the weekend again, because the forecast says it will be nice!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and had a pleasant start into the new week โค

16 thoughts on “Our nice weekend

  1. It was so pleasant to read about your wonderful weekend. I almost felt like I was there! So much sunshine–how wonderful. I could tell that the cats enjoyed their time on the balcony. Silly Samantha!๐Ÿ˜‚ Natascha, I do wish your migraines would leave you alone. It sounds like you have had them for way too long. ๐Ÿ˜ž I hope your weather is blissfully beautiful again this weekend.

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  2. An entertaining and interesting post about the felines. I nominate it for “Best in Cat -egory.” The string curtain looks like a giant cat toy.

    I’m curious. Do you always suffer migraines when the weather and barometer changes?

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    1. Thank you so much! What a nice comment ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh the string curtain IS a big cat toy! Especially Samantha loves it. Of course there’s a few strings missing by now and a few are shorter… ๐Ÿ˜† But it’s not notable.
      The curtain helps to prevent bees and wasps and the like from flying in.

      Yes, I usually always get a migraine, especially before it rains and als when stronger winds come up, due to the pressure change.

      I have chronic migraine, which means I have more days in a month with migraine than migraine-free days.

      I have had it since I was 6 years old. But they have gotten increasingly more chronic since I was about 25. I’m 39 now. It’s the main reason besides my joint problems, why I had to stop working in 2012.

      Basically a brain that suffers from migraine is an over sensitive brain. The nerves simply react to almost everything with a migraines: Hormonal changes, temperature changes, barometric changes, stress, upset, anything that causes my heart to beat faster for a few minutes, bright light (including sunlight), blinking lights, a lit screen in a dark room and just doing anything that even slightly causes exertion (just house work like vacuuming or bending down too much and all kinds of other things.

      It’s not as bad with everyone who has migraines. Mine are just more severe in regards to frequency and sensitivity.

      That’s about it. Thank God I have medication nowadays that gets rid of a migraine within an hour, but I still feel the after effects for the rest of the day, like being tired and a bit dizzy. My short term memory is affected slightly.

      Lol what a novel of a comment ๐Ÿ˜† But I like to explain things as well as I can.

      Have a nice day!โ˜บ๏ธ

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      1. I may have mentioned this before, but I used to have migraines while I was caretaker for my mother. After she passed they stopped. However, about three times a year I get what they call ocular migraines. I see flashing, zig zag lines in one of my eyes that obscures part of the vision. It lasts for 20 minutes…exactly. There is no head pain involved, but after it is over I am exhausted…like I just ran a marathon. Kinda weird but not life-threatening in any way. On sunny days, when I close my eyes, the flashing lines are in technicolor. On cloudy days they are black and white. Go figure. Here is a link that will show you what they look like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo139jYAFzA.

        Say hello to Ralph for me.

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        1. I will jump in here Al. Amazingly I have the same problem with my eyes. It also happened while I was a carer for a friend in 2012. It is very rare that I experience it nowadays and it usually comes unexpectedly. I found this video which shows exactly what I see.


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          1. That’s interesting, Ralph. I just get the arc (sometimes entire circle) of flashing lights but not two separate fields of vision.

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  3. Cats are crazy with the sun… And they are lucky to have a lovely balcony and a lovelyl cat humans… Blessing them all. I loved their photographs. The weather in here, crazy hot! Indoors with air conditioner we try to live… But I hope when we move to the village home, it would be better than the city… Thank you dear Natascha, have a nice day and without migrain… (by the way drink too much water)… Love, nia

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  4. Hi, I’m glad you had a good warm day too. We have had rain until today, even then we had rain but it didn’t last, although I got caught in it. I really hope the Summer starts now. We had our European elections last week, I do wonder what’s going to happen in this country as our PM has resigned. Take care, love, to you both and the cats. xxx

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  5. Mee-yow Murli you look so ree-gal on top of fridge!! An Sonic an Samantha you both look so ree-laxed on balconey….Our weekend was a lot like yoress…nice an sunny an lovelee to sit out an watch Birdie an Chipmunk Tee V!! Did mee meow to you Chewy Chipmunk who was ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha’ss frend comes to see mee efurry day??? An hee DID try to run thru’ THE condo….mee pounced! Butt missed an hee was not even scared…..
    Mee must ree-memburr NOT to pounce mee frendss, mew mew mew…..
    Miss Natascha mee hopes yore Mye-graine goess away soon. LadyMew had an all most Mye-griane Sunday nite an mee cuud see hee was inn a lot of pain…
    Mee iss endin you POTP an ~~~head rubsss~~~
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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