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Weekend, June 1 and 2, 2019

Caturday, June 1, 2019

At 7am Sonic woke me up as he was trying to curl up on me… Once Murli knew I that I am awake, she came round as well. (Murli always knows. I don’t even have to move or make a sound. She knows as soon as I’m awake … ) Samantha has already been on the bed, curled up by Ralph’s legs. I was actually glad, since I really didn’t want to sleep anymore anyway.

I like mornings and getting up early usually. As soon as it’s morning (if it’s at least a more reasonable hour like 7am), I’m like “Yay! It’s finally morning! On to the coffee.” Before I get my coffee though, the cats get their breakfast. I can’t enjoy coffee while they look at me, pleading and meowing!

Again some new stuff for the cats…

After their breakfast, I put aside my coffee after about two sips, because I realised I can actually use the cat safety frame for the window that came the other day, since it was finally pleasantly warm today, even now in the morning. We already have a cat safety net for the whole living room window, but sometimes we just want to open it slightly, which is why I ordered it. I simply fixed it onto the window and it ended up being sturdy enough.

frame 001
The living room window with the safety frame

The size of the frame is exactly right. The width is perfect.

But now little Boss-cat Samantha needed to inspect it, to make sure I did it right and that it was good enough for the cats…

Samantha 001

Samantha 002

Samantha 003

Samantha 004

Samantha 005
“Purr, I like it!”

It works just fine and it’s on there tightly. The cats would not be able to try and mess with it. They usually don’t mess with things anyway, but it’s better to be safe. I like that we get fresh air in, but it keeps it from blowing through too much.

It was a warm Caturday, but there were lots of clouds for the first half of the day. Later, it started to clear up a bit and the sun came through. The cats were happy to be out on the balcony again in the fresh but warm air.


Murli loves to have a good wash out on the balcony.

Samantha 006

Samantha took a few strings with her from the string curtain again, just in case nothing was going on on Kitty-TV.


But Kitty-TV was just as entertaining as always, so that even Sonic hung out on the balcony for quite a while.

Later the cats went in, because I think they got a bit too warm outside.

Samantha and Sonic 2
Samantha and Sonic

As every day, Samantha and Sonic gave each other a good clean. They usually end up having a little play-fight afterwards, which Sonic loves. The play-fighting never last long enough for Sonic, he always starts meowing to call Samantha back after she leaves…

Of course all of that is exhausting. So Sonic went to have a nice little nap in the bedroom.


Murli went had her nap outside a little later, since the sun was already behind the big tree and there was shade for the whole balcony.


Sunday, June 2, 2019

The morning was even warmer than yesterday and it was sunny, despite a lot of fluffy white clouds. I got up at 8am, and after a few sips of coffee, I decided to get my camera and go all the way up the stairwell to the last communal balcony, to see the view and the sky:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will go up there again to take better photos and probably for a video.

Sunday Morning 04

That is looking down to our balcony. The little black blob you see down there is Murli πŸ˜‰ I got a bit dizzy looking down lol. I’m not used to being high up.

Sunday Morning 05

Sweet girl had no idea I was up there looking down on her, she was fast asleep after her breakfast. I went back down right after this picture.

Our day was quiet, but I did go out once to pick some sweets up from my Dad. When I was out, the sky had gotten so dark, I thought I would not make it back home dry. Thankfully though I did. But the weather stayed that way. The whole day we saw big black clouds. It stayed very warm, and the rain came in the early evening and only lastet a few minutes.

This is what the sky looked like for most of the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m glad that it’s finally gotten much warmer and it’s awesome that we’re now able to leave the windows open. It’s so much better for me to have constant fresh air, since stuffy air often causes migraines too.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Much love from us all and thank you so much for always writing such nice comments and for all the likes on my posts ❀



15 thoughts on “Weekend, June 1 and 2, 2019

    1. Haha yes, Samantha is the smallest of the 3 cats, but she is the boss. She always has to inspect everything lol! And thank you, now I know what that is called, a window gate! I struggled to find a word for it lol.

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    1. Had no idea it was called a window gate, but thanks to you and other commenters, I know now. I can never find a proper translation for the German word “Gitter”.

      Yes, it works wonderfully! It’s often too much to open the window completely, because it really blows trough on some days. With the big window net for the cats that we also have, I have to keep the window open all the way, but now with the addition of the window gate, I can do both and we always have fresh air.

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    1. Yay! We’re really glad it’s warming up now!
      Oh dear, we’re already near the weekend again! Sorry for my late reply. Looking forward to write another post with more photos. Hope you had a pleasant week! ❀

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  1. Mew mew mew Samantha yore a furry guud Inn-specktur! An Aunty Natascha you did a furabuluss job with THE screen! Yore balcony catio iss purrfect!
    An Murli you look lovelee inn yore photoess. It iss so wunderfull to bee abell to go outside rite?? Mee iss enjoyin mee little Condo all most efurry day.
    An Sonic yore bed selfie iss adoorbss (as Murli sayss)!!
    Thingss purrty quiet here. LadyMew iss down with Flu so shee stayin home an wee hangin out a lot in bed….
    ***purrsss*** an ❀ BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The kitties are all asleep after eating, so I’ll be replying ❀
      Haha yes you are totally right with that sweet BellaDharma! Samantha is a great Inspector. She is the smallest cat of all 3, but she is without a doubt the Boss-cat. She has to inspect everything!

      I'm so happy I can make things nice for the kitties, and safe! They are all very happy with the window gate / screen and our balcony Catio. I have even more ideas for the balcony Catio! Of course, I'll share everything I do πŸ™‚

      So nice to hear you can enjoy your little Condo! Yes, Murli absolutely loves being able to get some fresh air too. It's good for all of us to get some fresh air and sun ❀

      You are such a beauty yourself BellaDharma! All your photos are cute and lovely ❀

      Oh yes, we read on Facebook about it. So sorry LadyMew is unwell with the Flu. Not good. We will keep sending prayers and healing purrs and love.
      Hope the Flu will be gone in a bit.

      Big hugs from me too, to both of you ❀
      Love, Natascha ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Thank you! I’m really happy I was able to make it nice for the cats, and safe. Love to do things for them. I still have more ideas for the balcony Catio πŸ˜‰ All 3 kitties enjoy it and we are really happy it’s finally getting warm.
      Hugs!!! ❀

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  2. What a lovely weekend. We had a good weekend too and ended Sunday night with a trip to the beach, a lovely walk for Dante boy, our dog, and a wonderful night for looking at the sky. Love to you both and the cats. xxx

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    1. Oh that sounds like an amazingly lovely weekend for you! What a nice thing, being able to take a trip to the beach. I love the ocean and enjoy walks along the beach every-time during a vacation.
      Looking at the sky at night is awesome too! Ralph and I like it as well.

      lol, and now it’s almost weekend again! Hope your week was good!
      Hugs ❀

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  3. You get your coffee AFTER feedlin’ your fur-babies? REALLY? SWEET. Oh, actually, that’s what happens here, too, although… Although truth be told, there are times I wish the peep would get her coffee first on account of… Well… Let me put it this way: Have you SEEN my peep before she has had her coffee? Scariest. Thing. EVER. MOUSES!

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    1. Aww! I would not be able to enjoy my coffee with the cats looking at me hungrily and meowing… Not that they would let me have coffee in peace anyway if I tried to have it before their breakfast.

      LOL! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΉπŸ˜Ή

      Better let her have her coffee then, otherwise, there might be mistakes and you get coffee for breakfast, while the peep ends up with catfood in her cup!

      Though, I have done some silly things without coffee too. Last time I was about to put the dirty dishes in the oven instead of the dishwasher… 😡

      Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you all have a pawsome day πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜½πŸ’•β€οΈοΈ

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