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Last week a baby Redstart spent the night on our balcony

31-05-2019 19-23-16
Baby Redstart

Last Friday, May 31, in the evening, all of a sudden, a little baby Redstart landed on our balcony. It’s a Common Redstart to be exact. It wasn’t there just moments before and unfortunately I did not see it fly up to our balcony, or down to it, from a nest higher up. It must have just left it’s nest that afternoon, to learn how to fly.

With the baby bird on our balcony, I knew why I could hear Redstart’s flying all over the garden and calling relentlessly, seeming quite upset for most of the day. They must have been looking for their baby and weren’t able to find it for hours. I had been wondering what was going on with them all afternoon.

A little later I tried to take a picture from the bedroom window, but that wasn’t all that easy through twice the amount of fencing from the balcony. But you can see the baby’s red tail:

31-05-2019 20-50-10

That little one was just sitting still, not moving for a long time, except for blinking it’s eyes. It stayed quiet as well. It was already getting dark when it started calling out, as the parents were near. Finally they were reunited again and I was able to watch the baby as it was being fed on our balcony. I was watching it all from our bedroom window, which is to the right of the balcony and set a bit farther back. Unfortunately it was too dark by that point to get a proper video or photo.

Since I was not sure how well that little one was able to fly at that point, I did not want to risk it getting scared and flying down onto the ground. Because they can flutter down at first, but not really up. So I left the door closed and nobody was allowed out, neither Ralph, myself or the cats. The balcony was to be off limits for as long as the little one would decide to stay. It would have been dangerous if it would have sat on the ground all night, unable to fly higher again. But the baby bird was safe on our balcony, as it’s too high for even a cat to jump onto it.

With the balcony door closed and the blinds all the way down, there were lots of meows at the balcony door for a while… From Murli.

Here is a video I took with my camera, shortly after I saw the Redstart baby sitting there. That little bit of baby bird fluff that’s still on it’s head is totally adorable:

Before the video with my camera, I just took a video with my phone, not knowing if I would have time to get the camera. The special thing about that video is that you can see one of the neighbour cats hiding in the high grass, stalking. The kitty was actually stalking pigeons that were down on the ground, but she looked up once she saw me and the baby bird.

The next morning, I got up early and looked out of the bedroom window first thing, and the baby was still there. But once I got into the kitchen and carefully looked out under the lowered blinds of the balcony door, it was gone. A few minutes later I saw it on the ground, getting fed by one of the parents. I saw it was able to fly about half a meter higher into the bushes.

Later that afternoon, the parents were calling for their baby again, flying all over the garden, looking everywhere. I was able to film the Mum when she was near the balcony and once on the balcony. Thankfully they found the baby shortly afterwards again.

Since that day, the parents and the baby are together, and there is no more upset calling and flying around by the parents. I hope I will see the young bird again soon, and hopefully get a photo or video of it 🙂

The quality of the photos and videos isn’t perfect, but it’s still a lovely thing that I wanted to share with you all.

Murli, Samantha, Sonic and me wish you all a lovely day!


26 thoughts on “Last week a baby Redstart spent the night on our balcony

    1. Yes, we’re so glad as well! Especially it’s Mum was really upset looking for it all afternoon until she found it sitting on our balcony. What a cute little baby bird it was. And it’s amazing to think that this little baby will be strong enough to fly all the way down to Central Africa with it’s parents before the winter comes. They do grow quickly!

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    1. I’m just so happy it’s all fine and reunited with the parents 🙂 And it’s awesome our balcony provided it with a safe place for the night. It left us quite a bit of bird poo too,😂 because it got fed pretty well while staying on our balcony, which was also beautiful to see. We only dared to look out of the bedroom window, without opening it.
      It was so cute! ❤

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  1. I am so happy too for the happy end… Photographs and videos are nice dear Natasha, I loved them all. Thank you for your all, Love, nia

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    1. Aww, thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, I’m so happy the baby is safe and with it’s parents now, I was really worried. Glad you liked the photos and videos ❤ I love to share them with you all! Hope you have a nice Sunday!

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    1. Merci de toujours écrire ces gentils commentaires! Je suis heureux de partager des photos et des vidéos pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter. En vous souhaitant un beau dimanche de Pentecôte! Bises!

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    1. Thank you so much! That is really awesome to hear. I enjoy posting everything and share it with you all 🙂 Yes, we are so happy that they are together and the baby is fine.

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  2. Thank goodness you watched out for the little one, oh it was so adorable and I’m so happy it was reunited with its parents. We had a little blue bird hiding under the shrubbery at the side of the garden, it just wouldn’t make its way towards it’s Mama who was just on the edge of the flower bed where we have the bird feeders. We watched it with trepidation and finally it was reunited too with it’s Mama. Love to you both and the cats. xxx

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    1. I really was adorable… The way it sat and that fluff on it’s head! 😍
      Oh I’m happy that the little blue bird was reunited with the Mum too!

      I’m not sure, but I think the babies stay totally quiet and don’t move, as to not bring attention to itself, so predators hopefully don’t notice it. It only calls out once the parent is really close to the baby.

      Lots of love back from all of us! 💕🐱🐱🐱

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  3. Meow meow what a teeny littell birdie Miss Natascha….iss a guud thing you have a speshell nettin on balcony to purrtect not onlee yore catss butt THE wee birdie…..yore videoss are xcellent….wee not have that kind of birdie here. Wee had sum thing simmylar happen here Furiday. Mee was inn Condo an LadyMew came out to see sum thing clinging to door of Condo…it was a Black Capped Chick-adee…hee had taken his ferst flite an ended up on patio. Bye THE time LadyMew ree-alized what it’ was shee stood with her mouth open. Mummy Chick-adee swooped her an mee an cheeped ALOT…..mee genteelly pawed Baby Chick to ree-assure him hee was safe….hee then flew sum more an ended up on window sill. Then hee tried again an went to Auntie’ss. An then he went back to window sill. All day Mummy keeped cheepin an callin an swoopin…bye nite time Baby Chick was sittin on upss stairs balcony. LadyMew had put seedss out an Mummy tooked them to her Baby Chick. Wee were worried ’bout them both…..Caturday mornin mee went out inn Condo an LadyMew sat on bench with her coffee an wee saw Mummy an Baby Chick-adee flyin together…..what a HUGE reeleef!
    There seemss to bee a lot of this goin on! 😉
    ****purrsss**** BellaDharma

    Hi Natascha: I have to say I was VERY surprised that BellaDharma DID NOT try to hurt or eat the Chick! She has a high prey drive from her years on the streets; yet she was so gentle with that wee baby bird. Funny how cat people end up with birds on our balcony/patio, lol…. I’ve been following to Bald Eagle Cams in Iowa, USA & both eaglets in Decorah nest tried to fly & ended up grounded!! (They are at a Raptor Recovery Centre thankfully). And the one eaglet from Decorah North nest toppled out & was missing for 2 days….she was found dehydrated & malnourished & she joined the other 2 @ the Raptor Centre. I have read & seen a lot of different kind of birds having trouble this Spring….very odd! But at least your Redstart & our Chickadee & the Eaglets are all safe & sound!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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    1. So glad to hear the baby Chickadee and Mum were reunited as well! It’s really worrying.

      Yes, baby birds are leaving their nests everywhere at this time of the year to learn how to fly. They all flutter down, and they usually learn to fly quickly, because they want to get back to the nest and be together with the parents. The parents, will still feed the baby bird outside of the nest. But they get separated in the beginning, because it seems that baby birds have it in them to stay really still and quiet. Because they do not want to bring attention to themselves and get noticed by predators. I saw how the baby Redstart only moved and answered it’s Mum when the Mum was really close.

      And so, if the Mum doesn’t get close enough, she will not find it because it will not answer her if she is too far away.

      Poor baby Eagle! But so glad it was found and rescued!

      That is so sweet that BellaDharma was gentle with the baby! Especially since she was used to hunting. What a sweet girl!

      Thank you for your sweet comments BellaDharma and Sherri-Ellen!
      We’re sending you both lots of love, and purrs and hugs! 😽😽😽❤️️💕❤️️💕

      PS: The kitties will stop by your bloggie tomorrow!

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      1. All the Eaglets left the nest prematurely as the buffalo gnats & blackflies are terrible in Iowa this year. DN9 & D33 Eaglets are coming along well @ Raptor centre. D32 has a broken tibia bone above his ankle so will need surgery.
        Carson the Peregrine Falcon chick fell 200 FEET!! He landed on a nice Cedar tree branch & his Mom & Dad located him quickly & are taking food….hopefully in a week or so he will be strong enough to fly…..Carson is only 31 days old so NOT ready to actually fly…..
        And I was really surprised how gentle BellaDharma was with the Chickadee. In fact, they baby chipmunks run thru her condo & she does not even try to catch them….what a good girl she is!!!!!

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    1. It really was amazing!
      I wonder… I think they probably have it in them as instinct. But the Mum is teaching the baby all kinds of things now that they are able to fly together!
      Hope you have a wonderful day! 😉😺😺😺

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  4. How sweet, Lady Natascha. Granny says that the birdie has purrobably made a bad landing, but waited for you till the next morning to show you that she was fine, so you didn’t had to worry. We love that they do that ❤ We never have heard the sound of a Redstart. I think you all had a great time with Bird tv live, Samantha, Sonic and Murlie…MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday to all of you🐾😽💞

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    1. Awww, how sweet of the little baby! I’m so glad to know it was safe and can fly now.

      The Redstarts have all kinds of lovely sounds, including a little song too! It’s so sweet. They also have a big journey ahead of them… The baby is going to fly to central Africa with it’s parents before the winter. Then in the next spring, they will come back. Hope they will all make it safely!

      We are really lucky to have such a nice environment here. Never gets boring!
      Wishing you all a purrfect day!
      HUGS 🤗😽😽😽💕❤️️

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