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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sometimes, I can’t find a fitting title, so I just use the current date…

You might have heard about the heatwave in Europe? We did have a few really hot days, but it cooled down to normal levels again for this weekend. Though, the temperatures are rising again and according to the forecast, the coming week will be even hotter than the previous one.

With my ongoing quest to spoil the cats as much as possible, I wanted to create more shade for them on the balcony. So I ordered a cover for the railing, which will shade the floor of the balcony. I ordered this blue and white striped one, because I love things to be as colourful as possible.

Balcony - railing cover June 29, 2019

Of course, I could just mount a cover for the whole length of the balcony railing, but then the cats would not be able to see into the garden as easily. Therefore, I folded the cover in half and mounted it so the cats would still be able to look out on both ends easily. I left more uncovered on the right side, where the bird feeder is.

The mats I had previously used for shade were by now almost falling apart from taking them up and down constantly. With this balcony cover, I don’t have to worry about taking it down all the time, since it’s made for being outside. It’s working nicely and creates full shade.

Balcony June 29, 2019 2

The wooden privacy fence and the big blue umbrella together with the new cover make the balcony really comfortable and also more private, while still giving the cats enough unrestricted view to watch everything going on outside of the balcony.

Balcony June 29, 2019 3
The right end of the balcony, where the bird feeder is.

Then, while I was shopping yesterday morning, I discovered a mat that I knew would be great for the cats to lie on outside. It is quite long and makes it much softer and comfortable.

Balcony June 29, 2019 Murli and Samantha
Murli and Samantha

I still covered the mat with their blankies and they absolutely love it. They’re out on the balcony even more now!

Balcony June 29, 2019 Murli and Samantha 2
Murli and Samantha
Balcony June 29, 2019 Murli

The reason why we don’t really need an umbrella for the right side of our balcony is this very tall Sycamore tree. In the late afternoon, it will shade the whole balcony. Although there is a span of time where the right side is in full sun for a while, before the sun gets behind the tree, but it’s not too much of a problem.

Balcony - Sycamore tree June 29, 2019

Sweet little boy Sonic prefers to stay inside for the most part. He’s always been that way and usually only stays out on the balcony for a short time, unlike the two girls who stay out there for hours.

Sonic has his favourite spots and also loves to flop down wherever he feels like, even if he is totally blocking the way.

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The nights at the moment

With the hot summer days, people leave their windows open all night, including us. It is normally absolutely quiet in our block, which is really amazing considering how many apartments there are. I can leave the bedroom window wide open all night and there is just no noise and it’s wonderful!

Or it was… The lovely quiet night has been broken up by the screaming and moaning of a woman, every night for the last week.

Edit: I forgot to clarify… It’s not a woman in pain btw… She’s at it with a man and it’s totally obvious, so that there’s no mistaking what’s going on. Seriously, it’s so annoying! We heard a man moaning for a while as well the other night, that’s why I know it’s a woman with a man.

It sounds like it’s coming from the ground floor level of the building next to our building. She is really loud and it will go on ALL NIGHT. She will start at like 1 or 2 am and then keep going until it’s morning. She will stop for maybe 15 minutes in between and then start up again. Of course, it keeps waking us up. I had to close the window last night, because we needed sleep, even though I would really need the fresh air overnight when it’s hot like that. It prevents getting a migraine from stuffy air.

Here is a google maps screenshot of the part of our block where our building is. I concealed the street name with the flowers lol. It’s just safer that way I think since you never know who finds your public images and blog.

Anyway, here it is:

Google Maps screenshot of our block

The blue arrow points to our building and the area of our apartment. The red arrow points to where the moaning comes from. We can’t see the building like that from our point of view, so we can’t be sure which apartment it comes from exactly, but it’s definitely this building.

It’s just crazy! I’m certain it won’t be any different tonight either. I’m currently thinking about what to do if it does not stop. I’ve heard other people calling out to them to keep it down, but she does not seem to care at all.

Some people…

Otherwise, we all have been doing well! I’m currently looking forward to getting all my pain medicine for 18 days, starting the coming Friday. This means I don’t have to pick up my bottles every afternoon from the pharmacy. Maybe we can go up on the mountain near Graz on one of those days and take lots of photos and videos! I love doing things together with Ralph, we always have such a lovely time, no matter what we do.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday everyone! The cats are sending out purrs and paw hugs!

30 thoughts on “Sunday, June 30, 2019

  1. You are amazing dear Nathascha, I loved what you did for your all cats, this is beautiful too and I am sure cats will be so happy. The hot weather is crazy in here too, as I told before in every flat we have air conditioner this year and they work non-stop… I can’t go out!!!! but but cats love to be in the balcony, in the hot weather they love to lay down… Of course not under the sun light… Wonderful photographs, you know we all love you all Thank you and have a wonderful new week, and stay indoors when the heat rises… Love, nia

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    1. You are amazing dear Nia! Absolutely always love your photos and you always write such lovely comments! Thank you so much for always coming by and leaving your kind words.

      I’m sorry for having been gone for a week, but I’ve been totally fatigued. No idea why, but it was bad enough I could not concentrate enough to write lol. At least I did not have migraines a lot! YAY!

      Yes, the kitties love it! They are out on the balcony as much as they can. They enjoy the soft blankets and the shade, but still being able to watch everything that’s going on around them with the garden and the birds.

      Samantha is like that! Even if it’s hot, she loves to flop right out on the balcony. Ralph had air-condition in Spain and it was absolutely wonderful!

      It can be very uncomfortable without it here in south-east Austria. The home where I grew up and the two previous apartments I lived at were horribly hot in the summer. It made you feel ill, because your body has no chance to cool down, except for a cold shower or going to a swimming pool. When it’s really hot here, it does not cool down much overnight either, so you really don’t get a break from the heat. Once I got fans it helped a ton though.

      But it’s totally different for the apartment we live in now. We are so lucky! Despite no air-condition, it stays cool because of the old type wooden shutters and blinds we have and of course the thick walls of this old building. It’s lovely warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s awesome.

      I totally understand not wanting to go out in that heat. I avoid it as much as I can too!

      Hope you’re doing well! Have a comfy Wednesday evening πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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      1. You welcome dear Natascha, the amazing one should be for you, don’t worry about reply, I can almost understand you. let me say again drink water (2 liters for a day) especially during summer, it will be fine for your migraines too… Right now there is high humidity but the weather is windy and cloudy… Your home seems so nice for summer and also for winter… My cats are very naughty and they make me so tired. This summer I study philosophy and translation (from English to Turkish) and it really takes my all time in day… But I enjoy so much. Anyway dear Natascha, I am so glad when I hear you, of course, Ralph too, you are both, no, you are all together with your cats are very special family, Thank you, have a nice sleeping and enjoyable a new day, Love, nia

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    1. Oh thank you miriam! It really is cosy now and the cats love it! I really enjoy doing things for the cats and our home.

      The noisy neighbour was quiet recently, but it might have been due to the cool nights we had since the beginning of July. The weather was rainy and mostly cloudy with a cool wind, so they kept their windows closed overnight probably and we did too. As it is heating back up to normal summer temperatures now, we’ll see if they get noisy again lol. I’ll put a note on or in their building if they do next time.

      Hope you have a lovely day! Hugs!

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    1. Sorry, I forgot to clarify in the post. I made an edit for it to explain better. No it’s a woman and a man, making love all night by the sounds of it. It’s just so loud and we hear the woman all night. She is only quiet for like 15 or 20 minutes before she starts up again. No fun that. I just go woken up again by her…

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    1. Thank you! I just can’t sleep with anything on my head or anything in my ears, no idea why. I tried all kinds of things back in my previous apartment. It was soo noisy there all the time due to loud music coming from multiple neighbours and because they had music festivals and loud events around there all the time in the summer.

      Compared to that it’s not such a big deal. They will calm down at some point maybe, or enough people will complain. They have been shouted at a couple of times in German and English lol. Otherwise, it’s so quiet in our area, you would not believe we’re living in the city 😊

      Have a lovely day! πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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    1. Thank you!

      Your catio is awesome though! That is some nice work there! Your cats are definitely happy!
      Hope you have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Oh yes, they do make some really nice soft earplugs. I used them when I lived at my previous home, because it was horribly noisy there due to very loud music from multiple apartments nearby at all times during the night. It was absolutely crazy there. In addition, they constantly had music festivals and other noisy events going on in the street and the big square nearby. So I tried all sorts of things back then.

      I just can’t sleep well with them in my ear lol. It keeps bugging me and wakes me up. But they do block out noise quite well.

      Compared to the noisy area before it’s no big deal. Except for that woman, it’s so unbelievably quiet in our area, it’s amazing. It’s so quiet, you would not think we live in a city at all. So we’re really lucky actually. If they keep being noisy, more people will complain I guess. And maybe, they will calm down on their own.

      I enjoy doing nice things for the cats and for our home. It’s fun! And the cats are loving it on the balcony 😊

      Have a lovely day! πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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  2. You made it so nice for the cats, They surely do love you. I like the colour too, looks so summery. You made your balcony really lovely, a joy to sit out there….. with a book. Hope your neighbour calms down eventually…. sure others hear it too. Hugs and purrs to you all!

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    1. Aww thank you! I have fun doing things for the cats and making our home beautiful. They really enjoy it on the balcony!
      Haha it does look summery! Colours are awesome!

      lol yes, I hope they do calm down. It’s been quiet for a while now, but that could have been due to the cold weather. The nights weren’t warm enough to keep the windows open, so we would not have heard anything anyway. But it’s warming back up now, so we’ll see.
      Yes, people will complain I’m sure if they keep it up like that. I have heard people yelling at them to keep it down lol.

      Though like I said, it’s otherwise soooo nice and quiet. We are really lucky with our place. Love it here!

      Hugs and purrs back! πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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    1. Thank you ksbeth! It’s fun to decorate and make things enjoyable for the cats. They absolutely enjoy it out on the balcony 😊
      Hope you have a lovely day! πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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  3. I love what you did for your kitty cats. Glad they are enjoying too. What lengths we will go to to spoil and keep our cats/pets comfortable. I love the colors you chose. Great idea.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the cats are loving it on the balcony. It’s nice to see them enjoy it out there.
      So true! We will go to great lengths to make our cats happy. I love spoiling them! It’s lovely to see them happy 😊
      Hope you have a lovely day and thank you for your nice comment!

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  4. What a thoughtless neighbor you have. We actually left Mexico a month early this spring because of neighbor issues. I don’t know what we’ll find when we go back in the fall. But, on a positive note, what wonderful kitties and what a great outside area you have created for them. I am so happy that you are able to get 18 days of meds at one time now. That is a life changer for you and will free you and Ralph up so much for a little travel.

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    1. Ugh yeah, the whole block can hear them… But there is a chance that it will calm down again. I heard her last year as well, and then it was quieting down again after a bit. So hopefully it will be the same this year too. They have been shouted at from a couple other apartments already, in German and English lol. We called out for them to be quiet too.

      But like I said, otherwise we are so lucky here. There’s no noise around here at all. Everyone else is so quiet and there’s no loud music going all night or anything really. It’s so quiet, you can just hear the wind and crickets during the night.

      Oh no, I’m sorry you have neighbour issues in Mexico! I know how exhausting a bad neighbour can be. I had 3 of them in my previous home. It was craziness. I pray it will be alright when you get back to Mexico!

      Thank you so much! The kitties are very happy. It’s fun to make it nice for them and see them enjoy it.

      We had quite the bad weather since I got my medications, so we haven’t really been able to make any plans to go out, as it was so unpredictable and rainy the whole time. But we still had and have a nice time at home. It’s relaxing! And I’m going to start a Crochet Curtain for our living room window, with cats on it. I’ll post about it in my next post, just got all my stuff crochet stuff.

      Hope you’re doing well! Sending much love from us and cat purrs πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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  5. The balcony looks wonderful and the cats are having a great time. So sorry to hear your sleep is being disturbed can you ask other neighbours if they are waking up too? What a pain though having to shut the window, I sympathise as we live near an RAF base and the noise of the planes are dreadful. Love to you and Ralph and the cats. xxx

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    1. So sorry for my extremely late reply. I’m hopeless sometimes and just can’t seem to get them all done in one go… Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

      Thankfully it seems that the neighbour has calmed down for now. The weather has been bad for two weeks and a lot of nights we had the windows closed. But now that it is getting warmer again, we didn’t hear anything at night with our window open. So they might have calmed down now. Otherwise it’s so lovely quiet! You just hear the wind and crickets. Other people will be complaining too if they keep being noisy I’m sure. The whole block could hear them!

      I can imagine it must be seriously loud with the base next to you. Oh dear.

      Lots of love to you as well from us all πŸ™‹πŸ±πŸ±πŸ±

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  6. Mee-yow wow that iss sum set upss you have there Miss Natascha! You have made a Purradise for Murli an Samantha an Sonic!
    LadyMew suggested you call Police an tell others to call an maybe they can stop all this buzyness!!!
    ***purrssss*** BellaDharma

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    1. No worries sweet BellaDharma. Probably sounded worse in my post than it is. We really have it quiet here, very quiet. It was just those silly people being noisy. And it seems like they have stopped being noisy for now. Maybe other people complained. It’s peaceful again! My worries with calling the police are that they might stop being noisy once the police arrive. It happened once when my Dad called the police on some awful people that were extremely noisy with loud music at 4 in the morning on a Sunday. Once the police arrived, which was quite a bit later, they had stopped and the police just said: “We could not hear anything…” Duhhh.

      Anyways, at the moment, everything is quiet! Lots of love from us all! Big hugs & purrs from all 3 😸😺😺

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  7. I’ve always had trouble deciding that if there is reincarnation, what I would like to come back as? I now know. One of Natascha’s cats!

    As for the hijinx in the adjoining building, just drop an anonymous note in their doorway that the man is having an affair. At least the ruckus will be more interesting than the love making. Ha, ha.

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    1. Awww! That is cute! Every cat will be spoiled in my home!

      OMG lol that is so funny! I thought about putting a note over there. You give me some great ideas lol! Thankfully we had a break from that crazyness for a while due to bad weather and cold temperatures, so they had the windows closed, as did we over night. But it’s going to warm up to normal summer heat in the next days, so we’ll see. Going to put a note over there if it starts up again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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