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A possible construction site in our bathroom, a Crochet project and happy cats

We stayed at home for the past two weeks, as the weather wasn’t really predictable to go take the cable car up the mountain. They would have shut it down anyway as it was too windy. It had cooled down a lot for the first week and it rained a lot. It’s warming up now, but we still get rain every afternoon pretty much. But we always enjoy our days, no matter if we’re home or somewhere else.

I also had a lot fewer migraines! Instead, I had quite bad fatigue for some reason. I also have low energy, or rather, not enough for everything I want to do. But that fatigue was really annoying, as I felt too tired for anything. Even too tired to use the laptop, read or write much. I might have not been drinking enough… It’s better now after drinking more, but it’s not yet totally gone.

Even though it’s looking like a thunderstorm is coming right now, we finally had a lovely summer day today!

I’m using two umbrellas on the balcony to have shade on the whole balcony for the cats and us (well mainly me, as Ralph does not mind the sun).

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The cats are happy! With the bad weather, the cats stayed in for much of the day for two weeks. Inside, Samantha’s favourite spot at the moment is this carrier. This old carrier has been a bed for a long time already.


I brought Murli’s big pillow from my Dad’s home. I forgot to bring it when I moved and then I forgot for all this time… It’s not like she was out of beds or anything. We have countless baskets of all types, sizes and shapes and countless other nice spots for the cats. But Murli was definitely happy to get this big pillow again! My beloved Mum bought it for Murli when she was a kitten. She loved it ever since. The perfect spot for the pillow was the washing machine, since Murli likes to hang out in the kitchen anyway.


Sonic still loves the bed the most…


I’m starting Crochet

I always loved Crochet! And I’m going to crochet a Kitty-Curtain for the top part of our living room window.

Living room window

This is the curtain that I’ll be doing. I bought a German book with lots of cute crochet curtains on Amazon.


This is the curtain I’ll be doing:


It’s been a long time since I did anything though and my Crochet stuff has been lost for the most part when I moved one time… Because I really wanted to start it up again, I ordered what I needed…

Like a book that teaches everything I need, as I forgot a lot and I also want to learn more.


I also got a set of crochet needles and a bag to put the yarn in and all the tools. The bag has a pocket for the yarn that you can close. But it also has little holes so only the thread gets pulled out while you crochet. It’s helpful because if I have the yarn just out on the table, with it spinning every time I pull on it, Murli goes all silly with it. So that bag is helping a lot with that.

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I’m really going to enjoy this little project and all the ones that will follow!

Water damage in our building

A couple weeks ago, a contractor sent by the building management came to inform us that a wet stain in the stairwell has been reported to the building management. I had no idea what he was talking about, but he showed me.

June 6, 2019 - Wet stains
Yucky wet stains where the pain falls off

After he showed me that spot, I knew what he was talking about. I just never thought it was water damage. That stain was there for a very long time, maybe even since we moved in. I always thought it was damage from people bonking furniture into the wall when moving. The stain never changed and always looked the same, but looking closer it is definitely wet.

The problem is, behind this wall, which is a very thick wall (about a meter thick), is our bathroom. The back wall of our bathroom. Within that thick wall are numerous water pipes. Immediately to the right of the stain, much closer to the stairwell, is the hallway toilet that two neighbours use who live in the two one-room units on the same floor as us. The contractor had a look in that toilet and with him, I did too. The back wall of that toilet is wet with stains as well. It’s not a big leak, it must be a tiny little leak somewhere that has been going on for a while.

From our apartment and our bathroom, you can’t notice anything. It’s all perfectly nice. No mould, no bad smell, no tiles falling off the wall. It’s a nice bathroom and I love the tiles. I really hope they won’t have to rip our bathroom to bits… Our toilet is fine as well, you can’t notice anything there either.

On Monday the contractor comes again and they are going to look for a leak in the pipes. No idea how they’re going to do that. Maybe they already rip the bathroom to bits tomorrow. He said the fault search will take about two to three hours when I asked. Hopefully, they don’t find the fault within one of our pipes, so that they don’t have to make a construction site of our bathroom. Of course, everything is paid by the building management, but it’s no fun. I just have no idea how that is going to go.

The other side of the wall, in the hallway toilet and the stairwell wall need to be repaired anyway, so I would hope they would open the wall from that side and not from our perfectly fine bathroom.

Anyway, before they are coming on Monday, I’ll get both cat litters and their food and all the cats and close the door to the hallway and kitchen. That way they will be in the living room and bedroom and the hallway in between those two. But the door to the rest of the apartment will stay closed, so that they won’t have to be so afraid and are safe. Because with people going in and out of the apartment, I don’t want to risk them running out of the apartment door.

I’ll let you all know what comes out of all that on Monday.

Regarding the noisy neighbour I wrote about last time… It’s been quiet for almost two weeks now. The temperatures have been low during most of these nights, so we had the bedroom window closed and would not have heard anything. But we didn’t hear anything when out on the balcony really late either. Also, it’s been gradually warming up again these past days, and now with the bedroom window open again, we did not hear anything from that neighbour either. Maybe enough people complained or they calmed down lol.

Hope everyone and their kitties are fine! Sending love from all of us and Happy Caturday!Β πŸ’•

23 thoughts on “A possible construction site in our bathroom, a Crochet project and happy cats

    1. Thank you! Yes we are staying cool in our apartment thankfully. The cats drink very well from their water fountains and I’m so happy for that. They’re doing well despite the heat, they’re just sleeping most of the day.

      It seems it won’t be a big construction site in our bathroom. Just the tap/faucet in our shower needs to be changed as it it leaking into the wall very slightly when it’s turned on. That’s going to be fixed soon.

      Thank you for your lovely comment! We wish you and your sweet kitty a great week!πŸ’•

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  1. LOL Natascha maybe someone is slipping Valium into the noisy neighbors’ beverage?!?!?! I suspect there were ALOT of complaints & they were told to settle down by the Authorities…maybe they are even embarrassed! Whatever stopped them I am all for it!
    An reading about your bathroom plight I truly hope there will be NO demo in your lovely bathroom & that they do the fixing from the hallway alone….I would go ballistic if I had to deal with anything like this. I can’t handle the stress or the noise or the dust. In fact, I opted out of last year’s new bathroom scheme. And it was horrid enough listening to them working above & beside me…..I told Housing Rep it would be nice to go thru an entire year WITHOUT ANY RENOVATIONS/NOISE/DISTURBANCE!! So far it has been quiet this year; maybe they actually listened (Or ran out of $money$ to do more work!)
    I remember Murli’s cushy bed; so happy she had it back. Samantha looks so cute in the carrier & Sonic knows a good thing when he sees it.
    Lovely balcony set up….wish I could do something similar on patio; without trees we are baked from 6 A.M.-2 P.M. during Summer. so BellaDharma is not allowed out…
    WE have had major heat wave & today is the worst. I keep having Asthma attacks…..not very happy about that. Hopefully the rain comes tonite to cool things down!
    Give my regards to Ralph & lots of **kisses** to your cats & a BIG {{hug}} for you from!!
    Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

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  2. Your cats are so lovely and I loved their photographs. Blessing them all. Your curtain project made me excicet, I love this kind of things… Good luck dear Natasha, it will be so enjoyable. I have always something to crochet, especially when I sit in the living room while we are talking or we are watching TV, it is something like habit, can’t sit without doing anything…There is a table cloth now in my hand, when will it be finishing I don’t know but my habit… waiting for me on the coach always… We are in the mid summer and the weather started again to be hot… How passes time I really don’t understand… especially this summer, anyway, I hope and wish your construction in the apartment, to be solved without giving you any damage and any problem, Good luck for this too. Thank you, it is always nice to hear you. Have a nice day and new week, Love, to you ALL, kisses for cats πŸ™‚ nia

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  3. Natascha, I enjoyed your post so much. The picture of Samantha is priceless. Her personality really comes through. Wishing you well with the potential construction. Also, that extreme fatigue must be very difficult to endure and manage. I’m praying that you get relief from it. I love the crochet pattern you chose. It will be perfect in that window. Wishing you a good week! 😊

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    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed my post! Haha yes, Samantha is very photogenic! Her photos always turn out great. It’s much more difficult to take photos of Murli and Sonic, as the photo never shows all the lovely details of their faces that we can see with our eyes normally.

      I’ll post a quick update about the bathroom construction site. Thankfully it seems there won’t be a construction site. It’s the tap/faucet of our shower that needs to be changed as it is leaking into the wall very slightly when it’s turned on. Also, the seal that should keep the water from showering from getting into the wall is not sealing anymore either.

      Thank you so much for your prayers! I don’t know why the fatigue comes up some days and some days I feel better. I feel better at the moment for sure though πŸ™‚

      I started with my curtain and have so much fun doing it. Can’t wait to have a bit more progress with it and post a photo of it for you all.

      Lots of love from us! We wish you a great week as well!πŸ’•

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  4. I hope they don’t have to rip out your bathroom. I love crocheting as well and work on my projects in the winter, to keep my legs warm lol. Very cold in Scotland. Good luck with the projects and can’t wait to see the results. Love to you both and the cats. xxx

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    1. God yes, we hope so too. I think I’ll post an update tomorrow night about it all lol.

      Crocheting is awesome! I love how I found through the comments that many of you lovely friends are doing it too! I’ll love to post my progress in a few days. Lots of love from us and have a great Sunday! πŸ’•

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  5. glad you enjoy your days, whether home or out, the cats certainly do! the curtain project looks wonderful and best of luck with the wet well and your neighbor who is quiet for now )

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    1. Yes, the cats always enjoy everything pretty much! They’re happy little rascals.
      Looking forward to posting my progress with the curtain in a few days.
      I’ll be already glad to know what they will be doing tomorrow. And even more glad when they are done with the bathroom!

      Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Love from us all πŸ’•

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    1. Thank you! I’ve already started to crochet the kitty curtains for the top part of our window. Having so much fun doing it! Can’t wait to post a photo once I have a bit more progress with it. Wishing you a great day! Lots of love from us allπŸ’•

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  6. Nice to have a thunderstorm. I like thunderstorms–the scarier the better, I saY! Though others would disagree! I don’t even want to think about water leaks in the wall! There is a great view for the animals from the balcony. Finally, old beds and pillows are often the best, while new ones get ignored. That is the way of the cat world. You, cats, and Ralph have a nice week. Glad your doing better. I have those days when I am tired for seemingly no reason at all!

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    1. Haha, same! I love thunderstorms too! I can’t help to take pictures of the awesome clouds and the thunderstorm approaching every time, as well as make videos of it while it goes on. I’ve got thousands of photos of thunderstorms lol.

      Thankfully it seems the leak in the wall is not too serious apparently. The contractor found that the tap/faucet in our shower is leaking ever so slightly and the seal that should protect the inner wall from water is not sealed properly. At least that is what seems the most likely at the moment. So that will be fixed in a bit. If the humidity is decreasing afterwards then that’s what caused the wet walls. Not our problem, because it was not us that had it installed, that was done before us. So thankfully no big construction site!

      lol, the cat world is just like you say. Even a paper towel will be used as a spot to nap on instead of a comfy cat bed… Though overall, our cats use everything we have for them. They just change around and use whatever they feel like using at the time.

      Yes, it’s really no fun to be tired for no reason… Especially when you can’t seem to get over it, despite enough sleep. Sorry you have those days as well…

      We all wish you and your adorable cats a nice week! Thank you so much for your nice comment!

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      1. Thanks for the big reply. I don’t go out in stormy weather if I can help it. Nice to hear the plumbing is not a major disaster for anyone. It is cat napping time at the moment here. Yes, I am tired today, but I got a good reason for it. That means I should be happy about it?! Should be a slow week for us this week for a change, I am happy to say.

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  7. You are well sorted for this curtain you want to crochet. It is a great and fun project. I did one for my bathroom with a peacock on it. I love crocheting too. You will love it! Do show us the result. concerning your bathroom it is better if sorted and you might get a new bathroom out of it….. you never know.

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    1. I have so much fun crocheting. I started off just doing test rows of different stitches that I will need for the curtain, to get a feel for it and choose the right yarn and needle. I’m doing the curtain now! Your curtain sounds lovely! I love peacocks ❀

      Thankfully nothing serious is going on with our bathroom. We will get a new tap for our shower. So no destroyed bathroom 😊

      Hope you have a great evening! Love from us all πŸ’•

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