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Bathroom and wet walls update – August 11, 2019

Finally getting back to my blog! I always miss it so much. But I’m horribly unable to post as long as I’m feeling anxious. The bathroom problem kept my anxiety high for no real reason, but my anxiety is always over the top for every little worry. I wish I could get rid of it. Though most of the time I’m fine, so I’m actually lucky.

Anyway, I seem to be in a much better headspace today, thanks to my awesome Ralph, who constantly reminds me that there is nothing to worry about at all.

The Bathroom and the wet walls
Last time I left off shortly before somebody was coming by to look for the source of the humidity in the walls of the hallway/stairwell. Back then, we had no idea what to expect and we thought in the worst case we could have a total construction site in our bathroom.

Thankfully that’s not the case. The contractor from a company specialising in finding leaks in buildings and fixing it came by on July 22. He measured the humidity, measured the position of the wet spots in the stairwell and measured the position of the taps in the bathroom and some other things. It seems the humidity comes from the shower tap, and it’s not a broken water pipe. There are apparently two things wrong.

One is the plate that should protect the area behind it and the inside of the wall from shower water:

The plate behind this tap is not sealed off properly, so shower water gets behind it and into the wall. It’s by now bent and a bit messed up after it had been taken off and put back on many times when it was checked out, which happened on multiple occasions.

So this plate was not sealed off properly and every time we had a shower, water would get behind it and into the wall. In addition, the tap itself drips slightly when the water is turned on. So both things together caused humidity to collect and cause the wet stains in the hallway/stairwell outside.

Though, there have been stains like that already before that have been here since before we even moved in. So what happened was probably that the stains were caused by the woman who lived in our apartment before us already. But after she moved out, the apartment was empty for quite a while and so the stains dried and so nobody worried about it (knowing the building will be renovated in the near future).

Therefore when we moved in, those already existing stains became wet again slowly over time. So, of course, no one noticed, since you would have to look closely to notice that the stains are humid. It probably was the people from the company that cleans the building that called the building management about the humidity in the stains.

That means that the tap has to be changed to a new one and the new plate needs to be properly sealed. Since it was not our fault that is was like that and because there was nothing you would have noticed from inside our apartment, I felt that we should not really have to pay for the changing of the tap. Which is why I contacted the building management about it.

Shortly afterwards, somebody from our landlord called us because he wanted to have a look at the problem himself and talk to us. He came round and wasn’t really worried about it. I just showed him where it was and what had to be done. He said that they will sort it out. He also told me that the stains all over in the stairwell have been there for years.

Then on Friday afternoon, I got a call from the landlord’s insurance company about it. He asked me about it all again and he also needs to come by and have a look at it, which will be on Tuesday morning. Of course, that caused me anxiety to spike again…

I just want it to be over with and fixed, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Back when the contractor came on July 22, the cats really had a difficult and confusing morning…
Since I had no idea what to expect and because I took a possible construction site with multiple workmen into consideration, I moved all the cat’s stuff into the bed and living room and the hallway in between. Then I closed the door, so they could not get into the rest of the apartment (hallway, kitchen, bathroom, toilet…)

Needless to say… they weren’t exactly happy. They were totally confused as to what’s going on.

Sonic: “What’s going on Mum?”

Yes, Sonic was totally confused as to why his toilet is over there all of a sudden. Also, the water fountain had moved a bit and the cat food has moved from it’s the normal spot to the right of the cat fountain. In addition, Murli’s big bed moved from the kitchen to this little table in the corner.

Stuff is all in the wrong place

Murli’s toilet moved into the bedroom… (Samantha goes on both toilet btw, it’s only Murli and Sonic that keep to their fav ones.)


While the door to the rest of the apartment was still open, Murli walked around and was really confused as to why her toilet was gone after having a look inside. The slightly open door you see is the door to our toilet. The human toilet, which is where her toilet usually is.

Murli in the hallway

Also, my bicycle, which is normally in our rather wide hallway, was now on the balcony.


So after finishing off with moving everything, I closed the door to keep the cats in the bedroom and living room area. There was lots of meowing and scratching at the door from Murli. Sonic and Samantha just sat in front of it quietly for a while. All of them looked thoroughly confused.

But thankfully it did not take long at all. So I was able to put everything back to normal soon later again.

The contractor will come to measure the humidity in the walls again a while later after the tap in our shower has been replaced with a new one and the plate sealed. If the humidity decreases after that, then it will be clear that it was just the shower tap causing the wet walls.

We’ve got household insurance now!
IΒ finally got us household insurance, and I found a really great one too by comparing all household insurances and insurance companies. I should have done that a long time ago really. This insurance protects us really well. If I had gotten it much sooner, it would have covered anything we might have to pay to get the tap changed. We might not have to pay anything, it all depends on what the landlord’s insurance company will do after the appointment on Tuesday morning. Still, I feel much better just having it now. It’s not even expensive at all, which is awesome.

I’m working on a second post right now, because it would have been way too much to put everything in one single post.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and have a wonderful remaining Sunday!

23 thoughts on “Bathroom and wet walls update – August 11, 2019

    1. Yeah they’re going to fix everything soon and then it will be over and done with and I’ll be so glad when it’s all over.

      So true! Cats really don’t like any change, and they don’t like doors being closed, that are normally open.

      Thank you so much! Have a nice eveningπŸ™‹πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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    1. Thank you a lot! Yes, I’ll stay positive. Feeling much better now!
      No we won’t have to pay for those repairs thankfully. The insurance for the building is covering all of that.
      Wishing you a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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    1. I’m feeling much better at least. It’s a good thing that we won’t have to pay for these repairs since the building is insured and the insurance covers it.

      No it thankfully was not long at all for the cats. They were the most upset about the door being closed, keeping them from getting into the rest of the apartment.
      Hugs and thank you for your comment! πŸ™‹πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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    1. Yes, I am very lucky 😊! He’s a wonderful husband and friend. And you are very much right… Most problems often have very simple answers.
      Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.
      Wishing you a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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  1. So many people involved just to stop a drip!!! I hope the plumber checked the weather forecast in Latvia! (Yes, I know you don’t live there!) A bit Franz Kafka! Maybe The Drip will play on Broadway? 😺 Glad to hear you bought some insurance. It is like a talisman. Once you pay for it, you never have to use it, or the one thing that happens is NOT covered (fine print) ! 😺 I understand the cat’s confusion. Sometimes if workmen arrive, here they must go into lockdown in one part of the house as well. Have a good week! 😺

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    1. πŸ˜‚ your comment made me laugh! Awesome… Because it’s so true! I think I lost count of how many people came by to have a look at everything lol. And as far as I know, there’s at least one more coming… Your comment cheered me up for sure! So funny!

      Haha that’s how it usually goes with insurance… Hopefully we won’t need it. The fine print is the most important part to thoroughly check! The tinier the writing, the more important it is to read lol.

      Oh yes they hate lockdown. Can’t be helped though, I’d be worried sick otherwise, as workmen go in and out leaving the door to the apartment open… It would be the end of the world to have a missing cat all of a sudden by the end of the day πŸ™€

      Thank you so much for your awesome comment! Have a great day! The cats say hi too!

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    1. Yes, now it’s all going to be fixed soon and the buildings insurance pays for it. We’ll just have to see how big the construction site will be and if it’s big anyway, we’ll have a new shower put in. Of course the new shower basin and everything will be paid by us. Everything that has to do with the fixing of the wet walls and any damage is paid by their insurance.

      I def. feel a lot better at the moment. Everyone that has been here to check it all out has been very nice too.

      Once it all happens, I’ll document it and share the pics with you allπŸ˜‰
      Hugs!!! πŸ’žβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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    1. Very true! Cats are really smart!
      It’s all going to be fixed. And then it’s all going to be fine for us.
      I’ll document everything to share with you all lol.

      Thanks for visiting! Big hugs! πŸ’žβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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  2. Natascha I TOTALLY relate & empathize with you. I go into HUGE anxiety attacks over renovations of any sort. I even opted OUT of having a new bathroom installed last year. I was a mess after losing Purrince Siddhartha Henry & then had adopted BellaDharma. I just couldn’t deal with anymore change. Mind you the noise from the bathroom above & the one right beside me was bad enough. Thankfully BellaDharma was not phased.
    Not sure if I told you the 3rd day of the renovation of bathrooms in my hallway a workman let himself INTO MY APARTMENT last Autumn!! There was NO excuse for this as every other door had tape on it to indicate they were being renovated. My door had no tape. The man came in, turned hall light on, pushed towel I have across bottom of door into a corner; folded the 5 foot runner in half & he STOOD IN MY BEDROOM DOORWAY WATCHING ME SLEEP. He then left my place WITHOUT LOCKING MY DOOR! Talk about Anxiety! I almost had a heart attack when I awoke & saw all this. It took me all morning questioning workers’ & finally I got to the Foreman & it was him! I LOST it on him! Completely! I told him if he even looked at my door I would call Police. And then I called Housing & lodged a complaint. I did get an apology from Housing & a mumbled apology from the Foreman…totally insincere. And when I heard he’d stood watching me I was furious all over again! Every nite I would put my walker at the door with 2 totes under it so if someone tried to enter again I would know….it was so traumatic!
    I am relieved your experience was not as traumatic but I DO hope the repair is done soon so life can resume to normal soon.
    ❀ Sherri-Ellen ❀ & ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Thank you so much! And I can totally empathize with you too! Totally understand how you would opt out of having it renovated.

      But wow… how absolutely crazy that this worker just walked in and watched you sleep. How creepy is that? Like you didn’t have to deal with enough already… It’s awful having to worry about somebody just walking straight into your home without you knowing. I just have no words. And why in the world would he fold your 5-foot runner and shoving towels and things… That is horrible.

      Can you get a deadbolt for your door? We are thinking about having it added to our door. Not only does it lock your door from the inside, it would also strengthen it. Nobody would be able to enter anymore, even if they have a key to the normal lock.

      I’m so sorry that happened to you. Sending you lots of love and big hugs! Including cat paw hugs and purrs to both of you πŸ’žπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ’ž

      Going to finish replying to your other wonderful comment tomorrow morning. We’re having a national holiday tomorrow, which is awesome and always calming to me.

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  3. I’m sorry this has been a tough time for you, but things are getting sorted and that is good. Perhaps it was a good wake up call on the insurance which will save you future anxiety. Neither people nor cats like change. I hope things settle down for you soon.

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    1. Yes, you’re right! It was a good wake up call. It feels good to know we’re insured now for all kinds of things that can happen or go wrong. We were actually amazed about what this insurance all covers. I also chose to have it include things that can happen out of negligence. Not that we ever are but it’s a good thing. It covers basically everything, no matter why anything happens or who’s fault it is. Its amazing really.

      Yes, especially unexpected changes can be scary or upsetting. But it’s good that things will be fixed.

      Have a lovely day and thank you for your kind comment! Hugs!πŸ’•πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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  4. NATASCHA it was all VERY crazy & creepy!! And I felt violated I can tell you…he was a man in his 60’s like me. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing. Housing gave him a talking to also. I lodged a complaint. Why he moved the runner & towel baffles me. Once inside my hallway with light on he would see I was not being renovated….
    Thankfully they are all done & gone & I feel safe again.
    Our lock is a deadbolt that locks from inside. And we are NOT allowed to add any chain lock or other device.
    You know I love watching Renovation shows on TV but I am not keen on actually having it done in my own place!
    {{hugs}} & ❀ Sherri-Ellen

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