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Hot day today! Some more flopped out cats.

It’s been hot with high humidity all day. Even Murli didn’t stay on the balcony and went inside at 10am already. She’s been up on the fridge all afternoon. I found out that there is a slightly cool spot right in the middle at the top of the fridge. So that smart girl found that out at some point, which is why she’s always up there when she feels hot.

Murli and Samantha

Even Samantha likes to be near the fridge and she enjoys Murlis big cat bed. Though Samantha likes to move around a bit more and changes her sleeping spot repeatedly.

Sonic moves around as well and changes his sleeping spot constantly throughout the day. Especially when it’s hot, he likes to simply be flopped out somewhere. It’s his favourite position when it’s hot.

Here is a of photos of him flopping all over the place. Some of the pics are from earlier in the summer, but most of them are recent.

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After Murli has been on the fridge for most of the day, she’s just gone on the balcony again. It’s almost 7pm now and still hot outside, although less than during the day of course.

Murli is herself all flopped out now…


Cute Cat Lady Stuff
I’m enjoying working on my crochet Cat Curtain for the living room. Once I have a bit more of the cats, I’ll post my progress. I just love doing it. It’s relaxing! I especially enjoy doing it while I listen to podcasts on my phone, sitting outside on the balcony.

Something else I wanted to share are those cute things:

Cat figure on the bathroom window

A little cat figure on the bathroom window…

and a kitty wind chime above the balcony door…

Kitty wind chime

I love wind chimes! When I saw this one on Amazon back in 2018, I had to get it for our home. It’s lovely when I hear the chime when a breeze comes through. It’s been difficult to photograph because it’s so high up. The chime is hanging in front of the top window that’s above the balcony door.

There is a lot of Catlady stuff throughout our home… But it makes me happy seeing those cute things around lol.

WordPress Premium
In case you’ve seen the way my blog looks, with the new background and colours changed, that’s because I have finally decided to get WordPress Premium. The reason I did that was to be able to monetize the blog. It would be crazy awesome to be able to earn a little bit with blogging. I want to get into blogging a lot more and it would be wonderful if I can add a tiny bit of income with it. No matter how small, everything counts.

Yet another unexpected update regarding the bathroom/wet walls problem
Today a contractor from the company that will fix everything rang our doorbell. We didn’t expect anyone today, but I guess he was having a look at everything outside. He asked to have a look at the shower tap and shower wall. Of course, there’s nothing to be seen, but I explained to him what the other contractor found out.

He told me that they will come by again soon to decide how to go about fixing everything. Because apparently, they do want to get into the wall now to look at the pipe. On the other side of our shower tap is the back of the communal toilet in the hallway. And it’s that wall that is quite wet. That wall can’t be seen at all by anyone, except the people using the toilet, which are two people. I never knew what it looked like in there until the contractor showed me.

Thankfully we have our own toilet IN our apartment and also thankfully, our toilet is not wet and won’t have to be messed with.

Something has been going on there for a long time and I guess they just want to have a proper look at it all and fix it all for good.

He said they will come by at first to decide if they are ripping into the wall from the side of the communal toilet, or if they go in from our side in the shower. If they go in on our side, it means a much bigger construction site for us and tiles being removed and everything. Which is a shame, since it’s looking really nice. I love the tiles we have…

If they have to rip out the whole shower including basin and everything, then we’ll have them put in a new shower. The new shower would be paid by us anyway. The reason we would have it changed then is that the shower basin currently has no proper foundation/support underneath. As it is now, it will break completely anyway at some point. You can feel it is a bit bouncy, because the shower basin kind of just hangs in the air, for the most part, only supported at the edge probably.

Whoever did the installation of the shower and shower tap long before us, probably wasn’t a proper professional. Thankfully they’re all professionals from proper companies now. So things will be done properly.

Of course, being me, I got a refill of anxiety after hearing about having to have a construction site in our bathroom after all. But Ralph got me calmed down again, talking about how there isn’t really anything to worry about and how I should just let them get on with it, doing their jobs and then it’s over with and how it’s a good thing if they fix everything. We also don’t have to pay for that fix either, since the landlord’s insurance pays for it.

Like I wrote in my post yesterday, somebody from the landlord’s insurance company is coming tomorrow morning to also have a look at everything and measure the humidity in all the walls.

I just hope nobody tried to call me today because there’s a massive outage on Magenta Telekom’s network. Magenta T. belongs to T-Mobile. Nobody on that network had cellphone reception since the early morning. No calls or text and no internet on cellphones. But thankfully the normal internet modem works fine. It’s just the cellphones for some reason. I can’t remember there ever being such a big outage. It’s all of Austria. Not that I care all that much, since it feels actually nice to know that nobody can call me, which means I can’t get any calls regarding the bathroom/wet wall problem, which would only feed my anxiety again lol.

The title in the image below translates to: “Map of Magenta’s outages/problems”

Underneath it translates to: “The last reported problems mostly came from: …”

Screenshot of Magenta-Störungskarte _ Allestörungen
Outage areas for the Magenta (T-Mobile) outage. The only white area is where the big mountains of the alps are lol. No cell reception up there anyway.

So we’ll see what comes out of the appointment with the man from the insurance company tomorrow. I’ll keep you all updated.

Thank you all so very much for your wonderful and kind comments on yesterdays post! All of you are always so sweet to me! Love you all! 💕🙋😻😻😻💕

22 thoughts on “Hot day today! Some more flopped out cats.

  1. Good to read, that you will not need to pay for all this repairing, Natascha 🙂
    I wonder, if you don’t use your wifi connection at your mobile, when you are at home?
    Then it doesn’t matter, if the other network doesn’t function.
    All your cats are lovely and looks like, they are enjoying life.

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    1. Hi! Yeah I do use my wife at home on my phone. But I can’t receive phone calls on the phone as long as the network is down.
      It’s alright, I wasn’t too bothered by it anyway 😉 I knew they’re going to have it fixed soon.
      Seems like I’ve got cell reception back again. Got a full signal and was able to phone out. All good!

      The kitties say thank you for your nice compliment 😽😽😽💕 They’re great at enjoying themselves ☺️ Happy kitties!

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  2. I do like your new look of the blog Natascha. I also love your little cute cat things. We had after rain about 16 degrees… how different it is. Last week in Germany it was 29 degrees, which I did like. Here in Britain we have a typical Summer , wet and windy….. 🙂 The cats do feel the heat lots, poor things. Regarding the bathroom, see it as real great opportunity to get a new shower, that is something to look forward to. ♥ Love to Ralph and the cats!

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    1. Thank you! I love it too. Love the flowery background and the different colours. I was also happy to finally be able to edit the CSS for my blog. Now I was able to increase the size of the font on my sidebar. It used to be so small.

      One day I need to take a tour of our apartment and post a video or pictures. There are so many cute cat things all over lol!

      This summer wasn’t really hot as much. It used to be really hot and dry all the way from June until the end of August. The last two summers were quite different to what I’m used to in our region. We did have hot days, but it’s usually just two or 3 days and then about a week of cool temperatures and thunderstorms, before it slowly warms up again for a few days.

      It’s windy but quite nice outside today. Sunny and warm.

      Yeah, cats are just flopped out somewhere cool when it’s hot. Thankfully it’s not hot in the apartment here, we’re really lucky. So they’re quite comfortable. Sonic flops out on the floor anyway, he just loves to do it lol. Murli really used to suffer from the heat in my previous home. Poor babies.

      Yes, we’ll see how it all goes. But a new shower would def. be awesome!

      Have a wonderful rest of the day! Hugs and love from all of us 💞😺😺😺💞

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    1. LOL I know, it’s so funny! Sonic makes me laugh all the time with his antics. He’s a funny boy! And a sweetheart. Glad he was able to make you laugh too! 😉😺💞
      Thank you so much for visiting! You’re awesome! Much love from us as well💞😘😘😺😺😺💞

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  3. Okay Natascha just breathe….lol…this coming form the Queen of anxiety! I think Ralph is onto something. Until you actually KNOW what is going to happen try to stay calm. And remember no matter what DOES happen, Ralph is there for you. He is a good support for sure…I could use a ‘Ralph’ when I get so anxious!! I Do understand tho’. Mingflower never handled change well. Nylablue was fairly easy going. Purrince Siddhartha Henry would become a basket case of nerves. BellaDharma was so shut down when I adopted her back in September 2018 she did not react to all the noise of bathroom renos’. Now that she is a normal happy kitty girl I wonder how she would handle that sort of noise…..
    She is handling the noise of Sirens & big rigs well now when she is out in Condo. I wish I could move us somewhere quieter….but I am lucky to even have this place.
    Our weather has been up & down also. A bit warmer here this week…but not too humid! I love all the pix of the cats flopped out everywhere!!! Sonic is cute as a button!
    Love to him & Samantha & Murli from us here ❤ ❤ ❤
    Best regards to you & Ralph from me & **purrsss** BellaDharma

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    1. You are awesome, thank you so much for your kind comment. Anxiety is really no fun. It messes with your head so much.

      Yes, it’s so true, but it’s so difficult at the same time not to be anxious, especially when things are uncertain. I’m much coping better once I know what is going to happen.
      But I’m feeling fine now. Not anxious. For now it all seems to be going fine and things will be fixed soon and the insurance of the building pays for the repairs.

      Ralph is really amazing, I wish you had a Ralph too. I’m seriously lucky to have such a wonderful husband who is also my best friend.
      Though I can be there for you when you want to write to me, to talk about anything or pour your thoughts out, because I can relate a lot.

      Poor kitties… I know, some cats are really panicking when anything changes and have a hard time coping. Minky, my kitty boy of my childhood was like that.

      I’m glad sweet BellaDharma seems to be handling the noises well now and that she’s happy!

      Maybe you’ll be able to move somewhere quiet and really safe one day. I can relate to noisy surroundings, as the apartment I lived at before, at my Dad’s, was sooooo noisy thanks to horrible neighbours in the surrounding buildings and constant noise in the street. It was awful and it drives you nuts, especially if there’s no end to it.

      Otherwise, from your photos, your home always seems so nice and comfy. I also love that you have the patio.

      So happy you enjoyed looking at the photos! Sonic is so funny, he absolutely loves to flop out like that constantly lol.

      Thank you so much for your supportive comments. Murli, Sonic and Samantha, as well as me and Ralph, wish you both a pleasant day! Lots of love and purrs to you both😽😽😽💕 (((((HUGS)))))

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      1. I relate to your anxiety as mine can be so extreme! And I’ve had counselling for it plus I KNOW what to do when I feel an attack coming on. Trouble is I panic sometimes & forget to breathe & to focus on my surroundings. I used to welcome change & be such a ‘gypsy’. Now I am rather set in my ways & very well rooted. My Nanna used to tell me that as I got older 55+ my way of thinking would change. That I would change. Boy she sure was right!!! I am empathetic & caring but I do not suffer fools well nor do I ‘do’ betrayal either.
        I would love a “Ralph”…actually I HAD a “Ralph” many years ago named David. He was my 2nd husband. I left him because I was a fool. The one good thing I did was set him up with his 2nd wife who he was with for 34 years. Charlotte REALLY loved David & so he did get a ‘happy ending’.
        He found me on FB 2-3 years ago & we have kept in touch. Charlotte died last Autumn so David & message daily to keep in touch. H even sent me the most beautiful Friendship card last week. I cried. He forgave me for being such a horrid person to him. He has always seen the good in me. The sad part is we live at least 400 miles away from each other…..sighs
        But having David there to talk to is wonderful & more than I could ever have hoped for!
        I love my place just not wild about the street noise but in Winter it is all right. I’m not sure I have another move left in me.
        Love the name Minky….you have some fabulous names for your furbabies!
        (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & purrsss BellaDharma

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    1. ☺️ Yes they are! They are able to go into the living room or bedroom if they get too hot, since it’s always nice and cool in there with the blinds down. It’s lovely! They’ve really been enjoying themselves on such a nice summer day ☺️ As did Ralph and I!

      Thank you so much! 💕

      Big hugs! And enjoy the coming weekend!🙋🏻😺😺😺

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  4. I’m sorry the repairs and inspections are dragging out as that probably makes you more anxious, but maybe it won’t be as bad as you think. Just enjoy the music of your wind chime and de-stress by petting a kitty or three and it will all be fixed in no time. Meanwhile you can be thankful you don’t have to share the bathroom in the hall!

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    1. Oh what a lovely comment from you! Thanks so much! ☺️
      Yes, you’re having some great ideas there! I was able to enjoy the chime quite a bit these days thanks to how windy it is 😊
      And it’s so true, cats help to calm nerves! I feel it every time. Especially nice to fall asleep with a purring kitty cuddled up to you 🐱

      Lol! I sure am glad I don’t have an outside hallway bathroom! 🙏
      Hugs!!! 💕 Enjoy the coming weekend dear Wi-Fi!😉

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  5. even though, it’s annoying and a bit of inconvenience, everything will work out, Ralph is right. find your cool spot on the fridge and chill out while waiting for it all to fall into place.

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    1. Yes, Ralph is totally right, as are you all 😉
      LOL can you imagine? Me sitting on top of our fridge with Murli, while the workers are passing by, going in and out and doing their work? Just being like: “Don’t mind us… We’re just chilling out up here…”😹😂

      Have a lovely Friday and thank you for your sweet comment! 🙋😺😺😺

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  6. Your cats so lovely and so adorable. Many kisses for them all… I hope and wish everything to go fine in your apartment, but I am glad nothing serrious in your home. The cat figures I loved so much, we are both cat lovers, sooo much 🙂 Thank you dear Natascha, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

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    1. Aww glad you furends liked our post! We will definitely miss the summer days on our balcony and with all the windows open (with safety net on them) 🌞😺😺😺☀️ But time goes by so quickly and spring will come again 💐 🌷 Thank you for visiting our bloggie sweet furends! 😽😽😽🙋🏻💖💖💖

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