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Lots of Autumn pictures, the kitties and a cute hedgehog

By now it really looks like Autumn here. Back in the beginning of September, it was just a few leaves here and there, while everything was still green. But within the last two weeks, the leaves really started dropping fast. The temperatures we’re having are great though! Very warm in the afternoons. 20°C / 68°F to 25°C / 77°F and sunny every day. Only the mornings can be quite foggy, and the temperatures overnight and the mornings drop to around 10°C / 50°F or 7°C / 44.6F.

During the day, I don’t even put the heating on.

Foggy Morning October 18, 2019
Foggy Fall Morning

This is one of the foggy early mornings these days. But as soon as that clears, the sun comes out and we have beautiful sunny Autumn days.

Since the afternoons have been so warm, we put everything outside for the cats and us of course, and we’re able to leave the balcony door open and the windows too.

Autumn afternoons mid October 2019
Murli, Sonic and Samantha
Murli loving it in the afternoon sun
Murli loving it in the sun
Samantha and Sonic
Sonic and Samantha
Sweet Sonic enjoying the warm sun

But even if it’s too cold to be out, the cats still have sunny spots to hang out at if they want.

Murli in the kitchen
Murli enjoying the sun in the kitchen. The door was only open for a little when I took this pic. It was too chilly for Murli outside.
Samantha on the Cat tree
Samantha loves the little cat tree by the bedroom window. She’s lying on a valerian root cushions. It’s barely visible underneath her front legs.
Samantha and Sonic at the living room window in the morning

We have a sweet little hedgehog we often see wandering around in the garden at night, so it was always too dark to get a pic or video. But I was lucky on Saturday and got a lovely video of him/her digging for worms and looking for slugs/snails. He found quite a bit and I hope this sweetie had a nice full tummy afterwards. Unfortunately, the video always loses lots of quality once it’s uploaded to YouTube, even though I record it in full HD.

I picked up the kitties meds from the Vet and I always go through this park to avoid the busy street with my bicycle. This awesome and huge tree is so lovely! It’s so big, I can’t even get it all into the frame (I also can’t go back much farther either…). This tree already looked huge like that when I was a little kid (I was born in 1980). I really wonder how old it really is. When this park was founded sometime in the late 1800s, there were only fields and farms with lots of trees already in place. So this tree could have easily been there before the park.


October 18, 2019 Park near the Vet
Another area of the same park

The sunsets we’re getting in fall are stunning as well! Here’s a little slideshow of the sunsets in the last couple of days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Love from the cats and me ❤

29 thoughts on “Lots of Autumn pictures, the kitties and a cute hedgehog

  1. Cute video of the hedgehog, Natascha. My wife had a pet hedgehog when she taught 2nd grade. The class loved having it as a mascot and when she brought it home, the dog had no idea what to do with it. Just stared at it. When you pick them up they just curl into a little round ball. The spikes are their protection.

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    1. How adorable your wife had a pet hedgehog! I can understand the class loved it!

      Must have been so cute to pick one up, despite the spikes lol. I would love to pick one up!

      Any time I saw one in a park, they would curl up as soon as they noticed me slowly moving closer, when trying to take a photo. I didn’t even move that close, since I didn’t want to scare them. But it’s good they curl up as quickly and soon as they do and keep themselves safe. So it was really lovely to see one move about the garden without worry and get it all on video (of course I was zoomed in a very far, which is why it’s a bit shaky).

      haha a hedgehog really must be a strange sight for a dog, or any other pet in the home for that matter. A little animal that completely curls up in a ball. So cute!

      Thank you for your nice comment! Hope you have a lovely day! 😉😽🐾😸🐾😺🐾

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  2. Hi, Natascha!
    It’s always nice to see your posts. Such sweet kitties, and you take such good care of them.
    That little hedgehog is so cute. He sure had to work hard at getting that one bite after digging!
    Love the beautiful tree!
    Have a happy rest of the week. 🙂

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It’s so great to hear you like seeing my posts. I enjoy doing them so much!

      Aww the kitties take good care of me too! Plenty of love, friendship and cuddles from them 😊

      Yes that hedgehog is really so adorable! Those cute ears!
      That’s true, he really was working very hard to get at that one bite. While he was at a spot that was difficult to film through, because of the branches and leaves, we saw him digging even longer to get at his meal! He kept looking for food all over that lawn for as long as we could still see him before it got too dark.

      Thank you, and I hope you have a happy rest of the week too! 😉😽🐾😸🐾😺🐾

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    1. Yes we’re all very lucky with the weather and temperatures right now. And it looks like it’s go to stay like that for a bit longer! 😊😺😺😺 Wishing you and the cats a nice rest of the day!

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    1. Hi! Thank you 😊 Yes, we have been very lucky this October! Ralph was very happy the cold was holding off for a while longer. Just this morning the weather changed though. It’s raining and the temperatures are going to drop a bit, but not to wintery temps yet. Who knows, maybe we will get another few sunny afternoons after this weather passes.

      So happy you enjoyed that little cutie! Yes, they really are smart! And they have such a great sense of smell. I love the cute little ears! Like teddy bear ears lol.

      Have a nice start into the week and thanks for your nice comment! 😉😽🐾😸🐾😺🐾

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  3. What a lovely video of the sweet hedgehog. Absolutely adorable. ( just as your cats) 🙂 the park looks so beautiful in Autumn, all these different colours, It must be a joy to cycle through it. We have it very mild too, I love this warm October. No heating yet, yay! Such a wonderful post Natascha.

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    1. Yay, so happy you enjoyed the video with that little sweetheart! So sweet! I hope that little hedgehog is able to fill his tummy really good before the winter comes.
      At least I know he has a safe place in the compost heap in the garden if he decides to hibernate there. THe owner of the garden leaves it alone all winter and only comes back to start working in it again in the spring.

      Glad you had a lovely warm October too! Unfortunately it started raining today and the temps are dropping a bit. Not too bad though, it was still 15°C during the afternoon. For tomorrow and the rest of the week they say it will be about 12°C at the most and around 4°C at the lowest.

      So happy you loved the post! Have a nice start into the week! 😉😽🐾😸🐾😺🐾

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    1. Yay so glad you enjoyed the cut hedgehog 🥰😽😽😽 I had no idea that hedgehogs aren’t everywhere in the US! I really thought they would be. Very interesting! Thanks so much for visiting & your nice comment 💕 Hugs & purrs 😽 🐾

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      1. Actually (I googled this to be sure) there are no hedgehogs native to N America (we have porcupines – but not in Ohio. They are more in the North Woods) There was a prehistoric species of hedgehog but it has long been gone. Some people in the U.S.have pet hedgehogs but I haven’t met any.. So to see one just toddling around in the yard was very cool – kind of looks like a scrub brush with legs !

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    1. Thank you 🥰 Yes, they are so cute! Hope I see that sweetie again during daylight soon! 🦔
      At the moment the weather totally turned… Constant rain and it’s gotten quite cold. But I can’t complain, we really had a beautiful fall until now 😊 Hope you’re doing well! Hugs & purrs 😽 💕

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    1. Aww that hedgehog is just adorable 🦔 So happy we got to see it during daylight! What a cutie!
      Yes, thank you! We’re all doing well!💖 Hope you do too! Big hugs & purrs 😽 💕

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    1. Thanks! Yes, we’ve quite enjoyed the autumn so far! Just now we suddenly got rain and it got cold. But we really were lucky with the autumn this year! Hope you’re well! Big hugs & purrs 😽 💕

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  4. Hello Natascha, Ralph, Murli, Sonic & Samantha! What a lovely blog post! Autumn has arrived in Austria for sure as it has here. I adore the Hedgehog video…I thought the quality quite good! And he is a cutie.
    The cats all look so contented & happy. And the tree is magnificient…..so majestic yet welcoming.
    Wishing you all a lovely weekend. {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    Meow-wow Miss Natascha that tree iss sue-purr speck-taculer! You live inn Such a beeuteefull place. Our weather iss furry kewl an cloudy….THE Sun triess to come thru’ butt it has trubbell. An when THE wind blows it iss furry chilley! Soon mee not go out inn condo. Guess mee will have more time for ‘happy nappy’ss’, mew mew mew….
    Yore Hedgeyhog iss adoorabell….mee Aunty Rachel inn U Kay has Hedgeyss’ that live inn her garden…they eat cat kibbell too! An mealwerms…they not sound ncie to mee butt a Hedgey finds them deelishuss!
    Sendin purrsss an nose kissesss to Murli an Samantha an Sonic an to you an Mistur Ralph too from mee BellaDharma

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  5. Happy fall! Your weather sounds delightful, and I love that fantastic tree. I have only seen a hedgehog in drawings in children’s books so it was fun to watch your video which turned out great. I hope you, Ralph, and the kitties have a great week!

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  6. The tree looks amazing, Samantha, the whole park is one great environment and that cute hedgehog really has the time of his life. So cute ❤ And you sweet furriends watched it all huh…Autumn really has its charm. Our temperatures are lower now 2°C this morning and it’s getting even colder this week, but the Sun is shining and this morning the stars were looking down on me, that really makes us happy✨Now, enjoy the weather sweeties and Pawkisses for a Happy week ahead to all of you🐾😽💞

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