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A Cute Surprise! We adopted 2 rescue kittens, Hero and Lisa!

Hello everyone! Where should I even start? Well, in short, we adopted 2 more cats into our little family… The nearly 6 months old kittens, Lisa and Hero!

The exact date of their birth is not known. It was Ralph who came up with the name Hero for the sweet little boy. They already had temporary names, Nero and Lisa. Ralph had no idea at first that they had these names already, and came up with Hero for the little boy. When you read their story below, and what he had to endure, you understand the name. He’s our little Hero, for surviving it all with Lisa. I’ll keep Nero in his full name, but we’ll call him Hero for short, so it’s Nero the little Hero and Lisa.

The whole story…

2019 11 02 Lisa and Hero at the Foster home
This was the picture I saw first when hearing about them. It’s Lisa and Hero when they were still at their Foster home.

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, I read about the two kitten siblings, who had it very rough until they were found and nursed back to health. Like it happens all the time, and every time is one time to many, everywhere, someone “got rid” of their kittens by simply setting them out by the street. They had to fend for themselves for who knows how long.

About two months ago, they were found in the midst of the rubbish of a construction site. In all, there were 4 kittens, each of them in a very bad state. Dehydrated, starving and the little boy Hero was extremely close to death. He was found with his right back leg severely injured. He was probably hit by a car, or some other horrible thing happened while they’ve been out there by themselves. Hero must have been in so much pain from that badly injured leg, and that for who knows how many days. Thank God these sweet kittens were found in time, as they surely would not have been able to stay alive, in the state they were in, for much longer.

It was Helga, who owns her own rescue and does it all by herself with the help of donations and foster homes, who brought the kittens to the first available Vet right away. That Vet then wanted to put sweet Hero down right away! But Helga wasn’t going to allow that and wanted him saved. So, Hero’s back right leg was amputated and everything else was done to treat all the kittens medically. Then they all were nursed back to full health in a foster home. They cared for them wonderfully, as all the kittens are now perfectly healthy and full of life. Hero’s amputation site healed without an issue and the fur has almost completely grown back by now as well.

Two of the four kittens have found a home already, but Lisa and Hero were still waiting for a loving home. Helga expected that little Lisa would have maybe found a home after a while, but Hero would have likely been left behind. Not one person was even interested in Hero, or both of them in the two months since they were rescued. Even when she mentioned the two kittens to people that were looking to take cats, declined. I ended up being the first and only person to be interested and sweet Hero and Lisa.

When I read about Hero and Lisa on November 2nd, I didn’t even have to think twice. In an instant, I knew deep in my heart that I wanted both of them to have a forever home with us. On that same day, Helga and I had a phone call and agreed that she would visit us the next day (Sunday, November 3rd) to get to know Ralph and myself and see our home, to make sure that the kittens would have a good home with us.

While we were waiting to hear if we would be approved to take in the kittens, I was all over the place. I messed up that Sunday’s dinner and 3 of Ralph’s coffees. Ralph has his coffee black with two sugar cubes. I put milk in one coffee, put 6 sugar cubes in another, and no sugar in the 3rd and had it go cold as well. It was funny.

Soon after we knew, we would be able to take Hero and Lisa. The big day was on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 the kittens were brought to us at around 6pm by the awesome Helga!

That whole day I was so excited, messed up coffee, and did some shopping for the kittens and Murli, Samantha and Sonic. It was awfully rainy that day, so when I went back home from the shop with two cat toilets and a big bag of food, toys and kitty litter, I had no arm free from an umbrella. Even though I only had to walk from the tram stop to our home, I was soaking wet when I got home…

I just put everything down in the hallway. These are the two new kitty toilets I bought that day.

Murli knew something was up anyway…

2019 11 05 midday Murli after I came home from shopping
Murli in the hallway

I got everything ready for the new family members and then, finally, Helga came with Hero in Lisa in a carrier. We had them come out in our living room, where I had prepared an area where they would find everything they need close to them. We knew from Helga that Hero and Lisa were still very shy and afraid of humans. I knew that they would just hide and feel scared, not knowing what’s going on. But at least they would be able to see/smell the food right there, see a kitty toilet nearby and have places to hide and toys to play with, should they feel like it.

2019 11 05 6-15pm babies hiding after arriving
The area where Hero and Lisa were let out of their carrier.

You can faintly see the little tabby boy Hero in that photo. Lisa was near Hero, but underneath that footstool. They stayed like that well into the night, and we left them, not wanting to bother them.

Ralph stayed up until about 3am, while I had gone to bed at midnight, feeling really tired. Of course, I could hardly sleep anyway, always listening for what the cats are up to, all of them. So in the early morning, about 5am, I got up to see what the kittens have been up to.

How Samantha, Murli and Sonic are reacting to Hero and Lisa

2019 11 06 5am Samantha seeing Lisa the first time
Lisa on the cat tree by the window. Samantha had just come in too and saw Lisa for the first time.

Lisa is hardly visible, but she’s on the kitty tree, at the second level from the top. Samantha had previously smelled them already, but that morning was the first time she saw one of the kittens. Lisa wasn’t really worried over there. Samantha was stunned, like she could not believe what she saw and wondered about what these kittens were doing in her home all of a sudden.

Samantha was very curious about them though, and she wasn’t too upset, behaving normally and doing everything she always does. She’s still coming to terms with new cats being in her home and getting used to it. It’s very similar to how it was when Murli and Samantha came together in this apartment the first time. Back then it took a few weeks for everything to become normal for her and Murli.

Murli is also very curious about the kittens, but she’s not upset one bit. She’s behaving exactly as she always does. She leaves them alone, and only watches them from, and sneaks after them, to peek around the corner at them.

Sonic is the way he is, a boy who doesn’t get upset easily. He also LOVES other cats and is always friendly to them, even if they hiss. So Sonic made friends with Hero right away, the first time they met nose to nose, they became brothers. He’s trying to get closer to Lisa as well, but she’s still a bit worried, but it’s getting much less every day. By now Sonic, Hero and Lisa hang out together on the bed with me in it!

In all, there haven’t been any big problems with Murli, Samantha and Sonic accepting the new family members. It’s all pretty like I expected it to be, knowing them.

Very late on the evening Hero and Lisa arrived, I decided I feel better with the balcony door secured. So in the dark, cold and pouring rain, I started putting a cat safety net onto the frame of the balcony door. I can easily put it up and remove it, but it’s safe, not even a kitten can squeeze past it. I just became too worried about the little ones suddenly running on the balcony and trying to climb the fencing and falling off the balcony. I will soon secure the whole balcony with a cat safety net, so that they can go out on the balcony safely. Up until now, the fencing I put on the balcony railing was enough, as we didn’t have to worry about Murli, Samantha and Sonic jumping onto the railing.

The first morning after their arrival, we hear them running around and playing in the living room for a while, before hiding under the footstool again for most of the day. But the next evening, about 24 hours after their arrival, they were starting to explore the apartment and played with all the cat toys along their way.

So I sat down on the floor in the hallway, and got them curious with a toy. They came closer and I was able to play with them for the first time!

2019 11 07 6-46pm Playing with Lisa nd Hero 1st time
Playing with Hero (left) and Lisa (right) for the first time!

Otherwise, the kittens were very shy and very afraid of humans. But we’re able to gain their trust slowly, every day a little bit more. During the first 4 days, they would run away as soon as we walked nearby. But that distance before they would run was getting shorter and shorter. Hero and Lisa were also starting to follow us, peeking around the corner to watch what we were doing.

Sonic started joining in when I was playing with the kittens, which is so awesome. The picture on the left is Hero and Lisa. The one on the right is Sonic and Hero.

And so the days went by, until it’s now more than a week since their arrival! These last two nights, Hero and Lisa even came up on our bed for a while. Last night, after going to bed, Hero and Lisa both cuddled up against my legs, which were under the blanket. It was so cute. Sonic was there as well, to the right of me, as he usually is. The following photos in the slideshow are from Tuesday, in the late evening. I was playing with them before going to sleep.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Samantha and Murli usually prefer their baskets, so it’s perfectly normal for them not to be on the bed anyway.

Hero and Lisa had lost their frightened expressions after the first two days pretty much. By now they are feeling so much more at home and enjoy watching Kitty-TV from the bedroom window. We’ve had constant rain, so the window looks mucky again even though I cleaned it about two weeks ago.

2019 11 10 11-29am Falling asleep after kitty TV 01
Lisa and Hero on the bedroom window sill
2019 11 10 11-29am Sweet little Hero
Hero, with Lisa on the bedroom window sill
2019 11 10 11-29am Sweet little Lisa
Lisa, on the bedroom window sill

Hero is running just as fast as Lisa, despite having only 3 legs. He’s getting around so well! But I tried to help him out and make it a bit easier for him to get up on things, by putting in-between steps to higher up places, with chairs, cat ladders and footstools etc.

I also have a video of them playing around the kitty tree on Monday morning. It is a bit dark, as it was another awful dark day and I had only opened one side of the curtain, because the babies were sitting behind the other half, watching the street from the living room window. Later I sat down at my desk and these two started playing. So I just got the camera out and started filming anyway.

There is still more that I could write and post, but I will just put it in my next post. Every day is exciting now, with something new happening!

Like Hero and Lisa coming up to our hands most of the time now and sniffing. I’m really looking forward to them trusting us enough to give them a nice brush and cuddle.

Murli, Samantha and Sonic are getting just as much love as they always do. I love all of them so much! I’m now spoiling 5 cats and loving it! Ralph adores Hero and Lisa so much as well!

Love to all of you! Thank you so much for reading!

22 thoughts on “A Cute Surprise! We adopted 2 rescue kittens, Hero and Lisa!

  1. What a sweet story and bless you for changing their lives for the better! I suspect you will never again have a dull moment!

    Please say hi to Ralph and hope he is coping okay with the ET. We miss his hilarious posts.

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    1. Again I apologize for my extremely late reply. (Fault of the non stop migraines at the moment due to the awful weather we have).

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we are to have Hero and Lisa in our family now! They were extremely shy and frightened, as they lost trust in humans. But over the month that they’ve been with us now, we gained their trust, every day a tiny bit more. I’ll write a proper long post about it all in a bit.

      No, definitely never a dull moment. They are of course so playful and it’s awesome to play with them or watch them. The whole apartment is their playground. I always try to include our other cats, Murli, Sonic and Samantha with everything I do. I spend all day to make sure all 5 of them get proper attention and love and cuddles, as does Ralph. I just love all of them so much, I can’t even describe.

      Ralph read your comment! He always reads all the comments on my posts as well, as he enjoys it too. It’s very frustrating for Ralph at the moment, as his hands are still too bad to be able to blog. I could type everything up for him, edit the pictures and do the publishing on WordPress, but Ralph says his thoughts can’t flow the same way as usual like that, and since he can’t do it himself like he always did, his mind is not in it. I wish there would be something that would help, but there isn’t really anything. But I still hope we find something that lessens the shaking a bit.

      I miss his hilarious posts as well. I absolutely love them. Ralph has a wonderful mind! He’s awesome and I just love him 😊 Ralph also loves all the lovely comments he got from everyone, and he misses the blogging too.

      Have a lovely day! πŸ™‹πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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      1. Thank you so much for blogging, Natascha! Please tell Ralph β€œHello” from the Valadez family πŸ₯° the world is a better place for having you and Ralph in it, you have touched many lives and I am thankful mine is one of them πŸ’—

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    1. Thank you so much! I love having my hands full with the cats anyway lol! I sure hope we will have many many many years with all of them. Some cats reach the mid 20s. And in some cases, they reached nearly 30.
      Aww BΓΈlle is the same age as Samantha and Sonic then. Murli is now 14.

      I’ll post an update in a bit, about how everything is going! Hero and Lisa settled in well!

      Hope you have a pleasant week! πŸ™‹πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜ΊπŸ˜Ί

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      1. Yes, some cats live for really many years, those are often them, who have been living indoor all of their life. Mine have had freedom mostly of their lives to go out of a cat door in daytime, if they wished to and stayed indoor in the nights for their own security, as we had foxes etc. in the area in the nights.
        Good to hear, they are well settled in πŸ˜€
        Wish you and yours an beautiful week.

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  2. What a wonderful ‘feel good’ story Natascha & Ralph! You both are so giving & unselfish & kind. I respect both of you so much. Nero Hero is adorable & he sure CAN move fast even with only 3 legs! And Lisa is cute as a button….I’m not surprised Sonic took to Hero…he needed a Brother….with so many Sisters! I am so happy for all of you!! May you have many happy years together! {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

    Meow-wow Murli you gotted a mew Sistur an Brothur!?! How kewl iss this?? You an Lisa can bee-come guud frendss now. An Samnatha an Lisa can play together when you not want to play Murli. An now yore Brother Sonic has a mew Brother inn Hero! Iss so wunderfull…444 pawss upss an concatulationss!
    purrsss an ❀ BellaDharma

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  3. You are both Hero of them, dear Natascha and dear Ralph, you did great. I cried when I read all story, how luck cats they are. I know it is not easy to have cats in the home but the most beautiful thing to give a home to them. I loved your new cats, Blessing and Happiness to you ALL, Good Luck with your new family Hero, and Lisa, Love, Love, and a big HUGS, nia

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  4. What an adorable addition to the family. They are super and I am sure , so happy to be with a loving family. You will spoil them and they will give you love and purrs as thanks. Hero looks like Thomas, who is just on my lap cleaning himself. Enjoy them , please send Ralph my greetings and much love to you both and all the cats!

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  5. Sweet, sweet babies! Lisa & Hero are adorable! How wonderful for y’all to adopt both of them. I’m glad all the kitties are getting along, too. My daughter has just adopted a three legged cat recently. It took a few days for their resident cat to get used to the new one, but now they are good friends.
    Keep giving updates – I love seeing your photos, and hearing about all of them. πŸ™‚

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  6. Getting one new kitten is a big step, but getting two together is a giant step! Lucky Hero who no one wanted. I’ve known a cat like him for many years and he has little difficulty getting around on one back leg. The video shows he does well climbing about. It is also nice there is no fighting or jealousy (yet!) between all the cats. The balcony is an issue and sometime they will need to learn about. 😺

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  7. How great that you had room to take in both these sweeties so that they could stay together ! Your other cats are awesome to be so accepting ! “Live long and prospurr !”

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  8. Lisa and Hero are just adorable. Bless you for rescuing and adopting these two kittens.
    Looking at your header and now you got Lisa and Hero well… you will have to update your header for your blog and add the newest additions.
    Glad your cats are getting along with new cats.

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  9. Good for you and Ralph!
    It’s a crime the way some beautiful animals are treated!
    Nonetheless, this is a beautiful story!!
    Hero & Lisa are totally gorgeous! xoxoxo

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